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13 Years VIGA faucet Q & A: Professional tip when buying faucet

VIGA has 13 years experience in this industry and has seen this different faucet including zinc alloy, brass, stainless steel etc.

VIGA faucet is the reliable manufacturer and Brand

Today, I will reply to several Q&As with my professionalism.

13 Years VIGA faucet Q & A: Professional tip when buying faucet - News - 1

Q & A :

1.Are all zinc alloy products bad?

It is not recommended to buy zinc alloy faucets that are in direct contact with water.
There are also good products for zinc alloy faucets. Now there is a zinc alloy clad copper product.

The outer shell is zinc alloy die-casting, and the inner part in contact with water is made of brass. When purchasing, turn the faucet over to see the inner cavity.

If there is a built-in brass body, or there are two The brass tube connects the valve core, this faucet is also very durable, the price is not high but the quality is OK.

2.Are there cheap brass faucets?

Brass faucet don’t be greedy for cheap. Brass is very expensive, qualified brass faucet price will not be cheap, buy the first look at the plating, get a closer look at the light, plating substandard products can also reflect the material has problems.

the second look at the weight, cast body is very large but feel very light faucet, indicating that its cast body is relatively thin, this quality is also not good.

3. What should I pay attention to when purchasing stainless steel faucets?

The stainless steel faucet must first confirm that it is made of 304 material.

304 stainless steel is austenitic stainless steel of chromium and nickel, without magnetism.

Although the position of cold working deformation will have a little weak magnetism, it is also very weak when tested with a magnet.

Products with obvious magnetism can basically exclude 304 material. If conditions permit, it can be tested with stainless steel dripping.

Before the test, it must be approved by the merchant. After the dripping test, the product will leave traces.

Also, use a white paper towel to wipe the stainless steel surface and inner cavity. If the paper towel turns black, it means that the product is not clean, so purchase with caution.

4. Is it true that the merchant claims to import the valve core?

Not necessarily, the domestic ceramic valve core is developing rapidly. Most of the ceramic valve cores can be guaranteed for more than 5 years, unless the products exported to Europe and the United States, and individual brands specify to import valve cores.

domestic faucets basically use domestically produced valve cores, even if they are foreign valve core brands , Some of them are also produced in domestic factories, so don’t be superstitious about imported spools, which are not very competitive in China. The use of imported valve cores in domestic faucets is generally unreliable.

5. How many years is the faucet warranty generally? Can it be 20 years?

When I see some faucets advertised as having a warranty of 20 years or more, I don’t know what the basis is.

It is not only the material that determines the life of the faucet, but also the valve core, water sealing rubber ring, connectors, etc., as long as there is a small part broken Well, the faucet doesn’t work anymore.
Qualified faucet products can generally be used for more than four or five years, and the longer use depends on your daily care and maintenance.

But if the faucet you buy is broken after a year or two, it means that you are buying a substandard product.

6. How many layers of plating thickness?

Seeing that some faucets promote electroplating with more than six layers, this is basically unreliable.
First, if the faucet has six layers of electroplating, generally three or four layers of acid copper are plated first and then others.
Why so many layers of acid copper plating?

The reason is very simple, the base material is too poor, and there are still many pores, blisters, etc. after plating one layer, so it takes a few more layers to smooth it out.
Second, it is not that the more coatings the better, if the faucet has more than six layers, because the expansion coefficient of each layer is different. the faucet is often affected by hot and cold water, which can easily cause the coating to fall off.
A good coating is generally used for four or five years. Some spots are allowed on the surface, but it is generally bright. This is a qualified coating.

If the faucet you buy is peeling and rusting within a year or two, it means that you are buying a substandard product. Of course, this depends on the usage environment.

If the water quality in the area of use is not good and the scale is large, the electroplating surface of the faucet is not as durable as other places with good water quality.

If you are looking forward some stable and high quality faucet, please contact us.

VIGA faucet is the reliable manufacturer and Brand

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