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Huayi won the first batch of certified enterprises for the implementation of the new national standard for faucets

December 1 is of great significance for the Chinese sanitary ware industry and for the sanitary ware industry in 2014. The GB18145-2014 “Ceramic Piece Sealed Faucet”, which was dubbed by the media as “the most strict national standard in history”, officially began to be enforced. On the same day, the awarding ceremony of the first batch of certified enterprises of the new national standard of faucet was held in Beijing Capital Hotel.

Huayi Sanitary Ware was one of the first companies to obtain the “Certificate of Metal Pollutants Precipitation Limits for Ceramic Sheet Sealing Faucets”, and its corporate representatives also attended the licensing ceremony in Beijing. How will the sanitary ware industry digest this incident? The author interviewed Ding Yanfei, the chief quality officer and senior certification engineer of Huayi Sanitary Ware, to understand the voices from the front line of quality in the sanitary ware industry.

Photo: Ding Yanfei of Huayi Sanitary Ware was interviewed by a reporter from Zhongjie

Author: What do you think will be the impact on the entire industry after the official implementation of the new national standard for faucets?

Ding Yanfei: I think the introduction of the new national standard will accelerate the reshuffle of the industry and help a new round of development of the industry.

First of all, in terms of R&D and production, the new faucet standard “GB18145-2014” has made multiple amendments to “GB 18145-2003”. Among them, the biggest and most concerned is to increase the limit of heavy metal pollutants released from the tap. Requirements, and as a mandatory clause. For example, the detection of taps. In particular, the amount of lead precipitation from faucets is consistent with the current US standard, and must not exceed 5ug/L, which is the highest in the world and far higher than the technical level of most industries in my country. Therefore, the introduction of the new national standard will be an opportunity for the entire industry to reform and improve production technology, and enterprises that do not meet the standard will be eliminated.

In addition, in the terminal market, if there is no good brand for product upgrades, the new national standard will be in a passive position on December 1, especially for brands with more stores and more products, the greater the loss will be.

Author: What preparations has Huayi Sanitary Ware made in product development and production to meet the new national standard?

Ding Yanfei: For companies that export to Europe and the United States, such as Huayi Sanitary Ware, they have always carried out R&D and production in accordance with international standards. They have certain R&D and production strength and talent allocation, which basically has no effect. In particular, Huayi, as one of the drafting units of China’s national standards for faucets, has a more thorough understanding of the new national standards. We have already begun preparations one year in advance for the response to the introduction of the new national standard.

The products exported to Europe and the United States are different from those used in the domestic market in terms of function and appearance. Therefore, we may make adjustments in product features and styles. Beginning in 2013, Huayi Sanitary Ware has improved its production processes from material selection and casting to produce products that meet the needs of the domestic market.

Secondly, Huayi Sanitary Ware expanded its 1,000-square-meter ** laboratory, equipped with international advanced testing equipment, and strengthened product quality monitoring.

In addition, since the second half of 2013, Huayi Sanitary Ware has been piloting the sale of low-lead faucets in the domestic market. Therefore, the introduction of the new national standard has little effect on Huayi Sanitary Ware.

Picture / Huayi Ding Yanfei Station is the third on the right

Author: It is understood that Huayi Sanitary Ware has been included in the first batch of low-lead faucet certification list under the new national standard, and can become the first batch of certified companies. How do you feel?

Ding Yanfei: First of all, it is a great honor for Huayi to stand out among the tens of thousands of faucet manufacturers nationwide and become the first batch of certified companies. It can be seen that they are all very powerful companies to become the first batch of certified companies. Why do you say that? Because the product certification is a conformity certification, which means that the products sampled during the certification must be consistent with the products sold on the market, including the process and supporting facilities, will not be changed, not only now, as long as you hold With certificates, there must always be consistency. This is a commitment and a responsibility. Certification agencies and testing agencies will always monitor and inspect. However, it takes more than 20 days for only one pollutant to be precipitated in a test, which shows the seriousness of the test and the rigor of the standard. After more than 20 years of experience accumulation and precipitation, Huayi Sanitary Ware has passed hundreds of international certifications and became the first batch of certified companies. It is well deserved.

Secondly, the comparison between the new national standard and the old national standard has changed a lot, especially in terms of heavy metal precipitation. However, compared with the US NSF61-9 drinking water sanitation and safety standards and the low-lead bill introduced in some states and regions in recent years and the United States this year, it is relatively loose, because NSF61-9 also involves non-metal precipitation detection, such as more than 100 Item microbiological and radiation testing. As far as I know, 80% of the faucet products in the US market come from China. Many Chinese companies do OEM production, and there are not a few companies that can meet the “NSF61-9” standard.

Therefore, I think this is a question of corporate social responsibility. If we take the OEM product quality standards as the production standards for domestic market products and bring good products to the domestic market, then we can improve the quality of Chinese faucets.

Photo/Ding Yanfei holds the new national standard certification plaque

Author: At present, does Huayi Sanitary Ware have the ability to detect heavy metal precipitation in the new national standard of faucets? If so, what equipment and testing personnel have the company invested in this area? If not, how can I know whether the products produced meet Testing standard?

Ding Yanfei: Huayi Sanitary Ware has accumulated and accumulated more than 20 professional production experience. In terms of production equipment, it spares no expense and actively introduces international advanced equipment and technology to continuously improve its production capacity. In response to the problem of heavy metal precipitation, Huayi has made careful attention to the selection of raw materials to effectively prevent excessive heavy metal elements such as lead. In terms of product testing, in recent years, we have continuously increased our research and development capabilities, and established research partnerships with South China University of Technology, established post-doctoral research practice bases and graduate training bases. In addition, Huayi Sanitary Ware is also the Engineering Technology Research Center of Guangdong Province. We are very strict in product quality.

In addition, Shuikou Town is not only the production base of China’s plumbing and sanitary ware and the world’s sanitary ware procurement center, but also the plumbing and sanitary quality demonstration zone and quality integrity zone. As the president unit of the Shuikou Plumbing and Sanitary Industry Association, Huayi Sanitary Ware shoulders industry responsibilities and social responsibilities, not only to achieve quality demonstration, but also to achieve quality integrity, leading enterprises in the Shuikou production area to develop together and make progress together.

Author: After the implementation of the new national standard, as the product advantage of Huayi, how will you promote the faucet in the market? Is there any layout?

Ding Yanfei: I am responsible for product quality, so I think we should implement guided consumption, like household appliances, implement grading standards based on energy efficiency, such as marking the actual water efficiency, so that consumers have the right to know. Like water-saving products, it is not that the smaller the water flow, the more water-saving. The national regulation is that under a certain pressure, the minimum flow shall not be less than 3 liters. Then, after the relevant national regulations, the products within 3-9 liters are qualified products , 3-7.5 liters can be evaluated as “water-saving products”, according to China’s water efficiency standards, 7.5-9 liters are grade 3 water-efficiency products, but not “water-saving products”, 6-7.5 liters are grade 2 water-efficiency products Products, 3-6 upgraded to 1st grade water efficiency products, 1st and 2nd grade water efficiency products can be evaluated as “water saving products”. Therefore, we can conduct guided consumption on these practical applications, so that consumers can understand. I think this is not just what a company should do, but the development trend of the entire industry.



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