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“Water nozzle quality door” frequently issued, new national standards will purify the market

The new national standard for faucets, known as the most stringent in history, will be implemented on December 1. However, some related sanitary ware companies seem to be not ready. In the quality inspection reports issued by relevant departments in some regions, some product quality problems still broke out. The quality of sanitary products is the foundation of the survival and development of an enterprise and the lifeline of an enterprise. With the increasingly fierce competition in the sanitary ware market, companies can only become stronger and bigger and remain invincible only by holding the lifeline of “quality”.

Frequent occurrence of “faucet quality door”

On September 15, the Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Quality Supervision announced the results of its faucet product quality supervision spot check. The results showed that among 62 batches of products that were sampled, 23 batches of faucet products were unqualified. On October 10, the Guangdong Provincial Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision issued an announcement on the status of special supervision and inspection of 14 product quality. The discovery rate of unqualified products is 25%. On November 5, the Jiangsu Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau issued the “2014 Quality Analysis Report on the Risk Monitoring of Faucet Products”. Among the 56 batches of random samples, 31 batches of products were unqualified, and the non-conformity rate was 55.3%. On November 10, the Zhengzhou City Administration for Industry and Commerce commissioned the National Construction and Decoration Materials Quality Supervision and Inspection Center to conduct random inspections on the sanitary products sold in the circulation field, and announced that a large number of faucet manufacturers did not meet the standards.

The new national standard will purify the market

On May 6 this year, the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine and the National Standards Committee issued the 2014 National Standard Announcement No. 9, which officially approved 90 standards and announced that the “Ceramic Sheet Sealed Faucet (GB18145-2014)” will be released on December 1, 2014. Officially implemented on Japan.

Although the “new national standard” has been widely followed in the sanitary ware industry and has been discussed successively at corporate internal meetings and major industry conferences, such as “the new national standard is just a form, if the country implements this standard, then most hardware and bathroom companies will In the event of bankruptcy, how can the local government allow this phenomenon to occur? This is related to local finances and taxes.” The psychology is also the common consciousness of some small and medium-sized bathroom companies. In fact, some sanitary ware business operators misjudged whether the new national standard will be implemented due to the half-year transition period granted by the national government. It is not difficult to understand that in the sanitary ware industry, “the new national standard is just a form” A fluke.

Not far from the implementation of the new national standard, the 8th sales zone broke out “nearly half of the faucet compliance rate”, which shocked the sanitary ware industry. Since November, the “faucet quality door” notifications in various places have been different from the past. This time, the local quality supervision bureau’s notifications have specified the manufacturer, origin, sales location, and agency name of the problematic faucet in detail. Specific information such as product model specifications and reasons for non-compliance.

With the frequent notifications of “faucet quality doors” in various places, the trend of strict implementation of “Ceramic Sheet Sealed Faucets (GB18145-2014)” is obvious, or after the implementation, the market circulation field of faucets and other products will be “strikes hard”. According to industry insiders, the implementation of the new national standard will inevitably enable cities to raise the access standards for tap products. With information channels spreading in all directions, consumers are becoming more aware of safety, and their quality appraisal skills are becoming more and more professional. “Problem products” will become increasingly difficult to escape the market.

The quality of bathroom is not only to meet the new industry standards

At the time of the implementation of the new faucet standard, sanitary ware companies need to improve product quality, innovate product design, improve product functions, and enhance after-sales service experience, so as to establish a firm foothold in the fiercely competitive sanitary ware market and seize opportunities. Sanitary ware is a large and durable product, and quality is the key to sales. Sanitary ware companies should not only deal with industry standards, but also use quality as a way to attract consumers, so as not to be eliminated by the market.



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