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Five Major Pieces For Bathroom|Are You Sure You Can Buy All The Right?

Bathroom Business School


Five Major Pieces For Bathroom|Are You Sure You Can Buy All The Right? - News - 1

The market of bathroom sanitary ware has a wide variety of sanitary ware for us to choose from, so that many homeowners are dazzled. But very often, we do not know how to choose the right and beautiful sanitary ware, while not falling into the trap of the business. Here I will introduce you to the four sanitary ware in the bathroom how to buy.


Washbasin selection

01 Glass washbasin

Glass has soft lines and a unique texture and refraction effect. Both the color and style are more charming and beautiful than the above two washbasins. But glass is more delicate and difficult to serve than the other two materials. First of all, it is fragile and not resistant to high temperatures. The wall thickness of the glass surface of the basin sold on the market are 19mm, 15mm and 12mm and several other. Even for the 19mm wall thickness of the product, its temperature resistance is only up to 80 ℃ relative high temperature. So be very careful when using, don’t pour boiling water into it for convenience, otherwise it will burst.

Next is the price, because the glass basin from the process to design costs are higher, the price is relatively expensive. The price of a general high-quality glass basin should be more than 8,000 to 10,000 yuan. This price is difficult for the average consumer to accept.

The third is maintenance. We all think that the glass basin cleaning and care is very troublesome. In fact, the surface finish of the glass basin after a special process is extremely high, and not easy to hang dirty. On a regular basis, the cleaning and maintenance of glass basin and ordinary ceramic basin is not much different. You just need to pay attention not to scratch the surface with sharp objects and do not hit with heavy objects on it. For cleaning glass washbasin, generally can not use boiling water, cloth, steel brush, strong alkaline detergent, sharp and hard sharp objects, stains and oil stains and other items. Recommend the use of cotton rags, neutral detergent, glass cleaning water, etc. to clean, so as to maintain a lasting bright as new.

Five Major Pieces For Bathroom|Are You Sure You Can Buy All The Right? - News - 2


02 Stainless steel washbasin

Stainless steel always gives people a sense of fashion, and is loved by the young generation nowadays. The stainless steel washbasin and other metal accessories in the bathroom are matched with a unique sense of modernity.

General stainless steel washbasin is made after the use of the entity. The steel material is also highly extracted. Its surface is also subject to processes such as brushing or mirror plating, so the price is not low.

But stainless steel also has a prominent feature, which is easy to clean. As long as it is flushed with water, it is as fresh as new. Compared to the glass and ceramic washbasin cleaning up, it does have a little force to win a strong sense of intention. In the purchase of nothing special, look at the style, and understand the material and maintenance points on almost.

Five Major Pieces For Bathroom|Are You Sure You Can Buy All The Right? - News - 3


03 ceramic washbasin

From the market atmosphere, ceramic washbasin is still the mainstream of the market, occupying more than 90% of the market. It is a wide variety, affordable, personalized features still make many consumers favor.

Selection of ceramic basin mainly depends on the glaze and water absorption rate. The quality of the glaze is related to the stain resistance. Quality glaze “honeycomb” is very small, smooth and dense, not easy to dirty. Generally do not often use strong decontamination products. Wipe with water and a rag. In the selection of ceramic basin, it can be placed in strong light and observe the reflection of the product surface from the side. You can also feel its flatness by gently stroking the surface with your hand.

Five Major Pieces For Bathroom|Are You Sure You Can Buy All The Right? - News - 4

Absorption rate of good product expansion is low, and its surface is not easy to produce deformation or cracking phenomenon, so generally the lower the absorption rate the better. The water absorption rate of high-grade products is generally less than 3%, and some well-known brands are to reduce the water absorption rate to 0.5%. So pay more attention to the manufacturer’s instructions when buying and selling, and try to choose products with low water absorption rate.


Faucet purchase

The first thing to consider is whether to meet the actual. If there is no sufficient hot water supply at home, then it is obvious that the split hot and cold water faucet is not necessary.

