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Hong Huanghu Xiao Xuandie hugged the lotus leaf, and while drinking the sweet nectar, she sobbed twice, and she still didn t finish crying.Boss, girl, we re back The voice of the three eyed golden panda came.

At the same time, the ultra dimensional fighters quickly retreated and exited her AOE range.10 Minutes is up in no time. The transformation effect of the magic shape hair test cutoff levels for high cbd reddit golden elixir is still cooling down.

You said that before, and you are very serious every time.Standing on the ground with long legs of more than ten meters in length, it is truly majestic.

And if it is an inferior defensive law, you can combine your physique or spirit to increase your resistance to divine power.A magic talisman with a movement speed of 50 only costs 1,000 spirit stones.

Obviously, there are not a few people who want to challenge this dungeon.On the 17th, he replied That s right, you should have more than two theaters, right Our leader said, with your character, if you only have one Where To Buy Cbd Pills Near Me health hut cbd gummies ally, you will definitely not rush to make an appointment with us.

The main reason is that the world of Elemental God Realm itself is too hip, the number Where To Buy Cbd Pills Near Me health hut cbd gummies of main gods is rare, and there is no one above the king of gods.Gulu The second order treasure is worth more than 2 million spirit stones, and all five of them are moved.

21 Treasure fragments fell into the backpack, and the total number is 121.Someone arranges for you to eat well. It s not that you can eat whatever you want.

If your civilization knows the myths and stories about several ancestors, there is a high probability It is the second or third type The founder of your civilization, when guiding the birth of your civilization, took the initiative to spread those myths and stories, making you think that those things health hut cbd gummies happened in health hut cbd gummies the ancient times of your planet.

Thinking of the size of the players of the same race, he quickly shouted Xiao Feng is coming, be careful At the same time, he punched the crow Xiao Feng from the air.The teammates have lower requirements for leveling health hut cbd gummies up, and they have basically reached level 358 and 359, entering the middle god realm.

The Flame Monarch was shattered with Xiao Feng s death, leaving only Fu Fengshi alone, facing cbd infused meyer lemon olive oil 40 summoned creatures at the level of god kings, plus 12 super dimensional mechs.He only had time to do the most basic dodge action, and he didn t have time to activate his teleportation ability.

The core leader of the country. Its name is different from the Supreme God in health hut cbd gummies Best Cbd Pills To Shrink Tumors the game, and has nothing to do with the omnic clan.He didn t ride Dabai, Dabai was too conspicuous and could scare people away from a long distance.

If the Zen is given to the player, he VIGA.CC health hut cbd gummies must have the nationality of health hut cbd gummies the Kingdom of Heaven and God, and have the achievement of killing the main god alone in the Elemental God Realm.Obviously Xiao Feng s strength is stronger than he health hut cbd gummies expected Oh, I have consumed a bottle of the most precious potion, next time I meet this kind of lineup, there will be nothing I can do.

Naturally, you should not be restricted by mundane rules.After raising the little tree, Xiao Feng returned to the demolition city, and then health hut cbd gummies went to the next door to the brave city to visit his goddaughter Denise.

When the crit is triggered, you health hut cbd gummies can hit 1 more. 7X damage.And Xiao Feng is also the Lord of the Kingdom of God now, so he still doesn t know what will happen.

The scroll can be saved for group fights. A 1350 level God King is VIGA.CC health hut cbd gummies still very strong, enough health hut cbd gummies to crush almost all players at this stage.It was the first time the two met offline, and they had a thousand words in their hearts, but they were too embarrassed to say them.

The players of the omnic clan had a tacit understanding and released their firepower skills to bombard the humanoid players in the middle.Yu Cixue came over, looked at the talismans on the booth, and nodded slightly The quality is not bad.

Xiao Feng rushed forward, and said with an evil teasing expression I m in your position, of course you should call me Emperor Father.He lay flat on the snow, his white robe almost blending with the snow.

And I have a guild cbd ointment for anxiety online and a studio offline. In the future, all I will follow your instructions, and I will do whatever you ask me to do, as long as you have a good life in the future, don t forget me.Then Does Cbd Oil Affect Birth Control Pills cbd oil for sleep pub med Cbd Cannabinoid Pills health hut cbd gummies he held VIGA.CC health hut cbd gummies the kitten in his arms and flew towards the woods not far away.

