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The Production Capacity Of Intelligent Sanitary Ware In Taizhou Has Added Nearly 2 Million Units, And Many Enterprises Sprinted To The Market

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Recently, Taizhou Luqiao Environmental Protection Bureau passed the environmental assessment of the annual production capacity of 800,000 sets of intelligent toilet technical reform project of Cncoma Intelligent Technology Co. The project proposes to invest 116.3 million yuan, using a plot of land located east of Zhuguang Street and south of the North Ring Road in Luqiao District (land area of 68637.92m2, total construction area of 63383.61m2), mainly configured with injection molding machines, crushers, air compressors and other production equipment. After the implementation of the project, it will form the production capacity of 800,000 sets of intelligent toilets per year and implement the technical reform project of 800,000 sets of intelligent toilets per year.

In addition, Zhejiang Yihe Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd. annual output of 700,000 sets of intelligent toilets and their supporting control components technology reform project also passed the environmental assessment. The project is located at No. 102, Taihe Road, Jiaojiang District, Taizhou City, and intends to purchase assembly lines, fusion machines and other equipment. On the basis of the production scale of the existing project, build an annual output of 700,000 sets of intelligent toilets and their supporting control components technical reform project, with a total investment of 10 million yuan. After the implementation of the project, the annual production capacity of the whole plant will be 1.2 million sets of intelligent toilets and their supporting control components.


In 2018, Taizhou City issued the “Taizhou City Intelligent Toilet Industry Cultivation Work Program”. Strive to reach 2023, the annual output of intelligent toilets in Taizhou City exceeds 20 million units. The total output value of the whole industry chain exceeds 100 billion yuan, and more than 10 enterprises above 1 billion yuan will be realized. Among them, there are more than 4 enterprises above 5 billion yuan. Strive for more than 5 enterprises to land on the capital market.

In 2020, the Taizhou City Turn Up Office has released two notices related to the development of Taizhou’s intelligent toilet industry, the [2020] No. 13 – Notice on the Publication of Administrative Normative Documents and Policy Documents Cleaning Results, and the [2020] No. 15 – Notice on the Modification of the Taizhou City Intelligent Toilet Industry Transformation and Enhancement Implementation Plan (2017-2020).

The former, the “Taizhou City intelligent toilet industry transformation and upgrading implementation plan (2017-2020)” modified the list of key enterprises in the intelligent toilet manufacturing industry. It retains “Zhejiang Weiwei Electronic Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Star Poopie Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Tejjer Intelligent Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Moershu Sanitary Equipment Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Yihe Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd., Olufsa Co., Ltd., Cncoma Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Inslee Sanitary Ware Co. Ltd.” 9 enterprises, and deleted the remaining 11 enterprises.

The latter, delete the document in the three, work initiatives (b) to fully cultivate the echelon of high-quality enterprises “in accordance with the ‘create famous products, build famous enterprises, nurture famous family’ requirements, and give priority to key enterprises in recommending loans, supplying land, arranging projects, merging and acquiring enterprises, recommending listing, giving interest subsidies, declaring famous brands, etc. Priority arrangements encourage leading backbone enterprises to become bigger and stronger.”

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It is worth noting that Taizhou plans to cultivate five intelligent toilet companies to land in the capital market. At present, Tejjer and Cncoma have entered the securities counselling period and are ready to sprint for listing. Among them, the twelfth phase of Cncoma securities counselling has been completed, Tejjer has completed the first phase of counselling. And Jardine Sanitary has been acquired by Magmidt.

Since 2015, the number of intelligent toilet enterprises in the country, especially in Taizhou, has increased rapidly. According to Taizhou city data, the city produced about 2 million units (sets) of smart toilets in 2017. The industry as a whole achieved a total industrial output value of nearly 6 billion yuan. Among them, the sales output value of the complete machine enterprises on the gauge grew at a rate of 80.4%, and the total profit of the industry on the gauge grew at a rate of 98.6%. Two and a half years from 2023. 5 listed companies will stand out in the 9, please continue to pay attention to the kitchen and bathroom information.



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