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The Growth Was 31.9%. High Export Growth Of German Plumbing Fittings To China In 2021

The Growth Was 31.9%. High Export Growth Of German Plumbing Fittings To China In 2021

Recently, the VDMA (Verband Deutscher Maschinen- und Anlagenbau) announced the operation of the German building accessories industry in 2021. Overall, industry-wide sales increased by 8%, with the German market growing by 6% and foreign sales by 10%. Business in Europe recovered rapidly and grew by 12 percent.


Wolfgang Burchard, Managing Director of the VDMA, assessed that “the construction industry is still running smoothly and there is a strong demand for high-quality construction accessories.” As a result, new orders, both domestic and foreign, have increased in 2021. “On the other hand, it has to be confronted with the fact that orders cannot be landed due to supply chain problems.

Among the various categories of

  • HVAC accessories sales continue to rise significantly both domestically and internationally. Overall sales grew by 16% -26%.
  • Technical building accessories saw an overall growth of 15 – 17 percent.
  • Bathroom accessories saw a slowdown in growth. Domestic sales declined by 1%, while the foreign business grew by 5%. As a result, total sales were 2 percent higher than a year ago.

Export business, which fell sharply in 2020 due to the new crown epidemic, recovered significantly in 2021. Exports of German construction parts totaled €3.4 billion, up 10.6 percent, and returned to pre-epidemic levels. Among the top 10 export destinations, France remained in the first place, with a 22.1% increase in exports. China is in second place, its exports grew by 31.9%. This is considered to be the highest growth destination. Exports to the United Kingdom declined by 5.2 percent.

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After a weak year in the previous year, the European construction industry is recovering faster than expected in 2021. According to research firm Euroconstruct, residential construction in Europe will grow by 3.9% this year.

The outlook for the construction industry in Germany and Europe is positive due to the high demand for improved living space. However, in addition to delivery bottlenecks, growth is being hampered by price increases for raw materials and a shortage of qualified and skilled workers. The industry is expected to grow by 6 percent this year.



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