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Burning Shanghai Kitchen And Bathroom Exhibition, Leading The National Tide To The International Tide, How Does This National Brand Do?

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May 26-29, known as the industry “weathervane” of the 26th China International Kitchen and Bathroom Facilities Exhibition was held in Shanghai. It attracted more than 1,400 exhibitors from home and abroad to register. The total exhibition area is 236,000 square meters. Many industry insiders noted that the “national trend” has become the exhibition “high-frequency” words. It will not only burn the eyeballs, but also lead the international kitchen and bathroom trend.

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This article tries to take a deeper look at the Shanghai Kitchen & Bath Show from multiple angles and decipher the underlying logic behind the “national trend” dominating the screen.


Phenomenon: Jomoo is making huge waves again and leading the international trend.

As the main battlefield of national brands, Jomoo took the epoch-making theme of “Wisdom to the Future”. Once again, it stands on the world stage, perfectly presenting the extraordinary temperament of “the great intellectual manufacturing”.

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JomooSensa is the world premiere of the intelligent fantasy space, creating a leading digital technology set. JomooVoyage hotel suite for the domestic high-end commercial bathroom to draw up a new benchmark, but also marks the future of China’s bathroom industry standards will be clearer and more standardized.

At the exhibition, Jomoo also joined hands with Hong Kong design “space magician” Chen Dejian to release the new “Frame Square” national tide “luxury set”, creating a new pattern of intelligent national tide.

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Jomoo Frame Square

The perfect presentation of Jomoo Shanghai attracted the attention of all authoritative media. Professional media people who are deeply concerned about the kitchen and bathroom field praised, “Jomoo has created a national trend and technology wind at the Shanghai Kitchen & Bath Show, which is a great pleasure for the eyes. They marveled at the rapid development of Chinese bathroom technology.”

Some industry insiders even said, as a national brand, Jomoo is committed to inherit and promote Chinese culture. It integrates Chinese elements into the design of the world’s leading wisdom. I believe that in the near future, the “new national trend” led by Jomoo into the “international trend” is just around the corner.

Behind the scenes: the rise of national brands, the rise of national confidence

On May 10 this year, the report “Baidu 2021 National Tide Pride Search Data” shows that the attention of national tide has increased by 528% in the past ten years, and the national tide has entered the 3.0 era. Behind the “national trend” fever is the increasing patriotic sentiment of the country along with the national power. This is the consumer group’s unprecedented recognition of traditional culture, but also the rise of the national brand of China’s self-confidence manifested.

Thirty-one years with the country, shouldering the responsibility of the national brand Jomoo, steadily rise with the rise of the great nation of glory road. At the moment of the rise of the national trend, Jomoo with the national brand aspirations, and the strength of leading the industry. It redefines the “new national trend”. It digs deeply into the characteristics of traditional Chinese culture. On the basis of grasping the core of Chinese traditional culture, Jomoo gives full play to its ability of technological innovation and international top design ability. It integrates traditional culture with modern technology and modern art to create the “New National Tide” with Jomoo’s characteristics.

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In recent years, Jomoo has been unique in its craftsmanship. It uses the culture inherited for thousands of years and the technology and design leading the industry to dedicate the exquisite heirloom classics. At the same time, it takes the initiative to practice national brand responsibility. Moreover, it actively participates in public welfare actions for China’s cultural relics and natural heritage, exploring the space for the integration of traditional cultural treasures and modern wisdom bathrooms. This gives a new vitality to famous ancient buildings. Last year, Jomoo joined hands with the management committee of the Luo Zhewen Fund of the China Heritage Protection Foundation to open a new year of healthy sanitary ware for ancient buildings in China. It broke the monopoly of international brands and successfully guarded the Forbidden City, the Great Wall, the Summer Palace and other cultural landmarks, demonstrating the confidence of national brands.

Contribute to the revitalization of culture and build a beautiful China. In this Shanghai exhibition, Jomoo ancient building cultural heritage action is upgraded again. It empowers China’s famous mountains and rivers with scientific and technological innovation, escorting for China’s great landmarks.


Depth: insist on scientific and technological innovation to make the national trend become international trend

The upgrade of Chinese manufacturing is the basis of the underlying logic of the “national trend” fever. The “national tide” fever marks the rise of national brands, and high-quality national products have won the market. Chinese manufacturing has entered the global mid- to high-end industrial chain. China’s economy has achieved a successful jump in the transformation.

Let the “national trend” become “international trend”, is to lead the global strength and absolute right to speak. As the “national trend model”, Jomoo is based in China and leads the world. It has won 133 global design awards on behalf of Chinese design. Jomoo has also acquired Germany’s top cabinet brand Poggenpohl, accelerating its globalization strategy. This allows Chinese brands to continue to shine on the big stage of the world.

“Jomoo is in tune with the times and resonates with the destiny of the country. This makes the national brand become the pride of China and let the world see China’s self-confidence!” Jomoo brand president Yan Zhen said that Jomoo will continue to use global cutting-edge technology to promote the transformation of the bathroom space and explore a road with Chinese brand characteristics, Chinese cultural characteristics and Chinese category characteristics. This allows national brands to lead international trends.

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Now, Jomoo as the representative of the national brand, pry the “Chinese national intellectual manufacturing” to the world centripetal force. It has already let the “national trend” lead the international trend. In the future, Chinese national brands will continue to take the refinement of “Made in China” and build up momentum for the rise of “national trend”. It can let the world see Chinese power and listen to the voice of Chinese trend.

In the new journey of “leading the world with intelligence”, Jomoo dares to be the first, and has been bravely standing in the tide.



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