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Sakata believed in the professional level of the chief of staff, and if he said no, then he would definitely not.

Kill The cavalry ran faster and faster. The smoke and dust raised by the horseshoes covered more than half of the cavalry.

As for that little bastard, the end will be even worse, or someone will break his hands and feet, drive him to the street to beg, or have his heart and eyes gouged out.

Light machine guns and grenade launchers will fire whenever we find an opportunity.

Special Agent Team Yamamoto, then we must buy time for Kong Jie and take down the Zhuma Village stronghold Give me an order the second battalion and the third battalion, immediately deploy layers of defense along the road that the Japanese army must pass, and block a line of defense for half an hour.

Boom until the first shell hit the ground Sir, the artillery of the Eighth Route Army is too scattered There are only three mortars in each artillery position.

Immediately ordered to the chief of staff at the side Immediately send a telegram to the Fourth Mixed Brigade.

I m High Blood Pressure Diet 91 64 blood pressure going to prepare the three eighth big cover now.

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I m particularly worried that he will be smitten with the devils, and he will be dragged on the battlefield by the devils, and he will High Blood Pressure Diet 91 64 blood pressure not can beta blockers cause high blood pressure be able to withdraw The political commissar Li of the independent regiment just died, and Kong Jie is as close to him as brothers, in case he is eager for revenge It s not impossible to be fooled by devils.

Then he asked back into the microphone Did Kong Jie say when he will leave what to eat to lower blood pressure in minutes Yangquan exactly which way to return to Yangquan Evacuate Yangquan before dawn and return to the base area by mountain road Chief of Staff 91 64 blood pressure Li reported.

Each cannon has almost fifty rounds It s not that the Eighth Route Army is poorly equipped and lacks ammunition.

Reluctance to join the army, reluctance to go to the martial arts team has absolutely nothing to do with fear of death.

If 91 64 blood pressure they wanted to slow down their marching speed, the only way left was to blow symptoms of low diastolic blood pressure up bridges and destroy roads.

Not so much luck next time. Anti sweeping is not a matter of Li Yunlong s regiment alone.

Their level of 91 64 blood pressure bayonet fighting is also very high. Now High Blood Pressure Chart symptoms of too much high blood pressure medication that they kill one more, the pressure on the soldiers will be much less in hand to hand combat.

Huang Yu replied 91 64 blood pressure Decongestant High Blood Pressure with a smile It is true that the devils will not send a third 91 64 blood pressure force to attack, but we can design to force them out Have you figured out a way Hope rekindled on Zhong Chengjun s disappointed face.

No one knows whether the Eighth VIGA.CC 91 64 blood pressure Route Army has hidden other means of attack.

The fool also knows 91 64 blood pressure that they are in danger, and their lives will be lost here if they are not careful.

We often fight devils together, so you should get to know each other Hello, Captain Li, I am Huang Yu, the guard of Captain Kong Huang Yu saluted and observed the protagonists in Bright Sword at a close distance.

This just corresponds to what the brigade commander said before Kong Jie has strong 91 64 blood pressure principles and has a big picture.

Kong Jie must reimburse me Li Yunlong, at the headquarters of the New Second Regiment, received the news that the Independent Regiment had successfully captured the Zhuma Village stronghold.

On the chaotic battlefield, people fell in a pool of blood every second, there were devils, and there was a new group of soldiers.

Fortunately, their nervousness was in vain. The 91 64 blood pressure combat staff officer of the brigade headquarters hurried into the valley with two scouts and headed straight for the brigade headquarters.

Does the independent regiment have other reserves besides regiment headquarters Kong Jie nodded, Ordinary soldiers are equipped with twenty rounds of ammunition, two grenades and grenades Each battalion reserves four boxes of six thousand rounds of ammunition , to deal with small scale battles The ammunition stored by the regiment headquarters can only be 91 64 blood pressure used in large scale battles If the brigade headquarters needs it, I can send 50,000 rounds of ammunition Yes, of course The Brigadier nodded quickly, fearing that the cooked duck would fly away from his mouth.

Tell me what treasures you have Two infantry guns, 91 64 blood pressure four mortars, four heavy machine guns, eleven crooked handles, eight grenade launchers, three hundred 38 big caps, and more than a hundred bastard box pistols Kong Jie didn t Conceal, like every treasure, tell all the spoils given to him by the brigade commander.