Mathematics is enough health hut cbd gummies Best Cbd Pills To Shrink Tumors to give him a headache, if there is a challenge in subjects such as chemistry and physics, he will probably go crazy straight away The system sound reported the content of the challenge on this floor.

Baoyu met at the gate of the courtyard, and as soon as he entered, Jia Zheng stopped Qingwen who had just arrived at the gate and can i buy cbd oil with thc included wanted to go in to report.They happened to stand outside this room and listened to Feng Ziying s baptism to Jia Baoyu, especially when Feng Ziying mentioned the hard work of Lian s second sister in law and Lian s second health hut cbd gummies master, and Jia Zheng and his health hut cbd gummies wife were getting old.

This cancer should have been eradicated long ago. Why was he attacked by the Tatars I don t know what method You Shigong used to lure Xu Jianzhong out of Yongxing Fort, and he was able to kill him in one fell swoop.The disciples of Qingtan Academy really put a cbd oil for children doctors opinions lot of effort into VIGA.CC health hut cbd gummies current cbd oil for sleep pub med Best Place To Get Cbd Pills For Epilepsy affairs and government affairs, and Feng Ziying was fine with that.

Brother Feng. Jia Baoyu came up to greet him first, and Feng Ziying laughed, I don t know who it is, so it s cbd oil for sleep pub med Best Place To Get Cbd Pills For Epilepsy Baoyu, this one is hemp cbd face cream for stress Before Feng Ziying Does Cbd Oil Affect Birth Control Pills cbd oil for sleep pub med could react, he saw that the young man in front cbd gummies without gelatin of him was a head shorter than Jia Baoyu, with red lips, white teeth, and picturesque eyebrows.This has to be thought provoking. Demonstrate his own leadership and influence Prove that although you have been released, you still have a lot of influence in this group But what if you proved yourself So Chu Qi was also a little confused, unable to figure out what Wang Ziteng s intentions were.

Ping er said nothing, https://www.purespectrumcbd.com/product-category/pure-spectrum/gummies/ She doesn t know about the east side, but she knows a little about health hut cbd gummies her own side.He said that no matter whether Baoyu thinks can u put cbd oil in juul about it or not, he must have a result to tell He, my daughter felt that he health hut cbd gummies seemed to have expected that Baoyu would not be able to do it, but he had already prepared countermeasures, and now hair test cutoff levels for high cbd reddit my daughter guessed that my uncle and aunt were talking to Brother Feng.

health hut cbd gummies

Crowded. But she is also an arrogant person, people don health hut cbd gummies t want to see her, she also treats her coldly, health hut cbd gummies after all, she does her work quickly and cleanly, and if she doesn t live up to the truth, if these people really want to find fault with her, health hut cbd gummies then they will take the initiative Please resign and stay in this treasure jade house.

Feng Ziying hopes to get involved in the rhythm of this historical pace earlier, and provide some useful assistance for the direction of this historical wheel as much as possible.Firstly, the young master didn t care who wanted to replace health hut cbd gummies him, and secondly, if he really wanted Qingwen, a girl, to be with him, then it really couldn t be more suitable.

The two completely different qualities of determination, sharpness, and aggressiveness mixed together with deepness, sophistication, and even forbearance gave people a feeling Some are too complicated, and even difficult to locate.I am all loved by the emperor Gu Bingqian also cupped his hands, However, with health hut cbd gummies the old master of Fangge at the helm, this official will not just pick up the omissions and make Cbd Cannabinoid Pills health hut cbd gummies up for the omissions, but can cbd oil help alopecia provide a little health hut cbd gummies assistance.

Several times, he had quarreled with the Emperor and the Supreme Emperor because of military affairs.All in all, if you have something to gain, you have to lose something in some way, which is normal.

This is the ancient unmarried health hut cbd gummies youth. In this way, at least the Feng family s incense will be continued first, and this worry will be resolved first.I just don t like poetry and Fu, so I just cbd oil for asthma patients recruit you.

If you really want to pass the Jinshi exam or go out to be an official after going through the history of the Ministry of Rites, then the power and influence will be different.Feng Ziying nodded slightly, Looking at your appearance, cbd oil for sleep pub med Best Place To Get Cbd Pills For Epilepsy you really look like a big butler, you are orderly, blessed is Second Brother Lian.

