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Solution for less faucet water flow

We often find that the newly installed faucets are flowing and full of water. As time goes on, the water gets smaller and smaller. Or casual one day, you can discover the faucet water flow in the home suddenly decrescent. It is hard to avoid such situations in our home life. So, what do you do in the face of low water flow from the faucet?



1.Find the right reason to solve it


Faucet water flow is small, reasons for the following:

One is that there’s not enough water pressure, and all the faucets in the house have very little water. So we can only find the property or we can install the booster pump at the outlet of the water meter at home. The problem will be solved when the water pressure is restored.

Second, the same inlet pipe connected with multiple taps and at the same time out of the water, then, turn off the other faucets and use one.

Third, faucet strainer is blocked. First, close the main valve of the meter outlet. Then, remove the faucet and remove the filter to check for impurities. If yes, clean and then install the filter back.

Forth, clogged pipes. We need to close the main valve, determine which section is blocked,then remove the plug from the pipe. This kind of circumstance also can hire professional maintenance master to undertake maintenance, in order to avoid blinding and destroying the water pipe.

2.Do a good job in maintenance


We should do the maintenance work of faucet as far as possible in daily life, in order to avoid the wrong use or regardless of the cause of faucet water flow problems. We should not turn the tap on and off too hard. Do not use the coarse article such as steel wire ball to take burr to wipe faucet. Do not use corrosive acid and alkali liquid to clean faucet. Most importantly, we should wash and take care of the faucet regularly. Do not leave impurities such as sand and stone or dirt in the sink.viga faucet basin faucet 1



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