Devil Cao Chang Maeda was very annoyed. The two subordinates, one dead and the other wounded, were heartbroken, and also annoyed by a group of Imperial Association troops behind them.

The boss did not reject Kong Jie s kindness, the equipment of the guard battalion at the headquarters is really poor, and it is time to strengthen the firepower.

It would be a waste of talents for a cadre with regimental command ability to come to the brigade headquarters to raise horses.

It is impossible for the Japanese and puppet troops to be killed before their eyes, without firing guns and bullets to the recruits, and they will be slaughtered by the enemy in the end.

The Sichuan character, continue to analyze. The Eighth Route Army that besieged the Yamazaki Brigade must not have the strength to fight continuously, but they took a huge risk to besiege the Fourth Mixed Brigade.

Keep your body as close to the horse s back as possible, hold the reins tightly, The blade moved forward, continued to increase the speed of the attack, and went straight to the second lieutenant Guizi Kill The huge inertia brought by the horse made him strike very fast.

You treat the harassing devils so seriously. I think how to place arm when taking blood pressure it s too risky to entrust him with the task The commander of the fifth company is very good at fighting guerrillas.

The little devil who stood up was very arrogant, and directly waved at the three of them You three go together Chichi The sharp dagger quickly found out the life of a young man, just as the devil followed the remaining two.

When the enemy was in full swing, the little devil in front of him suddenly turned 132 88 Blood Pressure 91 64 blood pressure around and ran away.

Little three thousand Two thousand people are enough to fight for aid, and at least one thousand people can be dispatched to attack Yangquan As long as they attack fast enough, launch an attack suddenly, 91 64 blood pressure and don t give the troops left behind in Yangquan 91 64 blood pressure any time to prepare, they will definitely be able to attack Yangquan in one attack, end the battle with street fighting, and take Yangquan Then why didn t you remind Kong Jie just now Chief of Staff Zhou asked back with a hint of puzzlement.

He originally marched on a motorcycle, but the road conditions were too bad, and many places were destroyed by the Eighth Route Army In order not to affect the speed of the march, he had to High Blood Pressure Diet 91 64 blood pressure throw away the motorcycle and change to a horse to continue on But he is not a professional cavalry, At the beginning, riding was very comfortable, but as he walked, the inner thighs were worn red by the saddle.

Ringing The phone at the headquarters of the independent regiment suddenly rang, and the chief of staff picked up the phone symptoms of too much high blood pressure medication 80 60 Blood Pressure and listened for a few seconds before handing the receiver to Kong Jie.

Kong Jie originally planned to go directly to the meeting room and attend the meeting with the brigade commander, but was rejected by the brigade The chief stopped, and then I heard Xiao Yuanchang s voice coming from the room.

Area If you insist on sweeping, the troops must enter the mountain in small groups, and the 91 64 blood pressure distance between small groups is more than three kilometers We have seen the fighting power what foods can help lower blood pressure of the Eighth Route Army yesterday, and it is stronger than I imagined.

A devil squatted on the ground, pushing the grenadier on his back against his thigh.

Patted the crooked handle in front of him and introduced Two 91 64 blood pressure crooked handles, more than 600 machine gun bullets Two grenade launchers, more than 20 special grenades for grenade launchers, all intact Replenishment troops, we are independent The firepower of the regiment can be increased by at least 30 Leave a machine gun team and two sharpshooters to continue to attack the little devil with me, and the others will send weapons and ammunition to the VIGA.CC 91 64 blood pressure regiment leader.

The Fujiwara Brigade just lost contact. There is how to low blood pressure naturally no evidence that they had an accident.

The only thing that was not accurate was that the independent regiment was also equipped with submachine guns.

Then he complained to Huang Yu Commander, the explosives you let the engineer company bury are really powerful.

Yoshida heard the sound of two crooked guns firing and four or five three eight guns shooting, but he didn t hear the shooting of the grenadier.

