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The details determine success or failure, What is the better way of bathroom storage?

There are many small items in the bathroom, usually not arranged, the bathroom does not even move around, sometimes even after finishing, it still feels messy. Bathroom storage is actually much the same, nothing more than a small gap between the choice of materials and the appearance. The really easy to use storage, in fact, is just the finishing touch, and the improvement of a little detail can make the storage experience qualitatively change. And bathroom accessories are the best helper.

1.Wall-mounted rack

If the bathroom space is limited, then there are many things, each of which is indispensable, especially the shampoo, shower gel, towels and other necessities. The sink can’t be filled with a few things, but the wall is empty! At this time we can put a shelf on the wall, which can put some shower gel, shampoo and so on. Place a rack on the wall to put care products, when we wash, we can get what we want, not only convenient, but also make reasonable and effective use of bathroom space, as long as you are good at discovering, in fact, every inch of space has The potential for storage. When there are many people, will you encounter too many clothes and towels, and there will be no place to hang on the mess; the existing bathroom pendants have weak bearing capacity, are easily deformed, and are inconvenient to use. The towel rack is always important to you.

2.Corner storage

Not only the wall, but also the small corner space of the bathroom space. Use a few triangular racks in this space. You will find that there are not many small items in the bathroom. The corner racks are enough. You used it, and the bottom of the rack is still hollow, so don’t worry about breeding bacteria. If you have more space, you can also place a small potted plant. The corner basket storage maximizes the use of the most neglected small space, small space and large storage.

3.Toilet paper holder with shelf

Nowadays, people are all mobile phones, and it is no exception when they go to the bathroom. Therefore, it is very convenient to install a toilet paper holder with a shelf, and there is no need to worry about the problem that there is no place to put the mobile phone and the mobile phone will fall into the toilet. A storage toilet paper holder perfectly solves the problems of toilet paper and mobile phone.

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