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What should I do if lime scale occurs when the shower time is long? Take a look at the shower cleaning method

What should I do if lime scale occurs when the shower time is long? Take a look at the shower cleaning method:

Shower cleaning method

Manual cleaning: Manual cleaning needs to remove the screen cover of the shower, or remove other invisible scales that are adsorbed, clean it with a brush, and then install it back to the original place. Some showers are equipped with some special removal tools when they are purchased, which can be convenient for consumers to use.


Hand-wiping cleaning: Some showers are designed with rubber granules for their water outlets, which are comfortable and soft to the touch, less fouling, and easy to clean. Just wipe the particles with your fingers to clean the scale. This is a cleaning method selected by using the characteristics of the material, and it is a popular cleaning method on the market now.

Automatic cleaning: Many showers are made of special structures, which can be automatically cleaned in normal use. For example, a shower with a cleaning needle, this kind of shower does not need to be manually cleaned, and the scale can be brought out, which is very convenient.

Precautions for shower maintenance

1. For regular cleaning, white vinegar can be used to soak and clean the surface and interior of the shower, and then wipe and clean the water outlet of the shower with a cotton cloth. This will not only reduce the impact of scale on the shower, but also play a role in sterilization and disinfection. .

2. For the electroplated surface of the shower, it can be wiped with flour regularly and then rinsed with water, so that the surface of the shower can be as bright as new.

3. When cleaning the scale, remember not to use strong acid to clean it, otherwise it will easily corrode the surface of the shower.

4. Do not disassemble and maintain the shower head by yourself to prevent improper methods from damaging the appearance or internal structure of the shower head.

5. The use environment of the daily shower should not exceed 70℃, otherwise it will easily reduce the service life of the shower. Therefore, the installation of the shower should be as far away as possible from the electrical heat source.

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