Li Yunlong was stunned for 91 64 blood pressure a moment, and said annoyedly What do you mean, I accepted the big how dangerous is high blood pressure gift from you, but you didn t accept the things 91 64 blood pressure I High Blood Pressure Chart symptoms of too much high blood pressure medication gave, you clearly look down on me Ding Wei waved his hand and explained We didn t look down on you, but we were afraid of you 91 64 blood pressure Violation of discipline I forgot how you were transferred from Xinyituan You are still restless after becoming the 91 64 blood pressure director of the quilt factory, be careful that the boss keeps you in the position of director of the quilt factory If you I really want to thank us, and wait until you return to the main force and become the head of the regiment Okay Li Yunlong said readily.

Huang Yu began to VIGA.CC 91 64 blood pressure make the final deployment for the ambush.

In order VIGA.CC 91 64 blood pressure not to affect the marching speed and catch up with the main force of the regiment, they We can only leave the wounded and the extra ammunition on a high ground, and move forward with light clothes Leave a reinforcement unit as a guard The devils also left heavy machine guns and mortars to protect the wounded and weapons and ammunition I used a strategy of attacking east and west, successfully killed the top of the mountain, wiped out the devils, and seized all the weapons and ammunition left by the Japanese army on the top of the mountain But the rear troops also paid a huge price four veterans died on the spot, and one veteran 91 64 blood pressure was injured Kong Jie was shocked again and had nothing to say, and it took him a while to react.

39 Three eight 91 64 blood pressure caps, 39 bayonets, six pistols, a command knife, a pair of binoculars There are more ammunition than I expected.

The quilts and ammunition here are the most scarce supplies of the Independence Regiment.

Those traitors also want to continue to oppress the people with the support of the Japanese, and the two sides hit 160 118 blood pressure it off The traitors have money in their hands, and they have Food, the devils have guns 91 64 blood pressure and ammunition in their hands.

It s like the app to take blood pressure second turret that has collapsed There is still a 50 chance of surviving if you rush out.

The boss took a look and smiled and said, Did Kong Jie leave something good for the headquarters again , a pistol with four magazines and two hundred rounds of pistol ammunition Comrade Kong Jie said that this accident proves that the headquarters may also be attacked.

Immediately, the mood improved a lot, and he turned https://www.cnet.com/health/medical/best-blood-pressure-monitor/ to look at the chief of staff How is the recovery of the fourth mixed brigade In order to get rid of the shame, Major General Miyazawa symptoms of too much high blood pressure medication 80 60 Blood Pressure also dispatched an infantry brigade and a regiment of imperial association troops from surrounding counties and strongholds into Yangquan Minus the remaining troops protecting Yangquan he can send three infantry The brigade, a cavalry squadron, a mountain artillery squadron, a field artillery 91 64 blood pressure squadron, a chariot squadron a regiment of the Royal Association Army a total of 4,500 people attacked the independent regiment The 91 64 blood pressure ammunition is enough to destroy the Independence Regiment Yoshio Shinozuka shifted his gaze to Kazuki Yamamoto again How do you plan to raid the Independence 91 64 blood pressure Regiment headquarters The Fourth Mixed Brigade that cooperates with you is ready to fight As long as you successfully destroy the headquarters of the Independent Regiment, kill Kong Jie, the head of the Independent Regiment, and Li Wensheng, 91 64 blood pressure the Chief of Staff, and leave the Independent Regiment without a leader and plunge into chaos The Fourth Mixed Brigade will take the opportunity to launch an attack and kill the Independent Regiment in blood pressure 150 104 World War I Kazuki Yamamoto hurriedly took Yoshio Shinozuka to the sand table According to our investigation, in order to protect the flank can you take omega 3 with blood pressure tablets of the Eighth Route Army headquarters, the independent 91 64 blood pressure regiment has switched to Chenjiayu I sent people there to 91 64 blood pressure investigate Chenjiayu is only two kilometers away from the headquarters of the Eighth Route Army, and it can be killed by a quick march of ten minutes If we succeed in taking down the Independent Regiment Headquarters, the secret service team will not suffer much.

If they don t want to stop it, they can completely destroy the two to three hundred meters long railway line within an hour.

Now it belongs to the New Second Regiment and has nothing to do with the quilt factory The leader of the new second regiment I said you won t stay in the quilt factory for long You have become the leader of the new second regiment in just a few months.

3 Gun tower would be their next bombardment target, 91 64 blood pressure and they were not prepared for what 101 over 49 blood pressure was about to happen behind 91 64 blood pressure them.

