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More than half of Jiangsu taps are unqualified

Yesterday, the Quality Supervision Bureau of Jiangsu Province issued the “Quality Analysis Report on Risk Monitoring of Faucets and Wooden Door Products”. Among them, 56 batches of faucet samples were spot-checked, with a pass rate of 44.7%; 48 batches of wooden doors were spot-checked with a pass rate of 91.7%.

The main problems found in the faucet spot check are: heavy metal lead and chromium precipitation exceeding the standard, and the salt spray test does not meet the requirements of the new standard. Specifically include: basin faucet from Shanghai Shenkaida Sanitary Ware Factory, basin and faucet from Fujian Zeermei Building Material Industrial Co., Ltd., single-handle single-hole basin faucet from Xingda Building Materials (China) Co., Ltd., and water bath in Foshan City, Guangdong Province The basin faucet of Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd., the single-handle single-hole basin faucet of Shanghai Ahcheng Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd., the basin faucet of Fujian Teci Sanitary Industry Co., Ltd., and the basin faucet of Nanjing Feishite Pipe Industry Co., Ltd.

The faucet is fully charged this time, and the problem of counterfeiting pure copper and copper alloys with low-priced zinc alloys is also serious. At present, 1 ton of zinc alloy only costs about 16,000 yuan, while 1 ton of pure copper costs more than 68,000 yuan. According to industry standards, a faucet uses about 500 grams of copper, and the cost of bare copper is almost 34 yuan, plus other components, labor, processing fees, freight, agency fees, water and electricity, etc., a normal copper faucet, directly manufactured The cost will not be less than 100 yuan. Those copper faucets on the market that sell for only thirty or forty yuan are obviously hard to be true.

The 4 batches of unqualified wooden doors in the spot check all exceeded the standard of formaldehyde emission. The manufacturers involved are: Wujiang Badu Nanya Wood Product Processing Factory, Wujiang Shengfeng Wood Industry, Zhejiang Jiangshan Yiju Door Industry, and Suzhou Xiangcheng Enze Door Industry Co., Ltd.



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