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VIGA Attend The Jiangmen E-Commerce Industry Association

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Jiangmen E-Commerce Industry Association held 2019 annual meeting

On September 9th, “six years, change has not changed” In 2019, the 6th anniversary of Jiangmen E-Commerce Industry Association and corporate exchange activities were held in Pengjiang District, Jiangmen City. Jiang Deshi, deputy mayor of Jiangmen Municipal People’s Government, Jiangmen City Deputy Secretary-General of the People’s Government, Mr. Mai Minjie, Director of the Jiangmen Municipal Bureau of Commerce, Zhao Ruisi, member of the Party Committee of the Jiangmen Municipal Bureau of Commerce, and Li Hangao, Chairman of the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, Jiangmen Municipal Committee, and other leaders of the government and the Friendship Business Association attended the event together with Jiangmen. Local e-commerce companies communicate.

The Jiangmen E-Commerce Industry Association was formally established on September 9, 2013. It is a regional, comprehensive and non-profit social group composed of voluntary e-commerce operators in Wuyi area. The existing member companies have more than 500 members. Home, among which manufacturing companies account for more than 60%, involving all walks of life, and its service-oriented enterprises have built a resource volume in logistics, operations, cross-border payment, customs declaration, law, environmental protection, industrial parks and other services. A large complete e-commerce ecosystem.

The theme of the 6th Anniversary Annual Meeting of Jiangmen E-Commerce Association, with the theme of “six years, no change”, explains the changes and breakthroughs made by the association in terms of mechanism construction, talent team building, service framework construction and other associations in the past six years. Always maintain the initial focus of the service member company.

Mr. Fu Zhibo, President of Jiangmen E-Commerce Industry Association, made a “2018-2019 Work Report”, summed up the achievements of the past year, and proposed that the Association should continue to improve training programs and enhance the competitiveness of enterprises; build an exchange learning platform to promote Effective communication; at the same time build a docking platform for resources and enterprise needs; link government agencies to keep up with policy trends; joint friendship associations, complement each other and expand membership services. The vice president said that Jiangmen E-commerce Association should continue to play the role of industry associations, lead member companies to promote the sustainable and healthy development of the e-commerce industry, unite and unite the brothers association, keep up with the pace of the government, earnestly fulfill social responsibilities and create green and healthy development. surroundings!

Li Hangao, member of the Party Committee of the Jiangmen Municipal Bureau of Commerce and chairman of the Jiangmen Municipal Committee of the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, made a speech. He highly praised the achievements of local e-commerce companies in Jiangmen over the past year and hoped that all members of the Jiangmen E-Commerce Industry Association will seize the good opportunities of career development and actively deploy under the strategy of deepening the Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao Dawan District. Accelerate transformation and upgrading, improve service levels and competitiveness, and achieve leap-forward development of enterprises.

The annual meeting also initiated the establishment of the Jiangmen City Charity Association e-commerce Wuyi Green Bud Fund, and issued a plaque for the association’s joint department, consultants and so on. The Jiangmen E-Commerce Industry Association signed a contract with Liandong U Valley and Jiangmen Zhongke Zhibo Technology Investment Co., Ltd. on the spot.



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