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Why The Toilet Will Appear At The End Of The “Gluglug” Sound Of Water? 9 Charts, To Expose The Secret Of The Toilet For You……

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In life, we will certainly notice a phenomenon: the toilet flushing is almost over, the bottom of the barrel will be almost all the water is sucked away, and issued a “grunt grunt” sound. In fact, it seems simple, which contains a great principle.


 Flushing Principle

There are generally two types of toilets sold on the market: straight flush and siphon type.


1、The Principle Of Direct Flush

Straight flush completely uses the impact of water flow to discharge, the greater the flushing force, the better the flushing effect.

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Straight flush type

The flow of water in a straight flush toilet drain is as follows

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Water Flow Process


2、Siphon Principle

Siphoning phenomenon: Under atmospheric conditions, the height difference between the two ends of a liquid-filled pipe (i.e., siphon pipe) causes a liquid pressure difference, and the liquid at a high level will continue to flow to a low water level with low pressure due to pressure.

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Siphon Toilet Flushing

As the bottom of the urinal is higher than the most end position of the sewage pipe, in order to quickly put in enough water, the sewage pipe is filled with water, siphoning water along the pipe into the sewer.

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The Principle Of “Grunt” Water Sound

As shown above, when the urinal in all the water exhausted, the air began to enter the sewage pipe, so the familiar “grunt” sound of water, after which the siphon effect stops.

After reading these, I’m sure we all understand why the toilet will appear at the end of the “grunt” sound of the water, right ~!

The toilet is essential to every home, a good toilet can not only give you a pleasant toilet experience, but also save a lot of electricity and water, but the market’s toilet brand is mixed, sometimes spend money and do not know whether the product is really good to buy back.  How do you choose a toilet? It’s all about the 9 points!


9 Charts That Reveal In Detail Why Good Toilets Are So Expensive!


The heavier the toilet, the better, the average toilet weighs about 50 pounds, and a good toilet weighs about 100 pounds.  1, the heavier the toilet the better, ordinary toilet weight in 50 pounds, the good toilet 100 pounds or so. Simple test of the weight of the toilet method: both hands to pick up the water tank cover, you can weigh the weight of it.

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2、The Water Outlet   

The drainage hole at the bottom of the toilet is best for one, and now many brands of drainage holes are 2-3 (depending on the caliber), but the more drainage holes, the more it affects the flush.  Toilet outlet under the drainage and horizontal drainage of the points, it is necessary to measure the center of the outlet to the tank behind the distance from the wall, buy the same model of the toilet to the distance to the seat, otherwise the toilet can not be installed. Horizontal drainage toilet outlet and the horizontal drainage outlet to be equal in height, preferably slightly higher, in order to ensure smooth sewage, 30 cm for the next water toilet: 20 to 25 cm for the next water toilet; distance in 40 cm or more for the former water toilet. If there is a slight error in the model, the water will not be smooth.

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Large diameter drain pipe and glazed inner surface, not easy to hang dirty, drain quickly and powerfully, effective prevention of clogging.  Test method, put the whole hand into the toilet mouth, generally have a palm capacity is the best.

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4Water Tank    

Pumping toilet water tank leakage in addition to the obvious dripping sound can be concluded, generally not easy to find, a simple way to check is to drop into the toilet tank blue ink, stirring to see if the toilet water out of the blue water flow, if there is a place for toilet leakage.  Reminder, the tank is best to choose a higher height, so that the punch is good.

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Flushing is very important, the toilet flush is divided into straight flush, rotary siphon, whirlpool siphon, jet siphon.  Pay attention to the selection of different drainage methods: the toilet can be divided into the way the water under the “flush”, “siphon flush” and “siphon whirlpool” and so on. Flush type and siphon flush type injection of about 6 liters of water, drainage capacity, only when the flush sound; and whirlpool a large amount of water, but has a good mute effect.

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6Water Consumption

Toilet is divided into ordinary and water-saving two types of toilet, two types of toilet water requirements are also different.

Ordinary toilets water consumption ≤ 9 liters.

Water-saving toilet water consumption ≤ 6 liters.

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7Glazed Surface

Pay attention to the glaze of the toilet, the quality of the toilet glaze should be clean and smooth without blisters, saturated color.  After the inspection of the outer surface glaze, should also touch the toilet drain, if rough, then it is easy to cause hanging later.

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8、The Toilet Cover Material

Engineering plastic is more expensive than ordinary plastic, but the human body is much more comfortable with the feeling of engineering plastic, the cover is not easy to break.

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9Water Fittings

Water directly determines the service life of the toilet.  Brand toilet and ordinary toilet water quality difference is very big, because almost every family has experienced the bitterness of the water tank is not, so, when choosing a toilet do not ignore the water part of this link, the identification method is to listen to the sound of the button issued a crisp voice for the best.

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