Cbd Oil For Skin Issues

It s just that bad things buy best cbd oils online at amazon happen with her mouth, no hemp oil extract vs cbd Forgive me, but as a result, no one in Second Master Bao s room health hut cbd gummies wanted to see her, and even Second Master VIGA.CC health hut cbd gummies Bao didn t bother to talk to her now, so he let her stay in the outer courtyard, Yun Shang s health hut cbd gummies lobbying failed to impress Feng Ziying.Of course it s health hut cbd gummies Best Cbd Pills To Shrink Tumors okay, I just arrange two more tables.

The two brothers said that they were not the best friends in the academy.You should be justified, but we do i need a peracription for cbd oil in wv may not health hut cbd gummies be popular.

Students who pass the exam will move to Xiyuan to study, and the dormitory will cbd battery for thc also change accordingly.Jia Lian tactfully expressed his disagreement, Do you think that if Baoyu is admitted to Juren, the Niu family will give six thousand taels of california organic cbd oil silver Then Jing Tianhou will give a painting worth two or three cbd oil for sleep pub med Best Place To Get Cbd Pills For Epilepsy thousand taels of silver Impossible, right Jia She recalled, staring at Jia Lian suspiciously, That s right, then why do you think this group of people are willing to give money to the Feng family Mrs.

After all, Feng Ziying s advantage lies in current policy theory.Is there such health hut cbd gummies a boring person cbd for sale in miami as you Hou Xun knew Feng Ziying s character a little bit, and after a long time he took a breath like a toothache, grinned and said Ziying, you are boring like this, Brother Ji Mu is also kind, I hope you spend more time My mind is on poetry, there is no other meaning Ruogu, I am very grateful to Brother Ji Mu for his kindness, but when you say it like this, it seems like I have done something cbd oil for sleep pub med Best Place To Get Cbd Pills For Epilepsy bad again Feng Ziying didn t reply angrily.

Aca Marajuana And Cbd Oil Camp Policies

Feng s family. If Mr. Feng s family really passed the Jinshi examination in Chunwei, it would be even more impossible.Let me step down as the governor of Xuanda and become the governor of the three sides.

Students who are in the same year and from the same hometown are of great value.The second brother Lian was quite happy. Seeing that Brother Feng s name was on the list, he couldn t help but want to come back early to announce the good news.

In any case, now I have finally found a seemingly reliable path for Baoyu, so that Baoyu can learn to read without so much resistance.The Xue family still has some strength, and three to fifty thousand taels health hut cbd gummies of silver still can t trouble the Xue family.

Of course, there is also Wang Ziteng s face health hut cbd gummies in it. Why did you come Does Cbd Oil Affect Birth Control Pills cbd oil for sleep pub med here for Feng Ziying herself In addition to this Juren status, it is more because Feng Ziying is backed by Qi Yongtai, the left servant of the official department, and Qiao Yingjia, the right deputy capital censor of the Metropolitan Procuratorate Of course, without this Juren status, even if Feng Ziying had the relationship between Qi Yongtai and Qiao Yingjia, he would not be so popular, but with this Juren status, it means that he health hut cbd gummies can go to american shaman water soluble cbd oil reviews the Ministry of Officials to be a candidate for history at any time, and he can be removed from office at any time.

Forget it, don t you also have this idea Take a look, endure health hut cbd gummies it, procrastinate, Yonglong Emperor health hut cbd gummies sneered self mockingly, how can he have any qualifications to laugh at Shen Yiguan Thinking of this, Emperor Yonglong was a VIGA.CC health hut cbd gummies little depressed, but he quickly cheered up.Whether it is correct or not depends on the time. health hut cbd gummies Gu Bingqian felt the health hut cbd gummies sweat on his back.

And with such power health hut cbd gummies and prestige, I thought the Feng family had already lost their power, but I didn t expect that even Lord Wang Where To Buy Cbd Pills Near Me health hut cbd gummies and Lord Niu came, um, that one is Prince Mu Zhao Wenzhao felt that cbd oil for sleep pub med Best Place To Get Cbd Pills For Epilepsy he was a bit misled Oh, I didn t invite him this time, but he happened to return to Beijing from Shandong for business.

Cbd Oil Vs 5htp For Anxiety

After three years of baptism, Feng Ziying health hut cbd gummies believes that these people There will definitely be a good result, and of course I have to help them again.He hasn t come out since this year. He only wants to pass the exam.

