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Stainless steel 304 & brass towel rack installation steps and precautions

In order to increase the storage space of the bathroom, most families will install a towel rack on the empty wall, which can be used not only to store bath towels, bath balls, etc., but also to place items such as tumbler holder used for washing. On the platform, it is easy to access, and it also ensures that the bathroom is clean and tidy, while saving a lot of space. Then how to install the towel rack in the bathroom is firm? What are the precautions for the installation of the towel rack?
Towel rack installation steps:
The material of the towel rack is quite diverse. The common ones are space aluminum, stainless steel, brass, zinc alloy, etc. Because they are all made of metal, the installation method is basically the same.
The first step: positioning. Before installing the towel rack in the bathroom, determine the installation location. If there is a bathtub in the bathroom, you can usually install the towel rack directly on the wall above the bathtub, which is convenient for bath towels and other toiletries. If there is no bathtub in the bathroom, the towel rack can be installed next to the shower. After identifying the location, it should be identified to facilitate the next step.
The second step: drilling. Once the installation location is determined, the drill can be used to drill holes in the identified location. When drilling, the base of the towel rack can be placed on the wall to determine the number of holes and the distance between the holes to avoid leakage. Most of the towel holders have four mounting holes on the base, so you need to drill the corresponding four holes on the wall with an electric drill.
The third step: installation. The towel rack is fixed by the expansion screw, so it is necessary to first drive the expansion tube into the drilled hole and fix it. Then place the base of the towel rack on the wall, keep the mounting hole on the base corresponding to the wall hole, and fix it with the expansion screw. Finally, it is necessary to put the hanging parts of the towel rack on the base, and fix them by using the matching screws one by one.
Towel rack installation notes:
1. Pay attention to the installation height. In order to facilitate the use of bath towels and other toiletries, you must pay attention to the height problem when installing the towel rack. Generally speaking, the installation height of the towel rack should be controlled between 0.9 and 1.4 meters, and the installation height can also be determined according to the height of the family.
2, Pay attention to the degree of damage to the wall. The installation of the bathroom accessories are generally completed after the tile is laid, but the wall towel must be drilled when installing the towel rack, so it is inevitable to cause a certain degree of damage to the wall tile. In order to ensure the appearance, it is necessary to drill. Minimize damage. Since the direct use of ordinary drill holes can easily lead to cracks in the wall tiles, it is best to use a glass drill bit to drill holes in the surface of the wall tiles, and then use the ordinary drill bit to continue the cement wall inside the wall surface. Drilling holes can avoid problems such as cracks in wall tiles.
3. Pay attention to the firmness of the installation. Since the towel rack needs to bear a certain weight during use, in order to ensure the safety of use and avoid the danger of falling, it is necessary to pay attention to the firmness of each joint when installing, the expansion screws of the fixed base must be fully tightened, and the connecting pieces are connected. Also tighten the screws with the base to avoid looseness. In addition, it is best to check the quality of the head screws attached to each fixed point on the base before installation. In order to ensure that the connection is tight and the fixing is firm, the screws of the head screws must not have the problem of bad teeth or sliding teeth.
4, Pay attention to the installation skills. When installing the base of the towel stand, it is best not to tighten the expansion screw of one of the mounting holes first to avoid the problem of tilting during installation. In general, you can use the expansion screws to fix the base to the wall through all the mounting holes, and then cycle all the screws in turn. In addition, if the pendant is assembled on the base and then installed, avoid tightening the pendant screws before fixing the base. Otherwise, it is difficult to adjust the problem.

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