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Analysis of the installation of high shower faucets

Nowadays, people’s pursuit of the quality of life is getting higher and higher. To create a comfortable shower enjoyment, detailed installation requires extra care. The design of installation and layout of small objects requires a certain degree of scalability. Today, the editor will introduce you to the correct installation skills of high shower faucets, with hot and cold water outlets as the central hub!

1. The height of the hot and cold water outlets on the wall of the high shower faucet should be the same height, so that the main body and the shower rod will not be skewed.

2. Where the hot and cold water outlets on the wall of the high shower faucet are installed, the angles of the two inner wire interfaces should be consistent, so that there will be no hidden dangers such as poor installation and water leakage.

3. Install the hot and cold water outlet on the wall of the high shower faucet. The wall after the tile is laid is flush with the two inner wire interfaces. It is not suitable to be too recessed or protruding, so the installation will be smoother.

4. The internal waterway and circuit location of the high shower faucet should be clearly marked on the wall so that the pipeline will not be broken when drilling.

5. The installation tile paving of high shower faucet should not be hollow to avoid the tile cracking when drilling.

As for the choice of high shower faucet, there are single water outlet, double water outlet, and triple water outlet. It depends on personal preference, each has its own convenience and advantages. If you are planning to install a high shower faucet, please pay attention to the installation details of the high shower faucet mentioned in the editor above. This will not only save the trouble of decoration, but also give you a good shower enjoyment.



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