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Electric Heated Towel Rack. Whether To Choose Water Heating Or Carbon Fiber. Did You Choose The Right One?

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As we all know, every June to September, typhoons as a natural disaster in China’s coastal cities can not be avoided, it not only affects the safety of life, but also caused significant economic impact trauma. The typhoon days brought about by the continuous rainy weather, but also the southern people’s lives bring a lot of inconveniences. As the ancients used to say, after a big disaster, there must be a big epidemic. Due to the rainy weather, people’s drinking and living water, wet clothing and other conditions, resulting in the breeding and outbreak of bacteria, extremely easy to cause disease. With the improvement of people’s living standards, we began to dry, sterile environments pursuit. Electric towel rack, is gradually loved and sought after by the public.

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However, due to the hot electric towel rack in recent years, there are endless levels on the market. Various types of electric towel racks, but it is unknown about their materials and characteristics. Today I will choose two of the most popular “water heating” and “carbon fiber” for comparison. See which is more suitable for your home use.


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On the history, talk about the standard! Water heating electric towel rack is better

Electric towel rack in Europe and the United States, the popularity rate is up to 60%. There are even 80% of households in the United Kingdom who choose water heating electric towel racks. Water heating towel rack has become the choice of most families in Europe and the United States because of its unique advantageous characteristics. In contrast, the towel rack of carbon fiber electric heating is a product that has appeared on the market in recent years. Its development history is short and there is no industry standard. While the plumbing electric towel rack in 2018, the China Construction Metal Structure Association issued the “Electric Heating Towel Rack Industry Standard”.



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“Safety first”, who is more reassuring?

In the home environment, the use of electrical appliances “safety” is often the first priority. The use of electric towel racks more in the bathroom, balcony, and other environments is more complex to use, so the heating principle, speed, whether leakage, service life, etc. had to pay attention to. And these become the decisive factor in the procurement of electric towel racks, I will compare the two together, you can find out.

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Heating principle.

The water heating heated towel rack has a built-in heat-conducting liquid. It is not simply tap water, but has -25 ° anti-freeze, corrosion, heat conduction fast, high boiling point function of independent research and development of antifreeze liquid.

The carbon fiber body is manually hand-wound wire. It has high average heat difficulty and variable resistivity. It has a large deviation of wire diameter and uneven distribution of resistance value. It has different sizes of heat generation per unit length of heating wire and uneven heat generation.

Heating speed.

The heating speed of the water heating towel rack is moderate. It dries mildly and can extend the service life of towels

The heating speed of the carbon fiber electric towel rack is fast and the thermostatic performance is unstable.


The water heating heated towel rack is made of original irrigation liquid. Its rack has undergone several airtightness tests to ensure that the rack is firmly sealed. After filling the liquid, it goes through safety testing, limit damage testing, test fall inspection, and manual one-by-one inspection.

Carbon fiber electric towel rack: over time, carbon fiber is prone to aging. This will result in resistance decay and short service life. It does not have a high flame retardant rating.


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High quality and good price PK race, who is more worth getting?

Safety is the primary factor that people consider. And the quality of the product, production process, service life, energy consumption, warranty length directly determines the product and the user’s companionship cycle. A quality home product must be connected to the user’s heart. It will be a product that caters to the needs of users and is long-lasting. Next, we will be multi-dimensional, in-depth analysis, which type of electric towel rack is the user’s long-term “home companion”, worthy of everyone’s enthusiastic chop.

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Process cost.

Water heating towel rack. The rack body uses a brazing process. It takes 12 hours for the production line to start preheating, which requires a lot of production capacity. It is difficult to produce at a high cost.

We purchase a carbon fiber electric heating towel rack with a rack body and electric heating line. It does not need a brazing process and is easy to operate. It requires low professional technical difficulty.

Electricity consumption.

The water heating heated towel rack has certain insulation. If it is not frequently switched on and off, it is naturally relatively power-saving. The water heating restart rate is one-third of carbon fiber.

The carbon fiber electric heating towel rack heats quickly but does not have insulation. It cools very quickly, increasing power consumption.

After-sales warranty.

The water heating heated towel rack body is guaranteed for 5 years. It has a 2-year warranty on the heating element, and repairs before and after the warranty can be solved by replacing the original element. It has a low maintenance cost.


The carbon fiber electric towel rack has a 2-year warranty on the whole machine. After the warranty maintenance costs are high, so most carbon fiber customers can only choose to replace the new give-up maintenance. This will cause the wall to repeatedly perforated.

I believe that in addition to the above basic conditions of choice, we are more sensitive to the price. From the market price, the price of carbon fiber will be much higher than the water heating towel rack. But especially worth mentioning is that the process is a more complex water heating rack. Not only the price is cheap, but the average service life is also up to 10 ~ 20 years. The overall cost performance is a more absolute advantage. And I respectively make a full range of analyses and explanations from the history of the product process, safety and cost performance, and other dimensions. I believe that we have a preliminary knowledge of the two different types of the electric towel racks. Objectively speaking, in the long run, for the water heating towel rack, both now and the future use of value can be effectively guaranteed. You can choose the best according to your own needs.



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