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At This Year’s Architectural Oscars, I Saw The Rise Of The Chinese Aesthetic

Interior Design Alliance

From Zaha’s masterpiece Beijing Daxing Airport

To a very artistic “Toilet of the Mountain”

this year’s Architizer A+ award

recognizes a more aesthetic and warm Chinese experience.

Architizer, the world’s leading architecture website, has announced the winners of the Architizer A+ Awards.

As one of the world’s largest awards, Architize is not only involved in the selection process, but also the Wall Street Journal, Phaidon, WSI and other well-known media.

This year, the organizer received more than 5,000 entries from more than 100 countries and more than 400,000 people participated in the selection process, but less than 10% of the entries were shortlisted. The competition was fierce.

In the end, China won 29 awards (17 from the professional jury and 12 from the public jury).

Among them, we have a masterpiece like Zaha’s Beijing Daxing Airport, a sophisticated café like %Arabica coffee in Shanghai, and even a “Toilet of the Mountain” that is very artistic.

In a time of global epidemics, natural disasters and political turmoil, these architectural works are telling us.

“Beauty Is Never Limited To A Vision, But Practicality, Humanistic Concern And Cultural Inheritance, Which Are Closely Connected With Life, Will Lead Us To A Better Future.


Beijing Daxing Airport


Professional Jury Award Popular Jury Award

By: Zaha Hadid Architects

In May last year, Daxing Airport made headlines in foreign media when it was unveiled, and was ranked as one of the “Seven Wonders of the New World” by the Guardian and other media in the UK.

The airport, which is said to have the world’s largest single terminal, is located on the north bank of the Yongding River and is the legacy of Pulitzer Prize-winning architect Zaha Hadid.

The airport has the appearance of a phoenix on fire, with 82 gates scattered along the wings, and passengers can walk to their gates in less than 8 minutes.

Interior of Beijing Daxing International Airport© Li Jinfeng

The interior of Daxing Airport, designed by Zaha’s team of colleagues, is almost omnipresent in Zaha’s signature “streamline” curvature.

The massive roof is constructed using a spatial grid, in which rigid steel is woven into a graceful, free-form scalloped surface.

From the roof down to the lower levels, the glass in the openings resembles a blue, psychedelic planet.

The railway from Beijing Daxing Airport to Xiongan is expected to open by the end of 2020, when passengers from Tianjin and Tangshan are expected to take the high-speed train directly to the Daxing Airport terminal.


%Arabica Coffee On West Jianguo Road, Shanghai


Popular Jury Prize

BY: B.L.U.E. Architecture & Design ©Eiichi Kano

There are five %Arabica coffee stores in Shanghai, and this one, located on Jianguo West Road in Xuhui District, is ranked number one in the hearts of coffee lovers, designed by Zhou Ping Aoyama.

The 50-square-foot building, however, doesn’t seem special on the whole, but it eschews the usual approach to façades in favor of curved transparent glass and a small courtyard, which unexpectedly allows the coffee shop to have a dialogue with the entire street.

West Jianguo Road is one of Shanghai’s most romantic neighborhoods, lined with sycamore trees. The light and shadows of the trees and people outside are all visible as part of the shop.

When I was there, I could see people standing on one side of the street, drinking coffee, talking and taking selfies. I think the free atmosphere created by the architecture is more interesting than the buildings themselves.


The “Toilet Of The Mountain” In The Behen Forest Park


Professional Review Awards

BY: Atelier Scale ©️ Tang Xi

The Behen Forest Park is a wildlife park with a 100-mile radius and a range of peaks. The designers used diagonally sloping monoliths to give the building a geometrically aesthetic roofline that mirrors the mountains.

It is also worth mentioning that there is a rest area outside the toilet doors. The designer hopes that using the toilet in the visitor forest will also be a pleasant affair.


Temporary Settlement At Victory Market


Professional Review Awards

BY: LUO studio ©️ Jin Weiqi, Luo Yujie

The former Shengli Market is located in the old city of Puyang, Henan Province, and the design team rebuilt it with low-cost materials. The space is now simple and bright, with an orderly internal hierarchy that facilitates management and public purchasing.

The building also won the “Project of the Year” award this year, the only project of its kind in China to be selected for this award.


Beijing Siheyuan Kindergarten


Popular Jury Prize

BY: MAD Architects ©️ MAD Architects

The kindergarten was designed by Ma Yansong’s design team, MAD, and was originally a courtyard house with a history dating back to 1725.

While preserving and utilizing the heritage, the team designed the roof adjacent to the courtyard house. It looks like a piece of rising earth and connects with the surrounding modern buildings, giving children a magical childhood.


Quzhou Sports Park


Professional Review Awards

BY: MAD Architects MAD Architects ©️ MAD Architects

The total construction area of the sports park is about 340,000 square meters. The buildings are combined with hillsides and trees to create a geotechnical landscape that resembles a volcano and a mirror lake in the center of the city.


Greenwood Village Capsule Hotel And Bookstore


Professional Jury Award Popular Jury Award

Design company: Atelier TAO+C, Xitao Design Studio

Hidden in the ancient village of Qinglongwu, Zhejiang Province, the building is a 20-person capsule hotel, a rural community bookstore and reading room. The interior has a view of the landscape garden outside.


Jiyun Mountain House


Professional Review Awards Professional Review Awards

BY: Shulin Architecture & Design Office ©️ Zhao Yilong

Jiyun Shanfang is located in a mountain village in Wuyi County, Jinhua Province, Zhejiang Province, the original site of the study is a cattle pen room. The old people and children of the village can come here to read books and rest.


