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Langsi Bathroom Lin Junxian: Further Enhance The Brand Image Of High-End Custom Bathroom

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In recent years, with the rapid development of Internet technology, new consumer demand has been continuously stimulated. Especially after the epidemic in 2020, Black Swan effect has accelerated the breaking of the consumer pattern and the reconstruction of the business order. Tradition and emerging are constantly colliding, reshuffling and breaking through in the tear.

In this era where consumption determines production, changes in the main consumer groups and the maturity and development of supply chain infrastructure are changing the consumption concepts of the groups. New business models, new consumption patterns are emerging.

This year, the price of raw materials has increased the competition in the bathroom industry. At the same time, the problem of homogenization of products in the industry is becoming increasingly prominent, the price war intensified. In this context, how to make their own bathroom enterprises not fall behind, not to be eliminated, and achieve counter-trend growth?

Recently, the kitchen and bathroom information, Tao Wei net visited Langsi bathroom, and Langsi bathroom chairman Lin Junxian jointly discuss the future trend of the industry.

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Langsi Sanitary Chairman Lin Junxian (middle) TaoWei.com General Manager Li Cong (left)

Langsi Sanitary Ware Marketing Manager Wang Jianan (right)


Ringing “arbitrary customization”

Langsi Sanitary Ware was established in 2005 in Nanhai, Foshan. In 2018, it was listed on the main board of Guangdong Financial High-tech Zone OTC. In 2020, it became the first batch of sanitary ware enterprises with Xinhua credit demonstration. Langsi sanitary ware integrates product development, design, manufacturing and sales. It has a wide range of products covering the five categories of bathroom cabinets, shower rooms, sanitary ceramics, intelligence, faucet hardware, etc. for the whole bathroom space.

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▲Langsi sanitary ware enterprise development history

With the rise of the younger generation of consumer groups to become the main force of consumption in the home improvement and other industries, as well as the domestic economic development level continues to improve, consumption continues to upgrade. 2021 high-end custom bathroom continues to heat up, showing an upward trend.

“The current market price war is intensifying, chaos. It is possible to achieve a breakthrough only by creating high-end customization from the brand side. And Langsi bathroom is to create any custom.” Lin Junxian said. In recent years, Langsi sanitary ware hit the “any custom” banner. It integrates the concept of “any customization” and production and marketing methods into the bathroom space. It is intended to be highly compatible with the pursuit of individuality and self-expression of young people’s attitude to life now.

Young consumers have higher aesthetic requirements for their home life. They pursue individuality, fashion and health. The product is not just to use it, but also to further achieve intelligence, humanization, and health and safety. Therefore, Langsi bathroom will create high-end customization and space solutions with a beautiful appearance and complete functionality, and other advantages. This will certainly gain more consumers’ favor.

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▲Some of the products in the exhibition hall of Langsi Sanitary Ware

In 2015, Lin Junxian perceived the opportunity of customization in the sanitary industry and proposed the service of “arbitrary customization”. In 2021, Langsi sanitary ware will work further from the brand image, high-end terminal image stores, new products, sales team to achieve a new brand image, and out of a unique road of high-end customization belonging to Langsi sanitary ware. It coincides with the current young, fashionable fashion.


Strong teamwork, empowering the terminal

Over the past 16 years, Langsi sanitary ware has continuously adjusted its brand positioning to lead the market trend. Today, Langsi bathroom stores are located in more than thirty provinces and cities across the country and more than fifty countries and regions around the world. It is recognized by many consumers and dealers in the industry. It has also won the “Golden Award for Product Quality in Kitchen and Bathroom Industry”, “High-end Customized Brand of Bathroom Cabinet”, “High Quality Supplier (National Sanitary Ware)”, ” The company has also won a number of honors such as “Pan-Home Innovation Entrepreneur”.

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▲Langsi Sanitary Ware has also established a comprehensive network of quality control systems.

Langsi Sanitary Ware has also established a perfect production management system, quality management system and service management system. It constantly pursues and grasps the latest design styles and trends to create high-quality, high-value products for consumers, and has won the trust of many real estate developers.

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▲Langsi bathroom sanitary space display

This year, following the cooperation of Fuli and Agile Group, Langsi Sanitary Ware and Greenland Group also reached strategic cooperation. Greenland Group is ranked among the top ten in China’s real estate industry. It is one of the top 100 enterprises in China and one of the top 500 enterprises in the world. It reached cooperation with Greenland Group, which set off the road of Langsi bathroom joining hands with the world’s top 500 enterprises.

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▲Langsi Sanitary Ware and Greenland Group reached a strategic cooperation

Lin Junxian revealed that in April this year, Langsi Sanitary Ware joined hands with Red Star Macalline to launch a nationwide investment campaign of strict selection. The campaign achieved more than 57,411 views in the live room, 28,418 shares in the live room, and 9,020 registrations. It used just ten days to lock 50+ cities, ranking the first in the total number of intention gold in the same category of strict selection investment field of Red Star Macalline.

In addition, in the first half of this year, Langsi bathroom in the country added more than 40 dealers. The successes are frequent, while this year there will be more than 20 high-end terminal image stores all over the country. It is worth mentioning that the dealers who suffered losses due to the floods in Henan this year will also receive preferential support from Langsi headquarters. They did not disappoint the dealers’ trust in Langsi sanitary brand.

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▲Langsi bathroom high-end terminal image store

In 2021, Langsi sanitary ware will embark on a new journey with a new image, new stores and new style. They will continue to enhance the high-end custom bathroom brand image, provide consumers with high-end bathroom space life experience at the same time, and empower the terminal, thus helping dealers to provide better services to consumers.



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