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Jomoo launched the “National Guard – Healthy China”

Public welfare action landed in Ningxia Minning

On July 21, following the “Red Capital” Ruijin, the second public welfare action of “National Guard, Healthy China” jointly launched by Xinhua National Brand Project Office and Jomoo Group was held in Minning Town, Yongning County, Yinchuan City. Jomoo brand president Yan Zhen said, as a representative of Fujian business, and as a national enterprise, Jomoo is obliged to continue to write a new chapter of collaboration between Fujian and Ningxia and the relationship between the mountains and the sea. We hope that we can further improve the health environment of Minning and enhance the quality of life of Minning people, and make our humble contribution to help improve and upgrade the health environment of Minning.

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Huida bathroom at China Construction Expo (Guangzhou)

From July 20 to 23, 2021 China Construction Expo (Guangzhou) was successfully opened in Guangzhou Pazhou – Canton Fair Complex. Huida bathroom was invited to participate in the exhibition, in the B area 11.3 Hall 25 booth heavy debut! The Huida bathroom debut extended the theme of “wisdom net beautiful”. It shows the communication concept of “every stay is to enjoy” brand, but also brought intelligent bathroom cabinets, shower rooms, intelligent drying racks, intelligent toilets and other new products loved by consumers. On the day of the launch, Huida bathroom booth has attracted many consumers and “future dealers” stop to visit the consultation. According to statistics, only one day, the intention of customers reached nearly 100 people.

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Arrow bathroom held the first half of 2021 quality improvement activities evaluation of excellence

Recently, Arrow Bathroom Quality Center held a “First Half of 2021 Quality Improvement Project Evaluation” activity. It was judged by the Vice President of Arrow Home Group, Mr. Yan Bangping, the directors of the three R&D centers of the group, and the directors of the four quality centers of the group. Wang Xiaohua, the director of Arrow bathroom quality center, was interested in the promotion and learning of excellent improvement projects among bases and departments. He made important requirements on the quality management work of Arrow bathroom quality center in the second half of the year, and Yan Bangping, vice general manager of Arrow Home Group, made important instructions on product quality assurance, quality safety and continuous quality improvement.

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Hegii Sanitary Ware and Ouyada Home reached strategic cooperation

On July 22, Ouyada Home’s Chairman Xu Jiangang and his executive team went to the headquarters of Hegii Sanitary Ware Group in Foshan, Guangdong Province to have an in-depth communication with Hegii Sanitary Ware Group’s Chairman Xie Weifan, Senior Vice President of Sales Zhang Bingyan, National KA Director Liu Liangxiong and other executive team. On the same day, the two sides signed a strategic cooperation agreement, which will join forces and empower each other to create a higher quality of life experience for consumers in the future. According to the agreement, Ouyada Home will give full play to the advantages of channel layout, combined with Hegii’s professional product and service capabilities in the bathroom field, and work together to provide consumers with high-quality bathroom products and service experience.

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Hilk was honored as the “Executive Vice Chairman” of the Interior Design Committee of the Distribution Association

On July 20, Hilk was honored as the Executive Vice Chairman of the Interior Design Committee of the China Building Materials Distribution Association (CBDMA) for the “The Future That Has Happened. Hilk Smart Home Chairman Wu Xishan was honored as “Executive Vice Chairman of the Interior Design Committee” at the “Interior Design Committee of China Building Materials Distribution Association” held in Foshan. The event also showcased Hilk’s smart toilets, teleconferencing systems, 5G Blu-ray cinema and smart hotel solutions, providing technology-enabled solutions for the Interior Design Committee. Wu Xishan said that Hilk Smart Toilet achieves each function more humanized. It increases the diversity of products while ensuring all kinds of needs of people. It designers do more space for the expression of the vision provides diverse possibilities.

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FAENZA in UCCA and other 30 global art institutions

On July 20, “Half Art Half Life – 2021 FAENZA in 30 global art institutions strategy conference” was held at UCCA Lab, Ullens Center for Contemporary Art in Beijing. It is reported that this conference is a deepening presentation of FAENZA’s strategy of cultivating art life and locking the art circle, as well as a new attempt of cross-border art circle in the home furnishing industry. At the press conference, FAENZA brought a series of high-end designer bathrooms – the world’s first Cirkle series, Matisse tile series and Mars tile series, combined with art treasures from the collections of UCCA Ullens Center for Contemporary Art and Songzhuang Art Museum. It creates a comprehensive art gallery for guests to wander through.