Shi Lian Biotech Salt Testing Center

Location:Huaian, Jiangsu

Professional Review Awards

BY: Ze Xin Architecture ©️ Louis Y.S Liu

Water is one of the most important elements of the landscape. A large landscaped pond spreads out along the south side of the building, making it appear as if the building is floating at the water’s edge.


Scream Design Shanghai Wanxiang City


Popular Jury Prize

BY: UDG Associated Design

The interior is designed with a continuous arch that not only enhances the furniture, but also creates a style and atmosphere that evokes memories and intensifies the experience with a more sophisticated form and space.


Muse Edition

Region: Hong Kong, China

Popular Jury Prize

BY: New World Development Company Limited

Located in Hong Kong, China, MUSEEdition is a tribute to the harbour culture of the past, with design elements such as the waffle-patterned ceilings and lighthouse-shaped mouth-blown glass light fixtures of the Intercontinental Hotel built in the 1980s.


Cube Promenade

Location:Hangzhou, Zhejiang

Professional Review Awards

BY: CLOU architects

The first and second floors are a collection of micro-community lifestyle service businesses. The single commercial building stands on the second first floor with a simple and powerful cube shape, and the design of vertical steel bars creates a unique visual effect.


Double-Roofed Vanyue Exhibition Center In Gaoligong Township


Popular Jury Prize

BY: Huayang International Design Group (Guangzhou Company)

The building is located in the heart of Tengchong Qushi Township, which is bountiful in all seasons. The entire project, from gardens to lanes, from houses to courtyards, is designed to maximize the view of Mount Gaoligong.


The Nest

Region:Taiwan, China

Professional Review Awards

BY: PSW Architectural Design and Research Office

Home and Nest is the main axis around which the architectural design revolves. The wooden structures of the chalets show the possibilities of sustainable architecture and blend naturally into the beautiful environment of the national park.


With La Moitie’


Professional Review Awards

BY: Jin Zhao Feng Ri Good Design

The project is a composite commercial space with a French restaurant on the first floor and mezzanine, and a designer brand clothing store on the second floor. The space is fractured into two space boxes through color.


Time Tower


Professional Review Awards

BY: Zhu Xiaodi Studio ©️ Zhang Zhepeng, Zhao Xu

The Time Tower large-scale installation is part of a cross-media project created by artist Bingyi during the 2020 Youth Olympic Lighting Art Festival in Nanjing. The projection and installation together create a beautiful visual effect.


Vanke – Min’an Sanduhu Mountain

Region:Zhengzhou, Henan

Professional Review Awards

BY: Shanghai Qiyue Architectural Design

The building is built on the waterfront, and the large glass curtain wall is chosen to enhance the interaction between the indoor and outdoor scenery of the lake and mountains.


Seven Courtyards


Professional Review Awards Professional Review Awards

BY: ARCHSTUDIO ©️ Wu Ching Shan

The building is located in the old city of Beijing. In addition to the wooden beams and columns and the arched doorways that are characteristic of the Republic of China, the corridor design not only divides the courtyard, but also creates a fun playground.


Shiwo Theater

Location:Shandong Weihai

Professional Review Awards

BY: San Wen Architecture/He Wei Studio ©️Weikki Kim

The theatre was formerly a small quarry pit. The original stone walls of the site have been left intact and untouched to form the backdrop to the theatre.


The Lotus Bar


Professional Review Awards

BY: OFFICE AI ©️Wen-Studio

The bar is located in a plane tree lined neighbourhood in Shanghai’s Jing’an district, with a minimalist approach and concrete elements that transform the building into a small café during the day.


Cloud Mirror – Garden Hotpot Restaurant

Location:Chengdu, Sichuan

Professional Review Awards

BY: Muda Architecture @ Existence Architecture

The restaurant is located on the outskirts of Chengdu, surrounded by a lotus pond. The building is not built with walls, but with columns and panels that outline the arc of the building.


Jiangyin Greenway

Location:Jiangyin, Jiangsu

Professional Jury Award Popular Jury Award

BY: BAU (Brearley Architects+Urbanists) ©️Pavel Shubskiy

The Greenway stretches for 4,707 meters, and the landmark bridge has a sculptural form. Along the greenway, there are trees, benches, plazas and terraces for pedestrians to enjoy the surrounding scenery.


Beijing Institute Of Technology Liangxiang Campus Culture and Sports Center


Popular Jury Prize

BY: Timezone Architecture ©️Highlite Images

The building draws inspiration from Leonardo da Vinci’s flying machines as well as parabolas. The roof uses a uniform metallic palette that echoes the industrial aesthetic of the university’s military sector.


Jujube Stadium

Location:Zaozhuang, Shandong

Popular Jury Prize

BY: UDG Associated Design

The Zaozhuang Stadium is one of the largest flat elliptical, saddle-shaped cable truss structures in China, and was awarded the Luban Prize and the Gold Medal of China Steel Structure.


Xiamen New Airport Terminal Area Central Block Comprehensive Development

Location:Xiamen, Fujian

Popular Jury Prize

BY: East China Institute of Architectural Design and Research © East China Institute of Architectural Design and Research

The building has a north runway and a south runway, both of which are 3,800 meters long. In addition to the ramp and the T1 terminal, the building also has an 80,000-square-meter integrated transportation center and a 180,000-square-meter parking structure.


White Deer Plain. Mountain Land Home Stay

Region:Bai Lu Yuan, Xi’an

Professional Review Awards

BY: Guangzhou Hui Yi Ming Cheng Architectural Engineering Design Co.

The hotel is a mountain resort located in Bailu Yuan, Xi’an. Only the concrete frame structure of the main building remains, and the hotel has a view of the vast, loamy terraces of the plateau.



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