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2021 Shanghai International Kitchen And Bathroom Exhibition, Japanese Inai Product Upgrades Worthy Of Attention

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The 26th Kitchen & Bath China (KBC) was held at the Shanghai New International Expo Center from May 26 to 29, 2021. As one of the four brands of Japan Lixil Group, a global leader in the home improvement industry, Japan Inax (Booth No. E2B03) made a strong landing. It adheres to the brand concept of “water purifies body and mind, bathing is suitable for life”. With the theme of “light and shadow space, day and night guarding”, it conveys the value and beauty of the Japanese brand and comprehensively presents the latest technology, products, diversified design concepts and services of the brand.

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Inax exhibited at the 26th China International Kitchen & Sanitary Facilities Exhibition

On the first day, the unveiling ceremony and press conference of Lixil Group’s booth were held successfully. On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the Lixil Group, Bijoy Mohan, Lixil’s international leader, Shinji Ito, Lixil’s international ceramics category leader, Thomas Fuhr, Lixil’s international hardware category leader, Paul Flowers, Lixil’s global design leader, and Lixil’s global Asia Pacific design leader The press conference was remotely connected by Antoine Besseyre des Horts, and the brand leaders, including Ms. Tao Jiang, leader of Lixil Water Technologies Greater China, and Mr. Bai Yongguang, leader of Lixil Water Technologies Greater China Inax China & Lixil Kitchen China, were on hand to visit the Inax booth with the guests. They watched a dance show that explained the beauty of light and shadow, as well as a very Japanese style tea performance.

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 Lixil Group booth unveiling ceremony


Interweaving of light and shadow

Japanese flavor was conveyed

As a bathroom brand born from Japanese traditional culture, Inax is good at getting design inspiration from Japanese aesthetics. The beauty of light and shadow is an important part of traditional Japanese aesthetics. Junichiro Tanizaki has praised this “beauty of shade” in the “Rite of Shade”. This “beauty” does not exist in the object, but in the ripples and shadows of the shade created between objects. This is evident in the soft light and shadows reflected by the paper sliding doors in the courtyard of traditional Japanese architecture. At this year’s KBC, Inax created the S600 Bathroom of Light and S600 Bathroom of Shadow, an artistic space that combines light and shadow, architecture and products, with the theme of light and shadow in traditional Japanese aesthetics.

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Light and Shadow Space

Day and night guardian

Just as light clears away gloom, the Bathroom of Light revitalizes the mind and body. The Bathroom of Light uses natural light to create a layered vein of light and shadow. When light passes through the mind, the mood becomes cheerful and lively, not just monotonous and refreshing. By letting the light stand out, and tiles, toilets, bathtubs and other bathroom equipment of the light-receiving body, the shadows change to a more layered sense, filling the entire space with a detailed brightness.

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Bathroom of Light

The bathroom of shadow has the beauty of shade, where natural light and interior lighting combine to produce a harmonious rhythm, reflecting the sublime shadows of atmospheric elegance. The shadows cut through the hustle and bustle of everyday life and immediately change the mood. The space is dark but not gloomy, and the combination of natural light and illumination produces a light and beautiful shade of light. Products such as calculated light-receiving tiles, toilets and bathtubs produce expressive shadows. The tranquility produced throughout the space lends the right depth of relaxation at the end of the day and adds energy for tomorrow.

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Bathroom of Shadows

In addition, the S400 bathroom suite also uses the beauty of light and shadow as its “muse”, integrating architectural aesthetics into the overall bathroom and showing the interplay of light, shadow and line. The suite pays attention to the beauty of the overall space and details, including a series of products such as one-piece toilet, split toilet, intelligent lid, basin and faucet, shower, etc., which can be called a distinctive art space that combines light, shadow, architecture and products. In addition, the S200 bathroom suite was one of the main “stars” of the show. With its modern design, this series is perfect for those who are busy with urban life.

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S400 Bathroom Suite

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S200 Bathroom Suite


Clean Pioneer

Healthy Living

Inax focuses on combining humanistic care with cutting-edge technology to pay close attention to and solve the public health and hygiene problems in China. In the post-epidemic era, consumers have a higher pursuit of healthy living and environmental hygiene. People also have higher requirements for the function of bathroom products – not only limited to basic functions, but also more inclined to choose products with health functions such as sterilization, poisoning, and purification. For this pain point, Inax developed a series of health and clean technology, including anti-bacteria net ion, water porcelain ultra-clean glaze, SIAA, and double spray bar, etc., to guard the health and peace of mind of home life.

