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VIGA sensor basin faucet make your life more healthy

With the prevalence of science and technology, all kinds of intelligent home products have begun to enter the bathroom. Humanized design has brought great convenience to our bathroom life. Take the sensor faucet as an example. Bacteria breed after the toilet. If the faucet is turned on, the bacteria will be transferred. Even when the faucet is turned off, the bacteria eventually return to our hands. The appearance of the sensor basin faucet reduces a series of Cross infection is very convenient and comfortable.

According to the power supply mode, it is divided into AC sensor faucet and DC (battery) sensor faucet. The AC sensor faucet must be connected to AC power before it can be used. The DC sensor faucet is a battery box composed of batteries to directly supply power.

The principle of Induction faucet:

The fully automatic induction faucet is based on the principle of infrared reflection. When the human hand is placed in the infrared area of ​​the faucet, the infrared light emitted by the infrared transmitting tube is reflected to the infrared receiving tube due to the blocking of the human hand. The signal processed by the microcomputer in the integrated circuit Sent to a pulse solenoid valve. After receiving the signal, the solenoid valve opens the valve core according to the specified instruction to control the tap water. When the human hand leaves the infrared sensing range, the solenoid valve does not accept the signal, and the solenoid valve core is reset by the internal spring. Control the water off of the faucet.

Precautions for purchasing sensor faucet:

1: sensor sensitivity

When selecting an inductive faucet, be sure to detect its inductive sensitivity. You can test it in the field according to the inductive time and water outlet time stated in the product use book. You must know that many inductive faucets on the market are in use. In the infrared sensing area, there is a delay in the water output, and when the hand leaves the sensing area, the water shutoff is delayed. The quality of this type of faucet is not close, it is recommended not to buy, so it must be a lot during the purchase process Select carefully.

2: Whether the infrared sensing part is sealed with epoxy resin or moisture-proof

The connection plug is a waterproof plug. The line is controlled by a low-power single-chip microcomputer, which has anti-interference ability to the light and does not malfunction. The sensor distance is adjustable by a remote control. Manual adjustment is easy to get the circuit board wet, and the sensor distance is short, which affects normal. Use; The technology of automatic distance adjustment is immature, and the distance will be shortened due to color changes. Remote control adjustment makes the product more humane.

3: The solenoid valve part has good waterproof performance

Because it is installed under the basin for a long time, after the machine is wet, it will cause poor contact and make the machine not work; the minimum life of the solenoid valve should reach the industry implementation standard (more than 150,000 times).

The point of the sensor faucet

  1. Intelligent water-saving: automatic sensorcontrol on and off, the hand or water container, washing items reach into the sensing range, the faucet will automatically emit water, and the water will stop after leaving, the water-saving function is significant.
  2. Time-out protection: Automatic water-off function for 30-second time-out washing to avoid water waste caused by foreign objects in the sensing range for a long time. 3. Convenient and hygienic: The water switch is completely completed automatically by the sensor, and the human hand does not need to touch the faucet, which effectively avoids cross infection of bacteria.
  3. The inductive faucet can  solve the problems of running, dripping, leaking and bad water habits of traditional faucets (the faucet will not be turned off during face washing and tooth brushing)


viga faucet 49111301CH sensor basin faucet



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