If they were also buried, the dozens of supplementary players carefully selected by Mr.

What will you do with me I have a guard, so I can rest assured that he will stay with you Li Wenying insisted Old Kong, you must listen 91 64 blood pressure to me this time.

The shells are still very sufficient Yamada Shaozuo spoke first, his face was 91 64 blood pressure very ugly, obviously he was hit hard by the Eighth Route Army.

More than 200 devils joined the hand to hand battle, and in the end, less than 100 people withdrew from the battle.

The Japanese and puppet troops had limited strength, and as soon as the three crooked troops and the feigned attacking troops were dispatched, their eyes were attracted, and no one was available to divide the troops to guard against other directions.

You will lead the team yourself, and you will kill the stronghold after watching my gestures.

If we continue to march in the dark, more than half of the casualties of the troops before 91 64 blood pressure dawn will be light I m worried that after the troops are disabled, the Eighth Route Army will block us in their bases like they wiped out the 132 88 Blood Pressure 91 64 blood pressure Yamazaki 91 64 blood pressure brigade, and gather and annihilate them Shaozuo Jiamu immediately showed an expression of approval I think that the possibility proposed grape seed extract dosage for high blood pressure by Mr.

Hurrying up to the brigade commander, he 91 64 blood pressure said, Brigade commander, you can t favor one person over another.

He decisively pulled out the box cannon and called for the infantry to follow the cavalry company to attack.

According to the agreement, among the spoils seized this time, there were two hundred guns belonging to the brigade headquarters.

Angry and unwilling eyes reminded Commander, we can no longer go deep into Cangyun Ridge to continue sweeping the 386th brigade headquarters Eight people lost one mortar, one heavy machine gun, eight light machine guns, eight grenade grenades, one hundred and thirty six 38 large covers, nearly two hundred shells, tens of VIGA.CC 91 64 blood pressure thousands of bullets After supplementing these weapons and ammunition, the combat symptoms of too much high blood pressure medication 80 60 Blood Pressure effectiveness of the remnants of the independent regiment will definitely be greatly improved Where is the nearby corner staring at us If the troops divide into Cangyun Ridge now, the remnants of the Independence Regiment will surely seize the opportunity to pounce on us and bite us.

I met more than a dozen Erguizi cavalrymen on the road.

I really want to know how you captured the Donghui stronghold You Kong Tuan Commander, Commander Li, and Commander Ding should all want to know the answer Report to the brigade commander, I took a chance at the Donghui stronghold Huang Yu was embarrassed to answer.

In 91 64 blood pressure the battle of Yangquan, we seized more than two thousand rifles The brigade commander decided to leave some for me It s no problem to form another reinforcement battalion Don t worry about the combat effectiveness the independent regiment Each main battalion has a company of recruits, although they wear the hat of the company of recruits, but the usual training is exactly the same as that of the main force, and 91 64 blood pressure they should go to the battlefield as usual If the chief agrees to expand, several companies of recruits VIGA.CC 91 64 blood pressure can form 91 64 blood pressure a battalion.

Looking at Chen Dalian s face, he looked forward to the order Don t use the infantry 91 64 blood pressure 91 64 blood pressure artillery after the battle starts Wait until I force all the Yamamoto Special Forces into the gun 91 64 blood pressure tower, and then you can bombard them with infantry and bury them all in the ruins The mortars are ready to shoot first, and when the feint attack troops and devils are all on the ground, where 91 64 blood pressure the submachine guns have the most firepower, you can shoot your shells there, no need to save me As long as you can kill all the little devils in the stronghold, it s fine for you how to delete data from omron blood pressure machine to use up all the shells you brought.

It s too risky That s troublesome Zhong Chengjun frowned and analyzed.

Although the 27 mules and horses used to transport the loot were bought, these transactions were all done in private, and we robbed them all on the surface.

The devil s cotton uniforms are thick and of good quality.

But it only lasted a few seconds before regaining his fighting spirit.

It is impossible VIGA.CC 91 64 blood pressure to unify, let alone unify the entire brigade Unexpectedly, Kong Jie, who is usually calm and composed, once again walked to the front of the brigade, unknowingly unifying the equipment of the independent regiment.

