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The Details Of These Seven Aspects Are Important For The Comfort Of The Bathroom Space!

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Whether the bathroom is well installed or used comfortably is not only reflected in the present decorative effect, but in the next three, five, or even ten years of living is the real test of the bathroom home decoration. So for the bathroom decoration, you must be attentive. If you do not know, no problem, I have summed up for you.


01 When renovating the bathroom, what do you need to buy?

Bathroom building materials include: bathroom cabinets, faucet shower, commode, basin, flush valve / spool, bathtub / shower, bathroom appliances, glass sanitary ware / bathroom mirror, cleaning supplies, etc.

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02 How to choose a bathroom cabinet?

One, the material. In general, the bathroom cabinet of solid wood is more expensive and upscale. PVC is better waterproof, but easy to fade. And although the price of stainless steel is cheap, its style is single. We can choose according to the needs of their own homes.

Second, the process. No matter which material bathroom cabinet, it must have a better waterproof and anti-corrosion process. This includes some small hardware, which should be noted.

Third, storage space. The biggest function of the bathroom cabinet is still in storage. There is a kind of bathroom cabinet on the market that can be separated from the plumbing and cabinet, which can completely hide the messy inlet and outlet water system. This makes the bathroom cabinet cabinet storage is not only more neat and beautiful, but also refreshing and hygienic.

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03 How to choose a showerhead?

From the point of view of appearance, the more shiny and delicate the surface of the shower, the better the product plating process. In the selection, you can twist the switch with your hands. A comfortable and smooth feel will ensure that the product remains smooth and reliable performance when in use. If there are children and elderly in the family, you can consider using a thermostatic shower. It not only can quickly adjust the temperature of constant water temperature, but also can have an intelligent safety lock to prevent the elderly and children from scalding.

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04 How to pick hardware accessories?

1、Select faucet

The surface chrome plating process of a good faucet is very careful. Generally, good quality faucets are going through several processes to complete. Distinguishing between good and bad faucets depends on its brightness. The smoother and brighter its surface, the better the quality.

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Select a faucet made of all copper, because it can effectively inhibit bacteria. Don’t be greedy to choose cheap brass faucet. Qualified brass faucet price will not be cheap. When you are buying, first, review the plating. Bring it to a close look under the light. Products with substandard plating can also reflect faulty materials. Second, review the weight. If the cast body is very large but feel very light faucet, which means that its cast body is relatively thin, and the quality of this is also not good.


2, Select floor drain

In general, now there are mainly cast iron, PVC, zinc alloy, ceramic, cast aluminum, stainless steel, brass, copper alloy and other materials on the market. Among them, stainless steel and copper alloy floor drain is moderately priced, beautiful and durable, while brass floor drain has the most excellent performance in all aspects.

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Try to choose a floor drain with large space because it is less obstructive to water flow and less likely to cause clogging.

Anti-odor is one of the most important functions of floor drains. In terms of deodorization, there are mainly physical deodorization and deep water deodorization combined with floor drains that are more scientific at present. In the purchase, you can pay more attention to this aspect.

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3, Select towel, bath towel rack

Good towel and bath towel rack are made of high quality pure copper. Its weight-bearing performance is better than space aluminum, and the polishing pattern is consistent. After a long time being used, its surface is still as bright as new, without rust trouble. Try to choose the towel and bath towel rack equipped with the installation of the mold. The installation of the towel rack assembled in one piece is easy and quick. If your budget is limited, you can choose the material of space aluminum and stainless steel.

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After the selection of building materials, it is time to enter the decoration phase. This is also a very critical step, you must look carefully.


05 Principles of bathroom decoration

When decorating the bathroom, the first thing to consider is the functional use, and then the decorative effect. This follows four main principles: separation of wet and dry, to ensure safety, ventilation and lighting to be good, fine material texture, easy to clean and anti-corrosion and moisture.

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06 Bathroom plumbing considerations

Install angle valves for the washbasin and toilet pipes to facilitate future maintenance. It is best to install a waterproof box for the power switch. After the installation of the pipes, you have to conduct a pressure test and then do the waterproofing treatment. After the floor drain is installed, you should quickly conduct a flush test. You should also pay attention to the lights in the bathroom, and it is best to use anti-fog waterproof energy-saving lamps with cold light source (characteristics of safety and power saving).

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07 Precautions for bathroom tiles

Bathroom tiles should not be left too small seams. Leaving a tile seam too small is easy to reduce the life of the tile. After thermal expansion and contraction, the tiles will squeeze the cracked glaze. Tile hooking is done after the tiles are dry and solid.

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Any time after 24 hours is usually fine,. The wall must be inspected before tiling. If there are cracks in the wall, you must treat them first and clean the wall at the same time. When the wall tiles are touching exposed corners, grind the edges carefully so as not to damage the glaze layer of the tiles. When making a joint, be careful to keep the gap not too small.



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