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How to choose a shower faucet?

Shower faucet and bathtub faucet have many similarities, such as function, use environment, etc., and there are many similarities in product selection. The biggest difference between them is that the bathtub faucet has a drain, while the shower faucet generally does not. Some shower faucets now have draining water, which is convenient for washing towels and putting hot water in buckets. But even so, it is not recommended to replace the shower faucet with a bathtub faucet. Because the handle of the bathtub faucet is generally horizontal, during the shower, it is very likely that the horizontal faucet will be accidentally touched, which will cause the water temperature to rise or fall sharply. The handle of the shower faucet is generally vertical, which is less prone to cause operational errors. However, even a vertical faucet will be lifted during use, and there is still the possibility of cause operational errors in a narrow shower room. Therefore, the shower faucet makes us the most recommended product of the thermostatic faucet. The thermostatic faucet is not only easy to mishandle by locking the temperature, but even if the external water pressure changes or the cold water stops for a moment, it will not be burned, which is very safe. The shower faucet needs to be equipped with a hand shower for use. If the bathroom has a large space, you can consider using an integrated shower head (shower column). This shower column with a large overhead spray is more comfortable to use. The two-handle shower faucet, such as hot water in the left hand and cold water in the right hand, is clearly marked and easy to use, and is more suitable for the elderly or children. The shape of the single handle is relatively good-looking, the shape is simple, and the hot and cold water can be adjusted by rotating left and right.

It is recommended to use shower faucets made of copper as much as possible. Nowadays, the technology of all copper faucets is very mature, occupying most of the market share. The real all-copper faucet handle, decorative nut, switch valve, wall cover, connection nut and eccentric joint, nozzle housing and other parts are made of brass. After plating, it is not only beautiful and heavy, but also durable. It is necessary to find out in detail whether it is a real all-copper faucet or just the main body is made of all-copper. In most cases, weight and sound can tell whether it is a copper faucet. All copper faucets are generally heavy, and they sound dull and dull when they are tapped.

As far as possible, the valve core should use high-quality brands from home and abroad. If you use a thermostatic faucet, the quality of the valve core is extremely important. Using inferior raw materials and making a rough thermostatic valve core may cause unstable water temperature during use, which is more dangerous It can be damaged and cause burns. There are two main types of thermostatic valve spools in the market: one is Wax Element cartridge, and the other thermostatic cartridge uses Shape Memory Alloys springs. At present, domestic paraffin is a commonly used product and the price is cheap. Memory alloys respond faster, but are more expensive and are used in high-end products. The choice of thermostatic faucet must be based on the principle of rather lack of overuse. Poor quality thermostatic faucets may fail during use, causing the water temperature to rise or fall suddenly, with serious consequences.




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