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Young Fashion Bathroom Brand – Xiaomu Youpin’s Bathroom Cabinets Look Amazing

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Bathroom cabinet aesthetics

It is said that

Bathroom cabinet taste reflects the owner’s aesthetic taste

The attitude of the bathroom cabinet is the owner’s attitude to life

Xiaomu Youpin’s bathroom cabinet aesthetics is what?

It is the taste of high

It is the outstanding attitude

It’s the surprise when you open the bathroom door



Bathroom cabinet:MAB5770                 

Wooden color, is new life, is revived

Or your vibrant bathroom

Xiaomu Youpin Bathroom Cabinet MAB5770

Trendy wood grain, trendy life

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MAB5770: Mirror light can be infinitely dimmable. It can be intelligently anti-fog. Trendy wood grain color scheme. The mirror light is wrapped by metal. The cabinet has a metal decorative strip with exquisite craftsmanship.


2 Bathroom cabinet: MAB8579

Blue is the sky, the ocean

Or the bathroom where your thoughts wander

Xiaomu Youpin Bathroom Cabinet: MAB8579

The blue of the deep sea, the blue of dreams

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MAB8579: The mirror light has the function of infinite dimming + intelligent anti-fog. The lower part is the shelf. The side cabinet is a glass door panel. It has built-in ambient light. Its main cabinet has large drawer + open compartment, and ambient light.


3 Bathroom cabinet: MAB5970

Heaven and earth

Square and round is not only in the world of people

Also in the bathroom


Round to deal with things, square for people

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MAB5970: It has ecological solid wood and Oscar gray rock panel. It has copper-free environmental protection silver mirror and self-cleaning glazed ceramic basin. It has the functions of mirror light infinitely dimming and intelligent defogging. The side cabinet is selected with Changhong glass. Laminate is equipped with ambient light. Drawer side panel and ambient light.



Bathroom cabinet: MAB5870

Horizontal and vertical

Angular is not only life

Is also a bathroom goodies


Straight lines, straight attitude

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MAB5870: It has extra-large storage and beauty mirror light. It has intelligent defogging function. It contains ecological solid wood and Oscar gray rock slab. It has copper-free eco-friendly silver mirror and self-cleaning glazed ceramic basin. The mirror light can be infinitely dimmable and can be intelligently defogged. It has trendy wood grain color scheme. It has glass side cabinet doors and the laminate is equipped with a light strip.



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