But for general nobles, military officers, officials with miscellaneous backgrounds, and ordinary people, Long Jinwei is not so taboo, and his power can also be magnified to the limit.Baoyu, you will be twelve years old soon. To put it bluntly, when brother Yu was twelve years old, he had gone to Shandong to health hut cbd gummies mourn for my father.

In https://www.laweekly.com/best-cbd-gummies-for-pain/ fact, there is no need. Well, this dynasty is slightly different from the previous Ming Dynasty.

A blush flashed across Shen Yixiu s face, but because of the angle, Shen Zizheng didn t notice the expression on his sister s face Subtle changes.The Feng Cbd Cannabinoid Pills health hut cbd gummies family will hemp or cbd gummies for anxiety probably mind. Aunt Xue said firmly It s a pity to visit the girl, but Baochai, what do you think of this big man of the Feng family Mother, how can this be a good daughter Can you comment Baochai blushed, pretending to be calm and said It s Cbd Cannabinoid Pills health hut cbd gummies just that everyone in this mansion is full of praise for Brother Feng, even the East mansion is the is cbd good for parkinsons same.

If it becomes unmanageable, do we have to wait until that time Consensus in the second section of the C word volume Four horses running side by side, with the sound of hooves.Zhao Zongji has to read the health hut cbd gummies Best Cbd Pills To Shrink Tumors papers that actually enter the first volume, which means that this student has basically entered the ranks of scholars.

Because of the disputes over mountains, forests, water sources and land, there are grievances and grievances.Although she doesn t care about those secret activities, Qingwen is also unwilling to do things in Baoyu s room with such ambiguous hands and feet.

Natures Only Cbd Gummies For Copd

Feng Ziying was able to give them an overview of the health hut cbd gummies priorities that night, and health hut cbd gummies basically they all knew, but to be honest, even Feng Ziying hadn t seriously thought about the strategy before.Seeing that Feng Ziying didn t seem to want to go in, Qingwen was afraid that he would stay health hut cbd gummies Best Cbd Pills To Shrink Tumors to tease her again, so she hurriedly said Second Master best cbd cream for osteoporosis Bao has been looking forward to Uncle Feng for a long time, and you can go in now to help Second Master Bao relieve his worries, don t Let Second Lord Bao dare not even get out of bed.

The Ministry of Punishment is in charge of the Ministry of Punishment above the name of the prison, but in fact, the cases transferred to Dali Temple need to be transferred here, just like some of the criminals of Long Jinwei.Master Hui, it s nothing. Qingwen just got a little angry health hut cbd gummies in Jia s mansion and came over Where To Buy Cbd Pills Near Me health hut cbd gummies to talk to the servant girl Yun Chang quickly explained, but she pushed Qingwen with one hand.

If he chooses materials in this way, he will be regarded as a betrayal, but if he persists, he may follow Gu Bingqian s will can cbd oil help alopecia and start a fight.Although it still has the imprint of Wu Xun, but As long as you resolutely don t participate, you should still be able to avoid this disaster.

As for the border troubles in the southwest, it is unheard of.Earlier, a classmate came to leave a message, saying Cbd Cannabinoid Pills health hut cbd gummies VIGA.CC health hut cbd gummies that they are going back to the academy first, and some students may have to can you have cbd oil with alcohol go home first.

Many Cbd Cannabinoid Pills health hut cbd gummies things go too far, and it is not beautiful to be eager for success.After the Luming Banquet, health hut cbd gummies Fan Jingwen and his party had to go home separately.

From the is cbd good for acid reflux beginning of Sizheng until the afternoon, the people who came and went were feeling this glory that had nothing to do with them health hut cbd gummies or was closely related to them.Gu Bingqian hurriedly said. Gu Qing, there is a saying what is cbd e liquid used for in Lu s Spring and Autumn Period that I agree with very much, flowing water does not rot, and the door hinges do not moth.

Wang Ziteng is one of the best, and apart from Wang Ziteng and Shui Rong, there are almost health hut cbd gummies no other people who can be admired.Feng Ziying was a little surprised by Yun Shang s health hut cbd gummies words, didn t the book A Dream of Red Mansions say that Baoyu liked her the most Of course, this favorite word is slightly exaggerated, and there is a certain degree of liking.

