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German BRAVAT Group acquires German cabinet giant Rational

From the beginning of 2021 to the present, there have been many mergers and acquisitions in the European kitchen and bathroom industry, which has aroused widespread discussion in the industry. Recently, a large-scale merger in Europe has once again attracted the attention of the industry-on April 7, Berlin, Germany, the well-known German kitchen and bathroom brand BRAVAT (hereinafter referred to as “Braun”) announced that it has completed the acquisition of the well-known German high-end custom cabinet manufacturer Rational overall cabinet company. (Hereinafter referred to as “Rational Germany”), the two parties agreed not to disclose the purchase price. Braun has already started the prefabricated cabinet business many years ago. This acquisition will enrich Braun’s cabinet product line and play a role in promoting the company’s development of the house-fitting business for different customer groups.

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Acquired a German cabinet manufacturer,

Braun completes the high-end product line in the kitchen field

The purchaser of this transaction, Braun, started with sanitary products. After years of development, it has become one of the most advanced companies in the field of interior industrialization. Its products fully cover prefabricated kitchens, prefabricated bathroom, house-type integrated solutions, smart home systems, Assembled quick-installed pipe wall system and other whole-house fields.

On the other hand, according to the official website, the German Rational company was founded by Walter Fischer in 1963 in Meeller, Lower Saxony, Germany, and opened a second factory in the nearby area four years later. In the following decades, Rational’s sales in the German domestic and international markets have steadily increased, and the overall kitchen product export share has continued to increase. For cabinet products, it has a unique product concept and strict design and production standards. Over the years, it has continuously exported unique products to the market and provided personalized customized solutions to continue to lead the cabinet market trend.

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Luna series products of German Rational company

anusz Palarczyk, General Manager of BRAVAT GmbH, said: “BRAVAT Group welcomes the German Rational company and its team to join. Through this investment, we have improved the high-end product line in the cabinet field and are also moving towards becoming an indispensable whole for global customers. The goal of a kitchen and bathroom solution provider has taken an important step.”

At the same time, based on the BRAVAT Group’s focus on the Asia-Pacific market and development strategies, the group officially appointed Bravat (China) Chairman Ms. Guo Wanyi and concurrently the managing director of Rational, Germany, to promote its construction and development in the Asia-Pacific region. Guo Wanyi, Chairman of Braun (China), shared with joy: “The German kitchen cabinet Rational team has many fans in the international cabinet market with its high-end design inspiration and exquisite craftsmanship. This acquisition has accelerated our integration of high-end cabinets. With the pace of the kitchen and bathroom products, the German Bravat BRAVAT will continue to innovate after the completion of the brand marriage, bringing a familiar enjoyment experience to the majority of users.”

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German Rational company Atomos series products

Regarding being able to become a new member of the Braun Group, Dante Giacomelli, the representative of the German Rational company, said: “We are honored to be able to integrate with the internationally renowned kitchen and bathroom brand BRAVAT, and will continue to focus on product design and research and development, and the output is stylish. Designed precision products allow us to create overall kitchen solutions for customers in all dimensions. We firmly believe that with BRAVAT’s resources and century-old manufacturing and design capabilities, we can accelerate the creation of personalized kitchens for more customers around the world Space makes life refined and comfortable.”

Braun: Borrowing acquisition to empower kitchen, bathroom and home customization business

The cabinet products of the German Rational company are known for their precision, and have won many industry and design awards, including the German Brand Award and the Iconic Design Award. This acquisition can be seen as a move by Braun to improve its high-end cabinet product portfolio. Braun also stated that the integration of the business will use the comprehensive strengths of the two companies in various fields around the world to provide global customers with high-quality overall kitchen and bathroom solutions.

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Germany’s Rational company’s Lano series products

In fact, before this acquisition, Braun had been deeply involved in the cabinet field for many years, and had a good strength in the customization of apartment-style cabinets. Braun’s prefabricated cabinets allow users to choose from a variety of modes such as island style, traditional L style, deep U style, etc., to meet consumers’ various ideas of kitchen space. Not only that, Braun prefabricated cabinets also provide more refined customization options. For example, Braun designed the functional area in the kitchen as a whole piece of furniture, and summarized the sink, faucet, dishwasher, garbage disposer, etc. into a functional module to achieve fast loading and unloading and mobility, allowing consumers to freely Spell out what you think.

At the same time, as consumers’ individual needs for the living environment continue to increase, people are not only pursuing practical products, but also products that are both beautiful and fashionable, and are increasingly sought after. It is foreseeable that with the help of the German Rational company in cabinet manufacturing and design, the product strength of Braun high-end cabinets will be further released, allowing Braun brand to occupy a greater advantage in the fields of residential decoration, hotel engineering and other fields.

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Tio series products of German Rational company

Many companies in the industry have grown through mergers and acquisitions

In the home furnishing field, mergers and acquisitions are one of the ways for companies to grow and develop. Many companies use mergers and acquisitions to consolidate their main business, expand product categories, or open up emerging markets. Every M&A in the industry marks a new footnote for the industry discussion of “accelerating industry integration and gradual formation of leading enterprises”.

In Asia, companies that have become industry giants through mergers and acquisitions include LIXIL. After acquiring all the shares of the world’s largest curtain wall manufacturer Palmas Delisa in 2011, the company acquired American Standard and GROHE respectively in 2013. At that time, LIXIL took the development of overseas markets as its business philosophy. After many acquisitions, LIXIL has become one of the world’s largest comprehensive building materials companies.

Among European and American companies, Roca is a typical company that has made self-reliance through mergers and acquisitions. Roca acquired Laufen, a Swiss sanitary ware company in 1999, and a Chinese sanitary ware company in 2006. Not long ago, Roca made continuous acquisitions, not only acquiring 75% of the Spanish sanitary ware company Royo, but also taking over a large factory in Brazil, strengthening its industrial layout in the two markets.

As a well-known kitchen and bathroom manufacturer and service provider, Braun’s product portfolio and the layout of the corresponding sub-fields have also attracted attention from the industry in recent years. Braun is one of the earliest kitchen and bathroom companies that deployed interior industrialization. At present, it has successfully broken the corporate limitations of kitchen and bathroom product manufacturers and expanded its product portfolio to the field of prefabricated bathroom, prefabricated cabinets and even house-type installations. At the same time, in the face of the “rise” of individual market demand, Braun has also accelerated the development of high-end customization services recently. The acquisition of the well-known German high-end customized cabinet manufacturer Rational Integral Cabinet Company reflects Braun’s confidence and determination to deploy innovative kitchen and bathroom home customization business.

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