Five Major Pieces For Bathroom|Are You Sure You Can Buy All The Right? - News - 5

In the meantime, consider the functionality and durability of the faucet. The frequency of use of the faucet in the bathroom is the most frequent of all equipment. And if the environment is more humid, take full account of the service life of the faucet and corrosion resistance. In this regard, the main faucet products of Moen and other bathroom specialized brands are the scope of consideration.

In addition, in the purchase of faucets, you should also take into account the problem of matching with sanitary ware: the most important is the model to match, otherwise it will bring trouble to the installation.

Five Major Pieces For Bathroom|Are You Sure You Can Buy All The Right? - News - 6

Next is the style and color to match. Here is a simple principle is: classical to classical, modern to modern. If your bathroom is dominated by cold colors, you can pick the silver faucet. If the warm color is the main, then you have to use the gold. If the whole bathroom style is more complicated, you can use cream color.

At present, there are two kinds of faucets used in the bathroom: one is on the water basin and one is on the bathtub. There are separate and single faucets for water basin. You can use according to the actual situation. There are two kinds of bathtub faucets: hose and concealed. The hose is more convenient to use and easy to install. Concealed buried bathtub faucet is very good-looking, but the installation is slightly more difficult.

With the development of sanitary ware itself, there has been a great progress in the function. So you can also see that brands such as Moen have introduced stretch faucets that allow you to add more options in use as well. For example, for women to wash their hair or cleaning process, it can be more convenient.

Of course, before the renovation, it is recommended that you may still need to look at the major bathroom brands, such as Moen, Kohler, TOTO, some of the products. A good understanding of this knowledge will help you understand your greatest needs and choose the faucet you need most.

Finally, and in the construction, no matter which faucet you use, you must do a good job of waterproofing the wall during installation to avoid bringing troubles to the future life.


Toilet purchase

1, in the selection of toilet seat, you can not choose because of preferences and new and different. It should be consistent with the color, washbasin and the overall tone of the bathroom, so as to maintain the integrity of the bathroom.

2, if the toilet seat installation has been opened before the drain, it is necessary to buy a toilet seat with the same pit distance and opening. Even if the difference of 1 cm, it can not be installed.

Five Major Pieces For Bathroom|Are You Sure You Can Buy All The Right? - News - 7

3, if there are these three cases, the business will glaze on the toilet tank.

① The tank is made of low-temperature ceramic. This is the cheap goods.

② The ceramic making the water tank has a high water absorption rate. Glaze to prevent the appearance of water seepage.

③The ceramic on the surface of the tank has cracks. Glaze is applied to cover up the ugly and hide the fact that there are cracks. Therefore, in the purchase, do not pick the glazed toilet tank.

4, the surface of the toilet seat body are glazed treatment. When buying, be sure to pick the easy to wipe clean. After selecting the appearance, you also have to look at the interior. You have to check whether the return bend is glazed, and the interior should also have a glazed layer.

5, the glaze of the toilet should be glossy, smooth and without obvious defects. It must not have pinhole, lack of glaze. Its trademark is clear, all kinds of accessories are complete, and the shape is not deformed before.

6, at present, the toilet on the market has no direct flush + siphon flush way. When buying, beware of being fooled.

Five Major Pieces For Bathroom|Are You Sure You Can Buy All The Right? - News - 8

7, according to the actual needs of the family, you can choose siphon or direct flush toilet. Siphon type can drain the dirt quickly, but the diameter of the downpipe is small. And direct-flush toilet pipe diameter is large, the larger dirt is easy to flush down.

8, this is quite important point. Before buying a toilet, you must measure the exact pit distance. No error is best. The larger the error, the larger the installation does. When the error is more than 1 cm, it can not be installed.


Purchase of bathtub

In the case of spare space in the bathroom, or you like to enjoy the pleasure of soaking, you may choose to install a bathtub for your bathroom. Then many of these elements need your attention: the



First of all, you should know what kinds of materials are available for bathtubs, and what are the advantages and disadvantages of each. These are the key points to understand first. For the bathtub material, it is generally divided into acrylic cylinder, steel cylinder and cast iron cylinder.