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Xiaomu Youpin will create the industry’s first brand of young fashion

On July 19, the Xiaomu Youpin 2021 National Marketing Conference was successfully held with the theme “Gathering Strength at the Terminal, Creating Winning Retail”. –Xiaomu Youpin has to become the first brand of young and fashionable bathroom. At the conference, Yu Zhenrong, president of the China Association of Industrial Cooperation (CAIC) Home Improvement Branch and founder of Kitchen & Bath Information, awarded Xiaomu Youpin the “Young and Stylish Bathroom Brand of Choice” on behalf of the national association, CAIC. “He became another champion partner and special distributor after Lin Yue.

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Dofiny Sanitary Ware Debuts at China Construction Expo

On July 20, 2021 China Construction Expo (Guangzhou) was successfully opened in Guangzhou Pazhou – Canton Fair Complex.This is the first large-scale exhibition in Guangzhou after the June epidemic fluctuations, Dofiny bathroom heavy debut in the B area 11.3 Hall, and brought intelligent bathroom cabinets, shower rooms, intelligent toilets and other new bathroom products, widely praised by consumers. Dofiny bathroom general manager Cheng Minghua said that in 2021, Dofiny bathroom is to “build the distribution channel ofThis is the first large-scale exhibition in Guangzhou after the June epidemic fluctuations, Dofiny bathroom heavy debut in the B area 11.3 Hall, and brought intelligent bathroom cabinets, shower rooms, intelligent toilets and other new bathroom products, widely praised by consumers. Dofiny bathroom general manager Cheng Minghua said that in 2021, Dofiny bathroom is to ” build the distribution channel of This is the first large-scale exhibition in Guangzhou after the June epidemic fluctuations, Dofiny bathroom heavy debut in the B area 11.3 Hall, and brought intelligent bathroom cabinets, shower rooms, intelligent toilets and other new bathroom products, widely praised by consumers. Dofiny bathroom general manager Cheng Minghua said that in 2021, Dofiny bathroom is to ” build the distribution channel of  Famous brand” as the new brand positioning. It takes the channel market as an important market positioning. It positioned the market in the county level in the fourth and fifth market, and then finely cultivated.

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FRAE donated 1 million yuan to assist flood relief in Henan

July 22, kitchen and bathroom information from Zhongshan FRAE Sanitary Equipment Co., Ltd. was informed that recently, the province of Henan has a wide range of heavy rainfall, many places suffered a large flood. Zhongshan FRAE Sanitary Equipment Co., Ltd. donated 1 million RMB in cash to Zhengzhou Red Cross Society. This is used to guarantee the personal safety of local people, emergency procurement of relief materials and post-disaster reconstruction work.

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Gold Sanitary Ware Yunnan Zhenxiong County Store Officially Opened

Recently, Gold Sanitary Ware’s store in Zhenxiong County, Zhaotong City, Yunnan Province was officially opened. The opening of Zhenxiong store, Gold sanitary ware is with the commitment of high quality. It uses the most suitable products and the most professional Gold service to build the ideal home life for local consumers. This is recognized and trusted by the local residents. With the support of the headquarters, Zhenxiong store has launched a very sincere welfare policy. It not only attracts the customers with the store designed by the headquarter designer and high quality products of various categories, but also conquers the consumers with the best price.

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“Vimeo” again, intends to increase its shareholding in CHATEAU to 37.23%

On July 20, Guangdong CHATEAU Co., Ltd. issued a “prompt announcement on the receipt of the summary of the tender offer report”, Guangdong Videocontrol Industrial Investment Co. (hereinafter referred to as “Videotrade”) and its concert parties, Huang Jianping, Xie Yuezeng and Deng Jianhua, intend to increase their holdings of 10.5% of CHATEAU shares at a price of up to RMB222 million. Prior to the tender offer, Videocontrol and its concert parties Huang Jianping, Xie Yuezeng and Deng Jianhua already held a total of 85,555,000 shares of the listed company, accounting for 26.73% of the total share capital of the listed company. Upon completion of the Offer, the Purchaser and parties acting in concert with it will hold a maximum of 37.23% of the shares of the listed company.