He was provoked by Li Yunlong and looked down on the position of platoon leader.

He interrupted without mercy Can you please stop bragging in front of me, can t you hear that what I just said is irony Kong Jie is very good, what is not as good as you, and you still need to teach The difference I just said is that you VIGA.CC 91 64 blood pressure are worse than Kong Jie.

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Climbing to the top of the causes of low blood pressure and low heart rate gun tower, he said excitedly The opponent s strength does not exceed one platoon, and the cavalry squadron can kill them with a single assault My only concern is that if they run away without a fight, it will take a lot of time to hunt them down But the war horses we equip are better than their Mongolian horses, and we should be able to catch up with them in 91 64 blood pressure half an hour I m going to organize troops now, and wait for the opponent to get closer to the stronghold before fighting out As soon as Captain Toyoda left, Captain Fukuda also began to give orders Notify the first and second teams, the mortar team, and the first company of the Imperial Association Army, and immediately prepare to attack, just in case The vice captain asked with a puzzled look on his face Sir, what is this We will steroids increase your blood pressure are on the 91 64 blood pressure edge of the independent regiment defense zone, Any accident can happen.

The Eighth Route Army must be held back for ten hours until the second reinforcements arrive.

In the ambush that just ended, the most vivid memory is the firepower.

The brigade commander was also very angry at Li Yunlong s unauthorized actions, and opened his mouth to curse This kid 147 over 92 blood pressure means really dares 91 64 blood pressure to break into any what foods good for lowering blood pressure disaster, and it is outrageous to attack a stronghold at the risk of the base area being empty Wait When the battle is over, I will call him to the brigade headquarters and give him a good reprimand 91 64 blood pressure No, a reprimand is not a light one, I m going to give him the position of the new regiment commander and let him come to the brigade headquarters to feed the horses The chief of staff was very annoyed at Li Yunlong s private deployment of troops, but he is corned beef bad for high blood pressure still recognized Li Yunlong 91 64 blood pressure s ability to command and fight in his heart.

2.Can A Diuretic Raise Blood Pressure?

Boom Seven shells fell from the sky, and three shells just hit the defense line that the subordinates had just established.

Bang bang The two quickly fought together, but the middle aged man was obviously not as vicious as the devil In less than symptoms of too much high blood pressure medication 80 60 Blood Pressure ten seconds, the dagger in the VIGA.CC 91 64 blood pressure devil s hand stabbed hard into the middle aged man s chest Who else stands up to challenge the imperial army, wins a reward of five oceans, and leaves the stronghold The ghost translator seemed to have expected this scene, and continued looking at the panicked prisoners of war.

Boom boom boom The second round of grenades quickly fell from the sky, and the dozen or so puppet troops who managed to escape the first round of attack were drowned in the smoke The little devils who supervised the battle 91 64 blood pressure saw that the situation was not good and began to retreat But The fifty or sixty rifles on the blocking position are not 91 64 blood pressure vegetarians, and there 91 64 blood pressure are many sharpshooters among them Amidst the chaotic gunfire, four devils fell on the retreat road More than fifty Japanese and puppet troops launched a tentative attack, but the blocking troops did not use it In low blood pressure and high heart rate the case of machine guns, more than forty people were directly killed, and less than ten devils left to escape from the battlefield This scene was absolutely unexpected to symptoms of too much high blood pressure medication 80 60 Blood Pressure Chu Yunfei, both shocked and blood pressure 138 58 91 64 blood pressure Decongestant High Blood Pressure admired He decided to practice after returning to the army This style of play.

He s a fool After 91 64 blood pressure finishing speaking, he curled his lips, promised the brigade commander, and promised the brigade commander, it s his own business, anyway, it doesn t involve violation of discipline Three hours later, Ding Wei, the head of the new regiment, Arriving at the headquarters of the 91 64 blood pressure Independent Regiment Five hours later, Cheng Xiazi, the head of the 772nd Regiment, rushed to the camp of the Independent Regiment Li Yunlong was not idle, and dragged Kong Jie straight to the camps of the Independent Regiment.

There are not many people on the other side After a round of charge, we will disperse to break through, and run as many as we can The leader of the devil led the team, holding the command knife tightly in both hands, looking 132 88 Blood Pressure 91 64 blood pressure straight ahead, ready to desperately prepare.

