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Chinese Core, Tribute To The Century|Live Festival, It Sold 1.545 Billion! Jomoo Announced A New International Brand Strategy

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On July 10, the industry-acclaimed “China Core, Tribute to the Centuries” Jomoo Smart Manufacturing Global Shopping Live Festival was launched in Xiamen, Fujian. Through three chapters and eight “xin”, Jomoo created an unprecedented red-themed live feast in the industry, and at the same time submitted a report card of China’s intellectual manufacturing to the Party and the people with omni-channel sales exceeding 1.545 billion yuan, rebuilding an industry legend.

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The Jomoo Smart Manufacturing Leading Global Shopping Live Festival was highly valued by all sectors of society. The Party’s 17th National Party Representative, the 12th National People’s Congress, Li Zhensheng, Vice President of the China Association for the Promotion of Voluntary Services to Alleviate Poverty, Huang Feng, Executive Deputy Director of the Xiamen BRICS Innovation Base Construction Leading Group Office, Yang Ke, Vice Mayor of the People’s Government of Ruijin City, Jiangxi Province, Hong Benzhu, Deputy Director of Xiamen Municipal Bureau of Commerce, Deng Jianhua, Deputy Director of Xiamen Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, Luo Zhewen Fund Management of the China Heritage Conservation Foundation Qu Yunhua, Deputy Director of the Committee and Director of the Office of the China Heritage Conservation Foundation; Zhu Snapshun, Executive Vice President of Siemens (China) Limited and General Manager of Siemens Aventis China; Lin Xiaofa, National Outstanding Party Worker, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of Jomoo Group; Lin Sinan, Vice Chairman of Jomoo Group; Lin Yousai, Executive President of Jomoo; Lin Xiaowei, President of Jomoo R&D; and Lin Zhumin, President of Jomoo Commercial. Lim Joo Min and other guests attended the live festival site together and interacted with the global audience online through the live broadcast.




Jomoo and Siemens signed a “carbon neutral” strategy to create a green benchmark in the global sanitary industry and lead the low-carbon development of the whole industry chain

“We are an enterprise growing under the Party’s flag, a brand that inherits the red gene. In these 31 years, we have been serving the country with our heart and soul, and leading high-quality development with the red spirit.” Lin Xiaofa, the national outstanding party worker, secretary of the party committee and chairman of Jomoo, delivered a speech on the theme of “Chinese Heart” at the opening ceremony. In the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Party, Jomoo’s brand value exceeded 50 billion yuan, topping the list for 10 consecutive years and achieving the “No. 1 in China and No. 4 in the world” in the sanitary industry. The live festival is Jomoo’s report to the Party and the people on the report card of China’s intellectual manufacturing, bringing health and comfort to the Chinese people with Chinese technology, products, services and quality. He said that it is the mission given to Jomoo by the times to make national brands stand on the world stage. He solemnly released Jomoo’s strategy of “global intelligent sanitary ware leader”, unveiling the prelude of Jomoo to build a new international brand image.

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Mr. Lin Xiaofa, Secretary of Party Committee and Chairman of Jomoo, a national outstanding party worker

Currently, “carbon neutrality” is a hot topic for global cooperation on climate and environmental issues, and China has announced that it will strive to achieve peak CO2 emissions by 2030 and carbon neutrality by 2060. As the No.1 brand of Chinese sanitary ware, Jomoo announced the signing of a carbon neutral strategic agreement with Siemens at the live broadcast festival, becoming the first domestic sanitary ware brand to actively respond to “carbon neutral” with practical actions. Standing in the global industry, standing in the industry to do business, Jomoo and Siemens create a green benchmark in the global sanitary industry, leading the low-carbon development of the whole industry chain, accelerating the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry, and taking a pioneering step for the rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

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“Chinese core” to create the world’s leading bathroom space solutions

Innovation is the magic weapon for Jomoo to stay ahead. It has more than 5000 invention patents and advanced technology patents. In this live festival, Jomoo led netizens into the world’s first 5G smart ceramic factory to share the latest scientific research achievements of China’s smart manufacturing, and Jomoo R&D President Lin Xiaowei also showed a 360° digital technology suite – JomooSensa Smart Illusion Space. According to Lin Xiaowei, Sensa wisdom fantasy space created an intelligent personalized experience, intelligent identification of users, intelligent health advisors, intelligent program control four-in-one personalized bathroom atmosphere space. All of its products are controlled by a full-scene intelligent controller to achieve personalized services. The space is designed with “temperature” to provide people with an intelligent and beautiful lifestyle, which is a new benchmark in the industry that is unique in the world.

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JomooSensa Smart Space

As a national brand standing at the top of the design industry and taking the lead in guarding Chinese landmarks, Jomoo shared its memories of guarding the “red landmark” Ruijin with Yang Ke, Vice Mayor of Ruijin, Jiangxi Province, and joined hands with Chen Dejian, founder of KCA Design, to showcase the national trend of aesthetic space to the global audience. -The whole house customization series, the pure realm set with deep antibacterial touch-free, the beautiful dream color space, and the twilight set with innovative use of light and shadow principle, were launched on the same stage to rival each other. This makes people feast their eyes on the audience. It interpreted “Chinese salary” and “Chinese Xin” with strength.

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Fang-Series Whole House Customization Series



Innovative digital marketing mode, creating industry legend again

Guarding healthy China, helping good life

With the opening of Tokyo Olympic Games around the corner, Wang Xin, the champion of women’s double 10-meter platform diving in 2008 Beijing Olympic Games and the national 38th Red Flag Bearer, came to Jomoo live to help the national brand. In the “China New” session, she and Jomoo CEO Lin Yousai launched this summer’s Shower Festival together, with special benefits for all. It makes it easy for quality goodies to enter more homes and help achieve a “healthy China”.

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Nowadays, live broadcast with goods is flourishing with vitality, Jomoo follows the trend and establishes the Jomoo Retail Live Empowerment Base. They plan to provide consumers with more convenient and intimate services through IP shaping, content operation and other innovative digital marketing, so that the “China Star” can help people live a better life.

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Towards the end of the live broadcast, all Jomoo members sang songs about the motherland and performed “China Xin”, which brought the atmosphere to a climax, and reaped 1.545 billion yuan in sales across the network! From “China Heart”, “China Prosperity”, “China Core”, “China Salary”, “China’s Prosperity”, to “China’s Innovation”, “China Star” and “China Thriving”, each every round of link setting, all demonstrate Jomoo’s deep patriotism and love of the people.

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Jomoo’s “China Core” Live Festival came to a perfect end in the limelight, but the struggle never stops. Jomoo, with its passion and dreams, is moving forward from “China’s first” to “the world’s first”, for the rise of the nation and the happiness of the people. They will definitely live up to the times and the motherland!



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