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How much do you know about the American faucet market?

1. Customer structure: 1. Entering into large supermarkets in the United States is generally operated by several large companies, such as HOMEDEPOT, LOWES, PP, etc., with a large amount of domestic purchases, but the requirements for factories are also extremely strict, especially before the first cooperation. Inspections, factory inspections, product development, and even some certification landings, etc., are generally difficult to consume for factories with no scale. In addition to costs, there are a lot of manpower and material resources, and the time will be more than half a year. Factories that don’t have a professional team that knows the US market very well. It’s better not to directly cooperate with them at the beginning, otherwise the factory will have to pay a lot of tuition, and their claims are quite severe, even the well-known Luda and Chenglin in the industry. It also happens from time to time.

(I once worked on a project in a company in 2007. It took nearly 300W for the initial development and certification. It took more than half a year. Four products. Of course, the products he positioned this time are sold globally. National and regional certification, some water-passing materials are also required to be universal.)

Of course, once the cooperation is successful, the order is not worrying, and it is also very planned, but the price is also considered deadly for you, and it can also greatly enhance the image of the factory and enhance the internal management of the factory.

Therefore, some domestic factories indirectly cooperate with them through third parties.

2. The DIY market, this part of the market is considered extremely active, and it is also done by most domestic companies, including many foreign trade companies. These customers are mainly small wholesales, specialty stores, terminal retail, and online sales. Generally, factories are required to have American certification, and most of them are the well-known UPC certification. And there are many Chinese doing it in the United States, especially in California.

The price requirements in this part of the market are relatively loose. The first is the stable quality. If there is no good factory cooperation, I would rather not do it, otherwise there will be many complications.

3. A small number of factories have set up sales companies in the United States to do ODM or OBM, mainly for the DIY market. At the same time, they can directly contact some supermarkets and do some after-sales services. However, this requires the factory to have conditions and specialize in the North American market. .

2. Type of product: Except for a small number of OBMs, which are sold to the market with a full range of products, most of the rest are purchased from a single variety, mainly basins and kitchen faucets, and bathtub/shower faucets are mainly wall-mounted Type pressure balance faucets are the main ones. This type of faucet is relatively less purchased in China. The quality of this type of faucet requires higher reliability and professionalism. Because of the diverse installation methods and high professionalism, everyone should be careful! As everyone knows, the rights protection consciousness of American citizens is very strong.

Faucets in the US market are generally larger in size, especially kitchen faucets. Everyone who makes sinks in this area knows that the specifications are relatively large, so you must figure out the size before you do it. Many customers don’t understand it. , Including the size parameters of the installation part.

1. In terms of types: kitchen faucets are mainly removable. In the DIY market, the faucets are mainly single-hole and heightened single-hole, eight-inch split double handles. For engineering and hotels, single handle 4″ Double holes and double handles are mostly 4″ double holes, which are relatively inexpensive.

2. From the perspective of surface color: BN color is the main color, about 60%, CP color is about 20%, ORB and other special colors are about 20%. Among them, BN color is now generally required by large companies to do PVD.

3. A few details: 1. Before placing an order, you must choose a manufacturer that specializes in the American market. Even if the customer provides customized samples, especially if the business itself has no experience in the North American market, Otherwise, you have to do more after-sales work than before receiving the order.

2. For the product, in addition to the external dimensions and specifications, the size of the installation part and the installation structure/method also need to be confirmed, otherwise your products are very beautiful and the quality is also very good, but the installation is very inconvenient and cumbersome It’s very hard. Customers will say that your product quality is a problem, especially if you are used to the European market. There is not much attention to the business in this regard. Most of them are standardized, and the factory will handle it. In the United States, professional installers are very expensive, and the evaluation of installers is also very important. The evaluation of installers can largely determine the purchaser’s intention.

3. Quality **, price second: ensuring quality and reliability is the first choice, and then optimizing product configuration and controlling costs. **It is good to be familiar with the standard and follow the standard requirements. Especially in the DIY market, most customers are non-professionals and only know that they have UPC certification. However, even if some factories in China have UPC, they may only entrust a third party to do it according to customer needs. They are not familiar with the standard requirements, so they have to Do business by yourself.



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