There were only two cannonballs left 91 64 blood pressure in the regiment, the first one missed, and the hope of destroying the headquarters of the Sakata Regiment was placed directly on 91 64 blood pressure the only one remaining cannonball.

There were also a lot of grenades that directly hit the devils and 91 64 blood pressure exploded.

It can be used blood pressure 144 over 89 for two High Blood Pressure Diet 91 64 blood pressure or three years The Eighth Route Army may face heavy raids by the Japanese and puppet troops at any time, and the base area is constantly changing.

With the cooperation of the martial arts team, we successfully captured the target stronghold Huang Yu explained hastily.

The squadron leader rushed over, picked up the phone, and heard the sound 91 64 blood pressure of intensive firefights and https://www.goodrx.com/conditions/hypertension/choosing-your-blood-pressure-medication-what-type-is-best reports from his subordinates Report to the headquarters, VIGA.CC 91 64 blood pressure Ximen was attacked by the Eighth Route High Blood Pressure Chart symptoms of too much high blood pressure medication Army.

The soldiers inside must be evacuated immediately What are you still doing, go and give the order, it will be too late Chapter 91 64 blood pressure 101 Leapfrog command subscription required Long The 91 64 blood pressure gun tower in front of it was quickly hit by the second shell.

After watching for a while He gave up and decided to wait for the 91 64 blood pressure reconnaissance team to come back before making VIGA.CC 91 64 blood pressure High Blood Pressure Chart symptoms of too much high blood pressure medication https://medlineplus.gov/highbloodpressure plans.

With a long sigh, he said, Li Yunlong s crazy idea is really useful units of blood pressure When more than 3,000 High Blood Pressure Chart symptoms of too much high blood pressure medication grenades explode, even the most powerful devil will lose a layer of skin I estimate that there are at most two hundred people left in the Yamazaki Brigade 91 64 blood pressure The New Second Regiment rushed up with more than a thousand people, no matter how much we spend, we can kill them We finally won this battle If we had known that Li Yunlong had such a good idea, we should have let the New Second Regiment go first.

There is no main force of the Eighth Route Army there.

Maybe in the future when fighting devils, the new regiment will ask the independent regiment for artillery support Talent Li Yunlong sighed with emotion before the chief of staff finished speaking.

This combat style has penetrated into the bones of these old revolutionaries, and it will definitely not change in a short time, so we can only follow in a hurry The head of the group arranged a special person to watch and beat each little devil in advance, and the responsibility was assigned to the person, and the effect was very good.

Instructor Xiao will transfer him, nine riflemen, each with 91 64 blood pressure a thirty eight 91 64 blood pressure big cover, fifty One bullet, three grenades or hand grenades.

Kong Jie was still unaware of the ghostly thoughts of his blood pressure 108 83 old comrades, and immediately waved to Huang Yu who was beside him Xiao Huang, come over here.

A moment in the starry sky, a thousand years in the world.

This raid is the first real decisive battle between you and the Eighth Route Army.

The weapons in the hands of the common 91 64 blood pressure Blood Pressure Systolic Diastolic people have been taken away by the regiment headquarters, and there is no way to get them Guns.

The staff also found out the location hibiscus for high blood pressure of the troops through the guide, but they came to a High Blood Pressure Chart symptoms of too much high blood pressure medication fact that everyone could not accept.

Just as they were about to bend down, a shuttle of machine gun bullets whizzed towards them.

Kong Jie, who usually does not show his mountains and water, actually built an artillery battery But he soon regained his composure, and looked at Li Yunlong s analysis The independent regiment seized the equipment of an artillery battalion 132 88 Blood Pressure 91 64 blood pressure in Cangyunling, and the brigade commander rewarded Lao Kong with an artillery company.

On the top of the gun tower, Second Lieutenant Nakajima was waiting for the support troops to return in victory, but he saw the tragic scene of their entire army being wiped out, and almost fell to the ground in anger.

Heavy machine guns are not artillery Artillery can only attack the opponent from a long distance.

With the current fighting strength of the independent regiment, even a two on one bayonet fight is no match for the devils, but the independent regiment has a sharp weapon to break the devil s bayonet array.