(1) acrylic cylinder. Acrylic tank is made of artificial organic material. Its shape is rich and diverse, bright color, moderate price, good gloss, and lighter texture. Its disadvantage is the noise when filling water, easy to dirty. Its heat resistance is poor and not wear-resistant. Its surface is easy to aging discoloration. The quality of imported acrylic tank is relatively good.

(2) steel plate cylinder. Steel plate cylinder performance is between the cast iron cylinder and acrylic cylinder. It is strong and wear-resistant, heat-resistant, pressure-resistant. It is easy to clean, high flatness, and its glaze is smooth and bright. Its general shape, insulation performance is not as good as cast iron cylinder.

(3) cast iron cylinder. It is strong quality, excellent insulation performance, and durable, easy to clean, high grade. But its material price is high, too heavy and not easy to move.



Secondly, whether the function of the bathtub can meet your market demand is also of paramount importance. In the function of the bathtub, generally divided into ordinary bathtub and massage bathtub. And according to the different needs of people, the massage bathtub is divided into different kinds of sitting bubble massage bathtub, hydrotherapy massage bathtub, hydrotherapy air massage bathtub, pulse massage bathtub, etc.. You can choose to buy according to your own needs. At the same time, it should be noted that, in addition to the relatively high price, the requirements for bathroom area, water pressure, electricity and installation are very high.

Five Major Pieces For Bathroom|Are You Sure You Can Buy All The Right? - News - 9



After choosing the most important material and function, you need to choose the style that meets your taste in life according to your personal preference. From the style of bathtub, it is divided into tank without skirt and tank with skirt. According to personal preference, you can choose a skirt or no skirt tank. Although the price of the tub with skirt is relatively high, it can be done in one step. The tank without skirt needs to install the table by yourself.



1、Internal support. Quality bathtubs are connected meticulously. No welding marks. Need to pay attention to.

2、Anti-slip surface. The bathtub floor needs to have a non-slip surface to ensure safety.

Five Major Pieces For Bathroom|Are You Sure You Can Buy All The Right? - News - 10

3、Drain valve. Although the drainage valve is additionally equipped, if you can try, it is best to try to install on the spot. Check whether the switch is sensitive, which is the most easily ignored and the most likely to have problems.



Can be pressed by hand, sitting in or stepping hard to see if there is a sinking feeling.


Selection of shower equipment

The bathroom is perhaps one of the main choices for more home bathrooms. Although it is very different from the bathtub in terms of concerns, it is also necessary to pay attention to some details by not causing unnecessary losses later.

Material: the same as the faucet. Due to the environment and the way of use, consider the material of the chosen shower equipment: 1. whether it is resistant to high temperature. 2. whether it is corrosion-resistant.

Compared with pure copper casting shower equipment, chrome-plated shower equipment is more in line with the above two points. And the daily cleaning of chrome plated shower equipment is also more convenient. If you are diligent, you only need to scrub with a wet cloth first. Then you can dry it with a dry cloth. If the time interval is long, you only need to use fine particles of toothpaste to assist in cleaning to keep clean.

Five Major Pieces For Bathroom|Are You Sure You Can Buy All The Right? - News - 7

Function: The functionality of shower equipment is mainly reflected in the amount of water and water strength. Regardless of the shape of the shower, you can choose the shower through these two criteria to compare the choice. I recommend the Moen showerhead. Its water coverage is larger, so that most people can shower the whole body and it belongs to the self-cleaning shower, and it is more convenient to clean.

Details: The details are mentioned earlier. One is the daily cleaning problem. When buying, these are also taken into account. While installing the shower equipment, do not forget to do a good job of environmental waterproofing. If it has a shower sump, it should be installed as a priority. At the same time, after the installation of the pipeline is completed, you should do the test water.

These are the tips I have compiled on the purchase of key sanitary ware in the bathroom, I hope it will help you in your purchase.



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