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Five suggestions on how to choose basin faucet

There are many details to pay attention to in the home decoration, from the determination of the overall decoration style to the choice of a water pipe. Every detail should not be careless. Today I will give you some suggestions on choosing basin faucets.

1. Confirm the style of the basin.

According to the installation position and opening of the faucet, it can be divided into wall-mounted and vertical, single-hole and double-hole, single cold and hot and cold. At present, the most commonly used home decoration is vertical cold and hot dual-use products, single cold The product is mainly suitable for installations without hot water sources, such as public places. The choice of basin faucet has a lot to do with the basin. At present, the washbasins on the market mainly include the above-stage, middle-stage, and under-stage modes. According to the different openings, they are also divided into single holes, double holes, and three holes. Before you buy a faucet, make sure it can be mounted on your washbasin.

2.It is recommended to buy brass faucets.

It is recommended to use a basin faucet made of copper as much as possible. Nowadays, the technology of all copper faucets is very mature, occupying most of the market share. The real all-copper faucet handle, decorative nut, switch valve, wall cover, connection nut and eccentric joint, nozzle housing and other parts are made of brass. After plating, it is not only beautiful and heavy, but also durable. It is necessary to find out in detail whether it is a real all-copper faucet or just the main body is made of all-copper. In most cases, weight and sound can tell whether it is a copper faucet. All copper faucets are generally heavy, and they sound dull and dull when they are tapped.

3.Buy ceramic valve basin faucet.

The spool is the most important component of the faucet, which is directly related to the user experience and the life of the faucet. At this stage, it is recommended to choose a ceramic spool. The quality-leading faucets on the market now usually have a service life of more than 5 years and can be opened 500,000 times smoothly. The valve core of this type of faucet is mostly of ceramic quality, while the traditional copper core in the past is easy to age and not durable.

4. Choose the length of the basin faucet.

According to the difference of the water outlet, there are vertical water outlet, inclined water outlet, rotating water outlet, pull-down water outlet, wide mouth water outlet, etc. Vertical water outlet is the most traditional water outlet. Pay attention to the length of the faucet when purchasing this type of faucet. If it is too short, it may cause your hands to touch the edge of the washbasin during washing. The oblique water outlet means that the water outlet is sprayed outward obliquely. This type of water outlet can save space and use a short nozzle to spray water to the middle of the pool. When it is closed, the water will flow down vertically, and it will still cause the hand to touch the edge of the basin. Rotating the water is that the nozzle can be rotated 360 °, which is convenient for cleaning the face and so on. However, the lower water outlet of the rotating water faucet is too short (otherwise it will spray out of the basin when spraying water upward), which will affect the convenience of normal washing. If the basin is too small, it is not recommended to use this type of faucet. The water outlet is connected to the faucet through a hose, which is usually embedded in the faucet, and can be withdrawn when needed. The advantage is that the faucet can freely discharge water in any direction, but when you pull out the faucet, you must free up a hand to grasp the faucet. Effect. This type of faucet is beautiful and individual, but in terms of washing effect, the water flow is small and scattered, which is not as good as the traditional water outlet method.

5.It is recommended to buy a basin faucet with a lifting handle.

The handle of the basin faucet is mainly divided into single and double handles, of which there are several types of single handles, such as screw type, lifting type, wrench type, induction type, delay closing type and so on. The single handle is characterized by convenient control and simple structure, while the double handle requires two hands to adjust the water temperature, but the style can be suitable for more occasions (such as under counter basin faucets). When the single-handle faucet is turned on and off, the water pressure will rise rapidly. If the copper content of the product is not high, it cannot easily withstand the expansion of the water pressure, and it is easy to be damaged. shut down. The double-handle faucet has a large pressure resistance range, and the water pressure is slowly released, so there is no such problem. However, the double-handle faucet cannot be closed too tightly, otherwise the water stopcock will fall off, causing the water to stop and stop. If you need to quickly adjust the temperature and flow of water, it is not appropriate to choose a double-handle faucet, it is best to use a single-handle. If you need to change the position of water, you should not use fixed faucets, but use mobile.  In the single-handle faucet, the spiral type has been basically eliminated. The wrench type, induction type and time-delay type are all difficult to realize the function of adjusting water volume and water temperature on a switch. So if you want to adjust the water temperature on the washbasin, the best choice is the lifting handle. The lift-type handle usually controls the amount of water by lifting vertically, and adjusts the water temperature by rotating horizontally. It is the most practical and common handle of a basin faucet now.






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