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Toilet and toilet seat maintenance tips

Toilet maintenance tips
1.There are many bacteria in the toilet ring, so we must focus on cleaning
The toilet seat should be the focus of cleaning objects. There are data surveys showing that there are dysentery bacilli on the toilet, and if the contents of the toilet are splashed on the toilet seat, the virus actually reaches 3,000, and they can live for up to 17 days, especially in winter. Many families like to use cloth washers. The cloth washer is more likely to be contaminated with contaminants and is more likely to contract the disease.

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2.Clean the dirt in the toilet in time
Clean up in the toilet. The toilet is most likely to get into the daily excrement. Sometimes, even if it is flushed, it will leave a trace. At this time, it is best to clean the toilet in time. Do not wait until the formation of the macula is cleaned. When cleaning, be sure to clean it. Picking up the toilet seat, the first point is also very clear why, the use of detergent can also make the toilet cleaner.

3.Try not to have a wastebasket on the toilet side
Do not put a waste basket on the side of the toilet. I believe that it is very common to put waste paper on the toilet. Basically, every family is like this. However, not every family can dump these waste paper every day. It usually takes a day or two to be dumped. In the two days, a lot of bacteria will be produced. Of course, it is not recommended to directly drop the toilet. Although the paper will not be blocked directly, it is also risky. What is the best? You can take care of it every day, or choose a waste paper bucket with a lid. Of course, you have to deal with it in time.

4.Toilet brush should be kept clean and dry
The toilet should be brushed and kept dry at all times. When the toilet is not brushed or wet, the bathroom will be filled with bacteria, and the brush for washing the toilet should be cleaned frequently and hung up. It is best not to put it in an airtight place, and breeding bacteria is very powerful.



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