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VIGA Faucet tells you how to choose a floor drainer

The decoration of the bathroom is very particular. The decoration can bring a lot of convenience to our life. The decoration is not good, but it will make our life worse. Today VIGA faucet teaches you how to choose a good floor drainer. Since the material and price of the floor drainer on the market are far apart, how do you choose? I think everyone really has no idea. The choice of floor drainer is related to the drainage of the bathroom, and there are many kinds of floor drains on the market. Choose the right floor drainer, then the drainage speed can be no more worry!

1.Look at the drain of the floor drainer

The first thing to consider when buying a floor drainer is its drainage. Most of the floor drainers now use a slab-type drainage method, so that when the water flow is large, the flap on the floor drainer is opened to discharge the water. However, the high price of the floor drainer is generally larger in the production of the filter plate and the filter screen, which indirectly indicates that the drainage speed will be faster, and the cheap floor drainer production will be smaller, and the number of holes in the filter net is also small. Thus the drainage will be weaker.

2.Is it easy to block the floor drainer?

The most common thing about the drainage of the bathroom in the home is the blockage. Once the ground leaks, the sewage will not be discharged naturally, and it will naturally produce a great smell. In serious cases, it may cause water leakage. Therefore, we need a high floor drainer at this time. Generally, the drainer of the floor drainer will be relatively small, so that some small impurities can be blocked outside. The leaky drainer will be relatively large, so that after a long time, there will be a lot of strange impurities left inside.

3.If the floor drainer can handle the odor?

Returning to taste is also a problem we should consider when choosing a floor drainer, because many times the smell of the bathroom in our home is because the floor drainer and the sewer are not handled well, and finally the odor will rise upwards and the whole smelly smell will be caused. The general deodorant quality of the leak is determined by the flap above the floor drainer. Because the general price of the floor drainer will be more detailed in the production of the flap, the sewage will be closed directly after the discharge, so the possibility of odor will be small. The cheap floor drainers are rougher in the trade unions. If the flaps are not closed in time after the water is drained, the smell in the sewers will spread up, and finally the phenomenon of thick smell will be caused.

Therefore, we must be cautious in the choice of bathroom floor drainers, not to say that the price is expensive, but we can not buy too cheap floor drainer, the quality must be guaranteed. Choose a suitable floor drainer for your family’s bathroom. The drainage is fast and there is no smell! It will give you a good life and experience. I think this is what everyone wants, and more bathroom related knowledge is welcome. Go to the VIGA web page.

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