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Jomoo Lin Xiaofa Was Awarded “National Outstanding Party Worker” By The Central Committee Of The Communist Party Of China

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On June 28, Jomoo Group’s Party Secretary and Chairman Lin Hsiao-fa was awarded the honorary title of “National Outstanding Party Worker” by the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China. The “National Excellent Party Worker” is one of the important honors of the CPC Central Committee in recognition of the 100th anniversary of the founding of the CPC this year, “two merits, one advanced”.

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“Certificate of honor for “National Excellent Party Worker

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As the secretary of the Party Committee of Jomoo, an outstanding private enterprise in Fujian Province, Lin Xiaofa has been actively implementing the work mechanism of integrating the Party building work of private enterprises into corporate governance since the establishment of Jomoo. They have carried out a series of party building work around the goal of “advanced party committee, excellent party members, development of the enterprise, and benefits for employees”, and led all party members to “pioneer and create achievements”. The brand value of a year-on-year surged by ten billion, this year with 50.578 billion yuan value again among the “China Top 500”. It has become the fastest growing brand in the sanitary industry. It has been the first in the industry for 10 consecutive years, ranking “China’s first,” the fourth in the world.


Full of the heart of the spirit of industry to serve the country, science and technology to promote the country

“Science and technology is the weapon of the country. The country depends on it to be strong, the enterprise depends on it to win, the people’s life depends on it to be good.” China places science and technology innovation in a very important position. Based on sanitary ware, Lin Xiaofa firmly believes that science and technology will prosper the country and help the country realize the Chinese dream as soon as possible.

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Lin Xiaofa, Secretary of Party Committee and Chairman of Jomoo Group

Sanitary ware is a necessity of life. People have to use it many times a day. The quality of sanitary products is a matter of quality of life, directly affecting the happiness of millions of people. Lin Xiaofa said, for the people’s happiness, for the revival of the nation’s original intention and mission, inspired the Communist Party through hardships and difficulties and continue to grow and develop. Doing business is also the same. We should take the benefit of the people as our mission and be brave in self-revolution. With a firm will and strong fighting force, we will be in the forefront of the times.

Previously, China’s toilet fecal pollution and drinking water unhygienic phenomenon is more prominent. The market was flooded with counterfeit and shoddy sanitary products. International brands monopolized the market, and ordinary people simply could not afford to consume these expensive products. Seeing this situation, Lin Xiaofa determined to build a national high-end brand, so that ordinary people can also use the high-tech, high-quality sanitary products belonging to the Chinese.

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For more than 30 years, Lin Xiaofa led Jomoo to do a good job of health sanitary ware without distractions. The annual investment in technology research and product innovation is not less than 5% of total sales. With the belief of “making a strong country and rewarding the country with industry”, Jomoo has created the first bio-intelligent urine testing machine, waterless flushing and many revolutionary technologies to fill the technology gaps in related fields in China.

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In the face of the world’s rapidly changing technological advances, Lin Xiaofa carried forward the spirit of fearlessness of the Communist Party members dare to do the world, followed the world’s cutting-edge technology in the field of sanitary ware, built the world’s first 5G smart ceramic factory, creating the industry’s leading lighthouse factory. This has impressed many internationally renowned brands in the United States, Germany and Japan to Chinese companies. After visiting Jomoo5G smart ceramic factory, the representative of a large European sanitary ware company in China exclaimed in English: “In the future, to see the ceramic factory, to China.”


The heart of the family love, shouldering the national brand bear

A party member is a banner. In critical moments stand out, in times of crisis to do it. In early 2020, a sudden epidemic disrupted the normal production and living order of the people. After the epidemic, Lin Xiaofa actively participated in the fight against the epidemic and sat in command of Jomoo to quickly start the emergency mechanism. He was the first to rush to assist the construction of Wuhan Raytheon Mountain. He spent 60 hours to complete the installation of more than 6,000 pieces of sanitary products, becoming the “hard-core” force in the epidemic prevention and control war.

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In the late stage of the epidemic, the whole country resumed work and production one after another. Lin Xiaofa led Jomoo to create the innovative model of “public welfare X live broadcast”. This has created a new era of “public welfare live” in the history of live broadcasting, creating one industry miracle after another.

As the inheritor of national culture, Lin Xiaofa also led Jomoo to initiate the “beauty of ancient buildings, the soul of China” public welfare activities. He has given a new look to top Chinese cultural landmarks such as the Summer Palace, the Forbidden City, the Potala Palace and the Mogao Caves in Dunhuang, and in 2021 Jomoo also launched the public welfare upgrade program for famous mountains and rivers, which was first implemented in Wutai Mountain. He interpreted the national self-confidence that Chinese cultural landmarks are guarded by Chinese brands with his actions.

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In October 2020, Lin Xiaofa initiated the deployment of Jomoo to launch the “All People Guarding – Healthy China” public welfare action after the country included the “Implementation of Health China Strategy” as an important part of the basic development strategy. This provides perfect technical and spatial solutions for different scenes of bathroom spaces such as schools and hospitals, and provides scientific and technological wisdom support for strengthening public health.

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To the craftsmanship with the first heart, to spread the public welfare with the good heart

“With faith in your heart, there is power under your feet.” Lin Xiaofa said, “Jomoo, as a national brand, has deeply rooted its social responsibility into the development of the enterprise. Every achievement is made with the landing point of repaying the motherland and the people.” For more than 30 years, Lin Xiaofa has never forgotten his original intention to serve the people. He thinks what the masses think, is anxious about the masses, solves the difficulties of the masses, and always runs in the forefront of charity.

In the new era, Lin Xiaofa keeps his passion for building the country as a member of the Communist Party and actively participates in the rural revitalization strategy. In 2019, Lin Xiaofa promoted Jomoo to launch the “Rural Revitalization – Beautiful China” public welfare action plan together with the “Xinhua News Agency National Brand Project”. This has been implemented in Xining, Qinghai, Ulanqab, Inner Mongolia and other places. Lin Xiaofa also actively deployed his livelihood brand “Xiaomu Youpin” to establish demonstration sites for rural revitalization. He has set up 10,000 Xiaomuupin’s livelihood service stations in 10,000 towns to promote the early realization of a better life in rural revitalization.

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After the national “toilet revolution” was launched in 2015, Lin Xiaofa was the first to respond to the national call, and Jomoo’s “Toilet Revolution – Clean China” public welfare program donated toilets to poor areas. Jomoo has donated nearly 200 million yuan. He has renovated more than 100,000 toilets for rural schools. Their love has spread to 24 provinces and more than 90 counties and cities across China.

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Since 2010, Lin Xiaofa has been leading Jomoo to carry out the “Leading Public Welfare” initiative for ten years. He has crossed more than 20 provinces and cities across the country, replacing hundreds of thousands of healthy faucets for free in more than 1,000 primary and secondary schools. This has improved the water environment for millions of primary and secondary school teachers and students.

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As the nation welcomes the centennial of the Communist Party of China, Lin Xiaofa said he will share the same fate with the motherland and lead Jomoo to shoulder the heavy responsibility of a national brand. He will continue to contribute to the improvement of the national health index and the progress of social civilization, seek happiness for the people, seek rejuvenation for the nation, and strive for the Party and the country for the rest of his life.



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