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Focus | Cncoma Establishes Smart Health Company To Enter The Field Of Big Health

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On June 18, kitchen and bathroom information through the enterprise search found that Cncoma Intelligent Technology Co, Ltd (hereinafter referred to as “Cncoma Intelligent”) and Hangzhou Xinlong Medical Technology Co, Ltd. jointly established Xin Cncoma New Intelligent Health Technology (Hangzhou) Co. It has a registered capital of 5 million RMB. Its legal representative is Liu Log, and the approval date is June 18, 2021. The registration authority is Hangzhou Yuhang District Market Supervision Administration.


The business scope involves general projects: technology services, technology development, technology consulting, technology exchange, technology transfer, technology promotion; Class I medical device production; Class I medical device sales; Class II medical device sales; sanitary ware research and development; sanitary ware sales; plastic products sales; computer software and hardware and auxiliary equipment wholesale; software development; medical equipment leasing; remote health management services; health Consulting services (excluding medical treatment services); elderly services; health care services (non-medical); intelligent home consumer equipment manufacturing; intelligent home consumer equipment sales; household appliances sales; wearable smart devices sales; Internet sales (except sales of goods requiring licensing).

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Among them, Hangzhou Xinlong Medical Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2014. Legal representative is Shen Yishan, the main business scope is technology development, technology consulting, technology services, results transfer; medical devices, biotechnology, instrumentation, network technology, computer software and hardware; non-medical health management services, non-medical health information consulting; sales: Class I, Class II, Class III medical devices, medical supplies, beauty products, cosmetics, hygiene products, health care products Beauty equipment, household appliances, veterinary equipment (except biological products), pet products, laboratory equipment, instruments, electronic products (except electronic publications), computer hardware and software, office supplies, chemical raw materials and products (except chemical dangerous goods and easily controlled toxic substances); medical equipment leasing; import and export of goods and technology (except for items prohibited by laws and administrative regulations, and items restricted by laws and administrative regulations to obtain (Permission to operate); production, sales: physical therapy and rehabilitation equipment (Class I, Class II), Class II clinical laboratory analysis instruments, in vitro diagnostic reagents (Class I, Class II, Class III), Class II medical laboratory and basic equipment apparatus, beauty equipment. (Projects subject to approval according to law, the relevant department’s approval before operating activities).

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According to the company’s official website, the company mainly provides solutions for middle and old-age health and postnatal restoration. The company’s licensed patents and intellectual property rights include a fecal test counting board, etc., as well as the SL-6800 fully automated urine analysis system software. It is reported that the current smart toilet that can realize urine test is mainly by storing test paper on the inside of the toilet. After staining the urine through the background AI for data analysis, then transmitted to the data processing platform to analyze the results.

No. Invention name Patent Type Legal Counsel Application No. Date of Application Public (Announcement) No. Public (Announcement) Date Inventor Operation
1 A test strip stamping workpiece Utility Model Authorization CN20182122558


2018-08-01 CN208930443U 2019-06-04 Shen Yisan Details
2 A kind of pelvic floor muscle rehabilitation treatment equipment Utility Model Authorization CN20182122555


2018-08-01 CN2O9O33669U 2019-06-28 Yishan Shen Detail Qian
3 A kind of analysis liquid storage container with spill-proof function Utility Model Authorization CN20182122512


2018-08-01 CN208736728U 2019-04-12 Yishan Shen Details
4 A kind of fecal test counting board Invention Announcement Substantive Review CN20181085991


2018-08-01 CN108896451A 2018-11-27 Yishan Shen Details
5 A kind of fecal test counting board Utility Model Authorization CN20182122451


2018-08-01 CN208736773U 2019-04-12 Yishan Shen detail
6 An image auto-focusing method, electronic device and storage medium Invention Publication Authorization CN20171148044


2017-12-29 CN108269240A 2018-07-10 Shen Yishan detailed
7 An image auto-focusing method, electronic device and storage medium Invention Authorization Authorization CN20171148044


2017-12-29 CN108269240B 2021-03-23 Shen Yirui, Wang Feng, Xu Xiantong detail
8 A kind of test strip for testing Utility Model Authorization CN20172043459


2017-04-24 CN206906397U 2018-01-19 Shen Yishan detail
9 Sample analyzer Invention Authorization Authorization CN20161093126


2016-10-31 CN106383242B 2018-10-26 Shen Yishan detail
10 Sample dry chemical analysis device Utility Model Authorization CN20162115629


2016-10-31 CN206223659U 2017-06-06 Shen Yishan detail

According to kitchen and bathroom information, Cncoma intelligent in 2016 or so began to the medical intelligent toilet. The relevant person in charge of Cncoma at this year’s Shanghai exhibition said in an interview with Kitchen News that it will study the urine test, stool test, blood pressure, and other tests through intelligent toilets.

The home medical equipment industry is one of the faster-growing industries in recent years. With the development of China’s medical industry gradually transitions from treatment to rehabilitation and prevention stage, medical devices have begun to show the development trend from hospital medical devices to home medical devices.


In the past three years, Chongqing, Shanghai, many places emerged a number of medical intelligent toilet companies. These companies produced medical intelligent toilets with urine inspection function through cooperation with Taizhou, Chaozhou, and other places intelligent toilet manufacturers. According to kitchen and bathroom information, the highest price of a single urine test medical intelligent toilet can reach 100,000 yuan.

At present, the market is active in the foreign intelligent toilet brand mainly Kohler, TOTO, Panasonic, Lixil, Moen, etc., the main domestic Arrow, Hegii, Jomoo, Huida, AXENT, Haier and other brands, as well as Hilk, Cncoma, JTAccord, Tejjer Ikahe, and other smart toilet manufacturers. From the intelligent toilet patent applications, kitchen and bathroom information query the State General Administration of Patents was informed that the current domestic urine inspection of intelligent toilet-related invention patents are more than 100, with the right and the actual trial involving Jomoo, Royalstar, Topband, Midea, Ponovo, Suzhou Luzhiyao, China Institute of measurement and other companies.



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