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Jomoo Launches Intelligent Circuit Renovation Service, Leading The Industry To A New Benchmark Of Intelligent Upgrade

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In June 2021, Jomoo Seven Star Butler Service fully launched the smart circuit renovation service to provide the most professional, safe and time-saving circuit renovation solutions to help users upgrade their smart homes on the basis of ensuring safety and taking into account the beauty and comfort of the space.

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The advent of the smart home era, many families began to enable intelligent products. However, the traditional Yang kitchen and bathroom space, there is a common problem of not reserving power outlets. The use of temporary patch panels, not only affect the comfort and aesthetics of the home, and easy to bury the security risks.

Users want to upgrade the smart home, not only to face the problem of circuit transformation, but also to deal with the current situation of mixed services on the market: technicians are not easy to find, service is not professional, charges are not transparent, quality is not guaranteed and so on.

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Jomoo intelligent circuit transformation service provides Yang kitchen and bathroom space circuit upgrade transformation services, with standardized prices, construction standardization, service specialization, one-stop solution to the home intelligent upgrade pain points, to provide users with a worry-free experience.


Exclusive certification by China National Appliance Repair Association
Standardized process quality assurance

Jomoo intelligent circuit transformation process and service specifications, after the Chinese Household Electric Appliance Repair Association exclusive certification. From the laying of the wire channel wires, open lines to take electricity, the addition of splash-proof sockets, electrical safety testing and product energization test, and other steps, everything is lean and strict, both the beauty of space and a sense of security. After the completion of the line transformation, there is a unified acceptance criteria to ensure that users use intelligent products safe and worry-free. At the same time, the service engineers will also be attentive to the wall and work area for sanitation and cleanup, and return the furniture and facilities moved during the construction process.

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Professional engineer team, high-quality service technology guarantee

Jomoo’s professional customer service engineer team provides users with a full range of technical services. Each engineer has been certified by a strict electrician professional examination and has good wiring optimization design ability. Only to make each circuit transformation services to withstand the test of the market, in order to protect the user’s home safety on the basis of comfort and beauty.

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Original materials of national standard certification, durable and safe

The materials used in Jomoo’s intelligent circuit renovation services are strictly screened and meet national standards to ensure safety and durability. One-stop package service, without the owner worrying about the trouble, overturned the traditional circuit transformation mode, so that the tedious process becomes simple and safe, so that the owner enjoys the whole new experience of saving heart.

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Jomoo intelligent circuit transformation services set a new benchmark for smart home upgrading services with more standardized construction standards and professional services, bringing users a more convenient, better quality and more intimate service experience.

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At present, the service has been launched nationwide, and consumers can make reservations by calling Jomoo’s customer service hotline 400-1919-999 or following the Jomoo service public number. Enjoy Jomoo’s speedy service dispatching and professional engineer’s door-to-door service. Intimate escort circuit upgrade, open a new life of intelligent home.



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