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Create a clean and healthy life

Inax is the first to apply the anti-bacteria plasmacluster technology to a smart toilet. Inax’s germ elimination plasmacluster technology specifically targets bacteria hidden in the air, releasing positive (H+) and negative (O2-) ions that are identical to those found in nature. Ions surrounded by water molecules, attached to the surface of the floating mold, generating super hydrogen oxygen radicals (OH), and then decompose the protein to completely destroy the structure of bacteria, and then the extracted hydrogen (H) and hydrogen oxygen radicals (OH) combined to form a healthy water molecules (H2O), purified and restored to the air. As one of the “hard-core” technologies that create the ultimate in bathroom cleanliness, this technology effectively sterilizes all surfaces in the bathroom and on the inside of the toilet. It eliminates airborne bacteria and mold in a safe manner, guarding the health of each family’s toilet. Such “king” germ elimination ability, Inax will give it to the collection of advanced technology of the wisdom of the crystallization – Saitian Si S and Saitian Si G intelligent one-piece toilet. With the Saitian Si, that means the bathroom installed a super powerful air purifier, a key to solve all the hidden germs.

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Saitian Si G intelligent one-piece toilet

Saitian Si S and Saitian Si G also incorporates another of Inax’s best “technology” – water porcelain ultra-clean technology. As a patented technology of Inax bathroom, water porcelain super clean technology is a milestone in the history of ceramic development, can effectively solve the four problems of oil, scale, bacteria, scratches. This technology, together with the addition of antibacterial materials in line with the SIAA standard toilet glaze and seat, can effectively prevent the reproduction of bacteria. In addition, most ordinary intelligent toilet nozzle is only one and not removable, very easy to breed bacteria. The Saitian Si S and Saitian Si G has a self-cleaning dual spray bar design, buttocks wash women wash separate use. It is automatically cleaned before each use to further stop the spread of fecal matter, together with the nozzle baffle used to isolate dirt. It also effectively avoids secondary contamination and reduces the hassle of daily cleaning.

It is worth mentioning that Inax also extends the true meaning of the word “clean” to the home environment outside of the bathroom, Inax’s Ikang home breathing tile has a powerful adsorption capacity to effectively purify the air of formaldehyde. It also has a self-regulating function to keep indoor humidity in a comfortable range.


Age-friendly care

Comfortable for all

Nowadays, the definition of quality life is gradually linked to age-friendly design. When creating products, should take into full consideration the physical functions and mobility characteristics of the elderly. Japan, which attaches great importance to the bathroom experience, has a lot of practice and experimentation in elderly-friendly design, and has a wealth of experience to learn from. Inax also always upholds the concept of humanized design, and integrates the consideration of elderly-friendly design in product design.

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Clean Technology & Human Care

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Back-feed urinal

Inax has designed a seated shower to cater to the elderly, wheelchair users, and other people with limited mobility, so that they can also enjoy their bathing moments conveniently. When you sit on a chair, you can easily take a shower. It effectively prevents falls due to slippery floors and also reduces the workload of caregivers. At the same time, the product can freely adjust the angle of the shower arm and the water jet according to the need, and can be washed sitting or standing. You can choose at will to achieve the best showering experience.

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Sitting Shower

At this year’s China Kitchen & Bath Show, Inax not only conveyed the beauty of Japanese bathrooms to the exhibitors, but also led them to appreciate the cutting-edge bathroom design in the industry and a new bathroom world that is simple, natural, and healing. In the future, Inax is willing to provide consumers with better-quality bathroom products. Through technological innovation and product upgrades, we will create a rich and ultimate Japanese bathroom experience for millions of families.


About Inax

INAXInax is a Japanese brand dedicated to research, development, and innovation of sanitary ware and art tiles.

The history of INAXInax goes back more than 100 years. At that time our founders were dedicated to making tiles for the second main building of the Empire Hotel designed by architect Frank Lloyd Wright. The cornerstone of INAXInax’s business was laid through continuous research into the nature of the clay and the degree of firing, which led to the successful mass production of decorative tiles after many trials. Since then, we have been committed to providing products for a better life. Whether it is the first smart toilet made in Japan, an automatic sensor faucet (self-powered), or breathing tiles that make indoor air fresh, we have persevered in our pursuit of innovation. At the same time, we draw inspiration from Japanese traditions, culture, and seasonal changes. We interpret complex expressions through exquisite colors and textures to produce tiles with unique styles. Our expressive and technical capabilities are evident in the restored exterior tiles of the Church of San Francesco (built-in 1963). The church was designed by the famous Italian architect and designer Gio Ponti and was completed in 2008.

INAXInax originated from Japan to create a unique bathroom space that makes life easier, healthier, more enjoyable, and better every moment.



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