Cbd Oil Vood For Menopause

Feng Ziying doesn t worry about issues that he can t figure out for a while, and even the Metropolitan Procuratorate won t get involved in Cbd Cannabinoid Pills health hut cbd gummies such celebrations and gifts, unless your behavior obviously touches cbd oil for sleep pub med Best Place To Get Cbd Pills For Epilepsy on some specific issues.Except for the Chen family, others can be put in second place.

Well, it should be said that a considerable number of scholars are like this.Feng cbd oil for sleep pub med Best Place To Get Cbd Pills For Epilepsy Ziying has no way to influence this point, she can only where buy cbd gummies resign herself to fate.

Su Shi said hastily. Not necessarily. Look at the situation in the whole city. There are more than 4,000 people and only a hundred people are selected.General Shenwu, the son of the general soldier of Yulin Town, and the lonely hero of the trip to Shandong, went into the tiger s den alone to break the chaos and health hut cbd gummies bandits, and turned health hut cbd gummies the tide.

Those who can Cbd Cannabinoid Pills health hut cbd gummies step into Feng s residence to participate health hut cbd gummies in such a celebration banquet still have some status.Volume B, Section 168 Before Chunwei, the double edged sword Xu Qixun was a precocious boy, although he was only one year older than Feng Ziying, but at the age of sixteen, he had already been trained outside for a few years and was even deliberately indoctrinated by Feng Ziying.

As Brother Yu said, it s not the way to sit and eat like this, but cbd oil vs 5htp for anxiety Brother Yu doesn t want to rely on anyone, and he doesn t Cbd Cannabinoid Pills health hut cbd gummies Where To Buy Cbd Pills Near Me health hut cbd gummies have any other preferences.Baochai s whereabouts is also related to their happiness.

The Xue and Jia families are close relatives and in laws.If Brother Keng doesn t want to get married for a while, then wait until he is of the right age, and you might as well take him health hut cbd gummies two concubines first.

He could even guess that health hut cbd gummies although Shen Xing health hut cbd gummies s letter did not refer to health hut cbd gummies anyone specifically, it actually referred to Feng Ziying.If this Qi Yongtai is a relative, then he is You shouldn t health hut cbd gummies go through the front door.

We need to see what health hut cbd gummies kind of superhuman character this Qu Xingxia is.If the Feng family knows, it may be a problem. health hut cbd gummies Thinking of this, Wang Ziteng really felt that none of them could be successful in all aspects, which is a pity for the eldest daughter of the Jia family.

In Chongjiaofang alone, more than 600 houses collapsed, and more than 40 people died.The key is whether you can enter the first class health hut cbd gummies exam.

The chest that was already a little size rose and fell sharply.Everywhere is full of struggles, and the Metropolitan Procuratorate is no exception, but everyone seems to have recognized such a mode of operation.

He didn t bring anything, so he came to health hut cbd gummies the door empty health hut cbd gummies handed, but just relying on the title of the youngest candidate after the capital was moved in the entire Great Zhou Dynasty, it was the greatest honor and respect.This disciple has always agreed with this sentence.

If you promised someone else s business, you have to go.Volume B Chapter 169 What should come will always come Feng Ziying remained silent.

More than 4,500 people, this is the number of people participating in the test in Beizhili Qiuwei, and there are only 155 places, so naturally you can calculate your chances of Chinese style.It can even be said that if there is no special reason, the gap is so large that it cannot be reversed by personal emotions She could feel Feng Ziying s affection for her, even liking her, but if it s about marriage, it can t be done just by liking her.

The servant girl always thinks that this Uncle Feng is unlikely.Under such circumstances, facing does kroger sell cbd gummies the Jurchens in the northeast who are deliberately accumulating strength and working hard for their rise, the Tatars in the north still regard the Central Plains as their best place to drink cbd oil dosage calculator drops health hut cbd gummies horses and feed their horses, and they still have ambitions in the east.

Since that night, the two of them have become closer in their hearts, but Yunshang is more and more afraid of doing this in front of the young master.The location is quite good, and the adjacent Nanxunfang , Dashiyongfang, Chengchengfang, and Mingzhaofang are all home to many rich and noble families, and they are really good places.

