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Top Ten Brands of Stainless Steel Faucet

The faucet is an important barrier from the source to our lives, and its performance directly affects the quality of water. Inferior faucets with excessive heavy metals can cause secondary pollution of the water and cause “blood lead poisoning” after drinking. Therefore, it is very important to choose a high-quality faucet. Today, the editor of the Chinese faucet brand will introduce the 2017 top ten stainless steel faucet brand rankings.


The world’s top ten faucet brands, Hansgrohe has developed the world’s first lifting shower rod and the first adjustable hand shower, which is known as the “Mother of the World Shower”. After a century of development, Hansgrohe enjoys a high reputation in the sanitary ware industry and is a world-renowned multinational company and a world-class brand.


Affiliated to Moen Company, the top ten brands of faucets-showers, is currently the world’s most famous professional manufacturer of sanitary products. It has a complete range of products, best-selling world brands, and one of the world’s leading professional manufacturers of high-end faucets, kitchen basins, and bathroom hardware accessories.


toto is a global famous brand of intelligent sanitary ware, a sanitary equipment manufacturer with a long history in Japan, and an enterprise specializing in the production and sales of sanitary ware and related equipment for civil and commercial facilities. In the course of nearly a hundred years of development, it has continued to innovate, pursued high quality and high technological level, and is committed to The corporate philosophy of environmental protection enjoys a high reputation in the world.


COSO sanitary ware, one of the top ten brands of faucets, one of the leading brands in the building materials industry, pursues modernization and humanized design, and brings consumers environmental protection and energy saving requirements, while allowing every family member to enjoy the fun of high technology .


Kohler was founded in the United States in 1873. Kohler faucet is a product of Kohler Sanitary Ware. It involves large enterprise groups in the fields of kitchen and bathroom products, engines and power generation systems, furniture, home decoration, hotel service industries and first-class golf clubs.

Shen Luda

Shenluda faucet is affiliated to Shenluda Group Co., Ltd. It has complete production equipment, strong technical strength, passed a number of management system certifications, and won many honors such as China’s well-known trademarks. It is currently a large-scale, high-level professional sanitary ware manufacturer .

Nine Mu

Jiumu faucet is subordinate to Jiumu Kitchen & Bath Co., Ltd., a well-known high-end sanitary ware brand, a famous brand in Fujian Province, a famous brand in Fujian, a high-tech enterprise, and a leading overall sanitary ware manufacturer in building materials e-commerce sales. Independent research and development and production of sanitary ceramics, smart kitchen and bathroom, integral bathroom, kitchen and bathroom furniture, hardware faucet, kitchen and bathroom hardware, Jiumu drying products and other full-line products, providing healthy, environmentally friendly first-class kitchen and bathroom solutions.


Germany GROHE Group, the top ten shower brands, the world’s leading brand in the faucet industry, integrating excellent craftsmanship and perfect design, is a world-renowned supplier of sanitary products and systems and a global exporter. GROHE has 8% of the world market share and is the largest leading manufacturer of bathroom facilities in Europe and the world.


Wrigley Sanitary Ware ARROW, the top ten brands of sanitary ware, Guangdong Province famous brand products, China’s ceramic sanitary ware industry iconic brand, mainly produces Wrigley ceramic sanitary ware, acrylic bathtubs, surfing cylinders, shower rooms, steam rooms, solid wood bathroom cabinets, stainless steel basins and hardware Bathroom accessories such as pendants, as well as glazed interior wall tiles, polished tiles, cabinets and other products.


viga faucet, China’s top ten faucet brands, Guangdong famous trademark, and top ten shower brands, is one of the largest and professional plumbing and bathroom manufacturers in China. It introduces advanced technology and equipment, and specializes in the production of high-end faucets and bathroom accessories. Sell ​​well at home and abroad.



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