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Faucet “rust” secondary pollution hazards comparable to toxic milk powder

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Recently, many of the old neighborhood residents reflected, life many times, the water from the tap is always yellow, as if it is rusty water. This will undoubtedly have a very serious impact on the health of residents, especially families with children, if you use this kind of water bubble milk powder, the harm caused is comparable to “poisonous milk powder”.

Indeed, with the aging of the community equipment, it is inevitable that this kind of situation will occur. Maybe you can replace the rusty faucet, but what about the community’s water supply pipes? There may be nothing you can do about it. So the replacement of the faucet is not a permanent cure, secondary pollution still exists, can not be avoided.

At present, most of our country still use copper or alloy faucet in the old district, the content of lead in its materials is 4% -8%, and if the faucet for a long time without, the inner wall will produce green copper rust, which exists in the lead and other harmful substances may be released to the tap water inside, thus leading to problems with the tap water.

In the face of such a situation, many residents are caught off guard, do not know how to change the drinking water status quo. At this time, the water purifier is undoubtedly the solution to such problems “* * good weapons”. Water purifier as a kind of terminal water purification equipment, no matter what stage of water pollution in the water supply, can be in the terminal for water treatment, to ensure that people drink water is healthy, safe and secure.

While we can’t change the big picture of contaminated drinking water, we can at least try to change the small picture of home drinking water. In the face of the family’s health and safety, what are you still hesitating? Hurry up to buy a quality and after-sales protection of the big brand water purifier, to create a “pure natural” drinking water environment, to bring safety and security for family life.



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