Besides, since Feng Ziying has passed the most difficult rural examination, it also means that maybe in the near future, Feng Ziying may really set foot in an official career.Master, Uncle Liu got up early in the morning, and practiced swords in the courtyard of the mansion when he got up, which made cbd oil for sleep pub med Best Place To Get Cbd Pills For Epilepsy sister Ming Huan health hut cbd gummies and the others hide to watch.

He wants to bite to death and refuse to admit that this is his own health hut cbd gummies poem, what can you do Who can prove that this is the poem he made This guy has even thought it through long ago.This place belongs to the Xicheng Bingma Division. But for things like ditches, according to the usual practice, the construction is under the responsibility of Yu Heng of the Ministry of Industry, and a Yuanwailang is responsible, but the dredging is not under health hut cbd gummies the control of the Ministry of Industry, but the patrol camp.

Yang Sichang was fourth health hut cbd gummies in high school, and Hou Xun was not bad.After taking two doses health hut cbd gummies of medicine, health hut cbd gummies Best Cbd Pills To Shrink Tumors health hut cbd gummies it is considered to be better, Mr.

The day before yesterday, after his fourteenth gmp certified cbd oil for pain birthday, he would be a fifteen year old boy, but in this era, a fifteen year old health hut cbd gummies is still considered a half adult.It is better to ask my father. In addition, my son will ask someone to ask the Ministry of Rites and look at the Ministry of Rites.

Shen Zizheng was also very curious. His father didn t have many friends in Beijing, so he only had a few of them.In addition to Zhou Chaozong s targeted make up lessons, Qi Yongtai, Guan Yingzhen and the students around him gave him meticulous care, Lian Guoshi, Xu Xie, Fan Jingwen and others helped him a lot.

More than 50 students from Qingtan Academy were waiting in the Hongbin Inn.Baoyu, ask the maids in your room how Where To Buy Cbd Pills Near Me health hut cbd gummies much cbd gummies to quit nicotine money is in the monthly bill, ask the servants in your house, and the coachman and gardener, how much is the monthly bill, how many of these people are there, and how much are their monthly expenses alone , you will know how much your Rongguo Mansion needs to spend on this area every month, but this is only a small head, and there are countless big heads, well, you can figure it out for yourself Feng Ziying s tone and expression became more https://www.zamnesia.com/337-healthshop/359-cbd-oil and more flat, In Baoyu s eyes, it became more and more unfathomable.

Feng Ziying actually showed signs of retreating voluntarily health hut cbd gummies in the later stage.These words were so run on Qingwen could only lower her head, her breasts rose and fell sharply, but she couldn t health hut cbd gummies Best Cbd Pills To Shrink Tumors argue.

Of course, the chances of substituting exams for exams are in the minority after all, or missing questions health hut cbd gummies in advance, the chances are relatively health hut cbd gummies small, and it is difficult to completely avoid, but at least the possibility of large scale cheating is avoided.Talented health hut cbd gummies Best Cbd Pills To Shrink Tumors people understand the meaning of being a good person, but many people may not be willing to see themselves become good people.

Seeing that Feng Ziying didn t say a word, but squinted her eyes and concentrated health hut cbd gummies Best Cbd Pills To Shrink Tumors on thinking, Liu Xianglian also wondered why this virtuous brother became interested in such things.The inner courtyard was appropriately expanded on the basis of the original small courtyard, with two more wing rooms on each side health hut cbd gummies and Cbd Cannabinoid Pills health hut cbd gummies cbd face masks for sale a small patio, but the layout of the main hall remained unchanged.

Well, Senior Brother where to buy ulixy cbd gummies Junyu, I really Where To Buy Cbd Pills Near Me health hut cbd gummies can t sleep, and it s still early.Under the circumstances, even if they are not married, they have already been engaged.

To be honest, this is what Aunt Xue and Baochai are most puzzled about.I hope so. Wang Ziteng sighed. Jia Zheng s words were not wrong. Neither Qiu Wei nor Chun Wei dared to say that he was absolutely health hut cbd gummies sure.

As the days passed, the first month of the lunar year almost passed by, and most of the scholars from the 15th provinces of the Great Week had already started to gather in the capital city one after another years ago.The unhappiness in the first two days disappeared overnight.

Emperor Yonglong health hut cbd gummies didn t dare to act rashly, and it was not without reason that the Supreme Emperor was relying on him.Lian er and Baoyu have a good relationship with the Feng family now, but this relationship may become a little bit in the way as the Feng family s status increases.


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