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Hansgrohe will expand its product categories

Hansgrohe RobamHans Jürgen Kalmbach recently revealed in an interview with German media that Hansgrohe wants to expand its product range in Europe and customers will be able to purchase Hansgrohe’s washbasins and accessories, etc. Hansgrohe has been selling mainly faucets and showerheads in the European market. However, in the Chinese market, it already sells sinks, bathroom cabinets and toilets. According to Kalmbach, now that some water-scarce countries have set strict water standards, Hansgrohe has to optimize the water consumption and energy consumption of its bathroom products in order to continue selling its products there. Hansgrohe saves water consumption by injecting air into the showerhead without compromising the shower experience.

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o Villeroy & Boch sales increased by 43.0% to €226.3 million in the second quarter.

o Oppein Homes and subsidiaries can guarantee a total of 12.84 billion yuan to external parties

o Sofia: proposed to transfer 40% equity interest in Evergrande Sofia Home for RMB 160 million.

o Supor2021 January-June total operating revenue was 10.433 billion yuan, up 27.44% over the same period of the previous year; net profit attributable to shareholders of the listed company was 866 million yuan, up 29.87% over the same period of the previous year.

o Robam Electrical & Suning Tesco Retail Cloud order meeting sales exceeded the 10 million yuan mark on the same day.

o Haili was selected as the list of Qingdao Enterprise Technology Center in 2021.

o Mlily and its subsidiaries’ total external guarantees amounted to USD 175 million and THB 800 million.

o SKSHU guaranteed a total of 350 million RMB for its wholly-owned subsidiary.

o Pianor released 31,212,200 shares from restricted sale and will be listed for circulation on July 27.

o Ministry of Commerce: In the first half of the year, the import and export of goods was 18.1 trillion yuan. Its import and export, export and import increased 27.1 percent, 28.1 percent and 25.9 percent respectively year-on-year. The import and export of private enterprises grew by 35.1%, 8 percentage points higher than the overall growth rate.

o Guangdong Lianbo Technology Group Co., Ltd. intends to set up its group company headquarters in Ronggui. It has applied for a site of about 30 mu, with a total investment of about 250 million yuan, and is expected to achieve sales revenue of 1 billion yuan in the year of production.

o Zbom Home reached a strategic cooperation with Fanglin Decoration.

o 36,400 new renovations of old urban neighborhoods were started in the first half of the year, accounting for 67.5% of the annual target task.

o The National Development and Reform Commission arranged 500 million yuan of food-for-work funds to support rural revitalization.

o Ministry of Commerce: The 130th China Import and Export Fair (Canton Fair) will be held from October 15 to November 3 with online and offline integration, with a total exhibition period of 20 days.

o Goldman Sachs: Copper supply is expected to be short in the second half of the year.

o General Administration of Market Supervision sampling online sales of intelligent toilet products 2 batches failed.

o As of July 20, the cumulative volume of carbon emission allowances (CEA) traded in the national carbon market was 4,396,800 tons, with a cumulative turnover of 226 million yuan.

o Trinseo acquired Aristech Surfaces LLC.

o Swedish kitchen furniture manufacturer Nobia’s second quarter sales reached SEK 3,622 million.

o Jomoo Group added a new investment enterprise: Quanzhou Jomoo Business Management Co.

o Rinnai USA opens its first advanced automation and precision assembly plant for water heaters in the U.S.

o Feria Habitat Valencia, the Spanish furniture fair, will be held from September 20 to 23, 2022.

o NKBA: 2021 Kitchen & Bath Industry Sales Forecast Raised to $170.9 Billion, Up 21.4% YOY

o Private equity fund KPS Capital acquires Spanish aluminum manufacturer Metra and Profile.

o Qumei Home: Norwegian subsidiary to acquire 9.5% stake in Ekornes Holding AS

o NDRC: The first batch of 100,000 tons of copper, aluminum and zinc national reserves have been placed. The next step will be to organize the placement of the later batches of copper, aluminum, zinc and other national reserves.



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