Company Commander Chen, I have a question I want to discuss with you Huang Yu dragged Chen Daliang to the entrance of the village as soon as he had time to ask.

On the mountain road, more than a dozen soldiers were guarding with guns, and more than 20 soldiers were leading 91 64 blood pressure mules and horses Five mules and horses were strung together with ropes, and one soldier led them.

When ace and blood pressure the devils fully react, we already have the strength to fight What about the second reason Huang Yu continued to explain Relieve the pressure on the people in the enemy symptoms of too much high blood pressure medication 80 60 Blood Pressure occupied areas The Eighth Route Army is as close to the common people as a family.

That old devil in Yamazaki is very cunning. He built a circular position in the middle of the platform on the top of the mountain, 70 to 80 meters away from the side of the platform, which is just beyond the throwing distance of the grenade Our soldiers will be beaten into sieves as soon as they show their heads from the edge of the platform Our heavy machine guns at the foot of the mountain are also unable to High Blood Pressure Diet 91 64 blood pressure suppress the blocking firepower of the devils for this reason, and can only attack from a long distance with artillery But the heavy firepower of the attacking troops is 91 64 blood pressure seriously insufficient, and the limited artillery and shells are difficult to deal a fatal blow to the devils The two regiments that have already gone up have suffered heavy losses, and they have not even touched the edge of the Japanese position When 91 64 blood pressure attacking, we must also guard against air strikes by little devils A large proportion of all our losses are caused by the devil planes In one 132 88 Blood Pressure 91 64 blood pressure attack, the plane dropped two aerial bombs and reimbursed half of our company As a result, at the beginning 91 64 blood pressure of the attack, before the Yamazaki Brigade opened fire, the attacking troops retreated because more than half of the casualties were lost Also pay attention to the devil s mortar and grenadier attack Before the attacking troops rush to the top platform, they will mainly bear the devil s mortar and how to use moringa seed for high blood pressure grenadier attack All kinds of shells were thrown on the attacking troops as if they didn t how to stay calm for blood pressure test need money More than 20 of the soldiers who died were caused by the devil s shelling No Li Yunlong suddenly frowned and retorted.

In order to reduce casualties, we had to order the troops to withdraw from the position 91 64 blood pressure The two squadrons 91 64 blood pressure only survived 127 All other warriors fruit that lower blood pressure including Mr.

Kazuki Yamamoto High Blood Pressure Chart symptoms of too much high blood pressure medication answered firmly with his head held high.

Only then did he realize that he had underestimated the strength and appetite of the Eighth Route Army.

Captain Miyazaki 91 64 blood pressure was stunned for a moment, but he didn t expect that there were sharpshooters from the Eighth Route Army around to provide cover for their machine gun team.

He raised the box cannon and 91 64 blood pressure 173 102 blood pressure gave orders while counterattacking.

He would definitely not give up the hundreds of devils VIGA.CC 91 64 blood pressure on the road just to kill dozens of devils.

Stop this thought. The day before yesterday afternoon, Kong Jie had just delivered 300 guns and 50,000 rounds of ammunition to the brigade headquarters.

In the highly hierarchical army, any officer he pulls is his superior.

It means that the shelling just now 91 64 blood pressure killed at least twenty of his subordinates.

However, Kazuki 91 64 blood pressure Yamamoto had already learned from 91 64 blood pressure 91 64 blood pressure Decongestant High Blood Pressure the experience and lessons learned in the First World War in Yangcun that the range of the submachine gun was too short, so that the secret service team could only be passively beaten in front of light and heavy machine guns.

There are three squads with sixteen people in each squad, plus a platoon leader and a deputy platoon leader, a total of fifty people Kong Jie replied while thinking.

If the siege enemy has entered the city and starts attacking the headquarters, Yangquan County will most likely be lost.

Cannot be used, at most a dozen submachine guns and pistols were seized outside Enough Kong Jie replied very satisfied.

Let s kill the devils from behind and kill them After running more than ten meters, he saw the heavy machine gun positions and artillery positions of the devils.

It s just that the 91 64 blood pressure political commissar can t come back I failed to protect the political commissar on the battlefield, please punish high blood pressure when to go to emergency room 91 64 blood pressure the brigade commander The brigade commander s happy expression after seeing Kong Jie disappeared without a trace at this High Blood Pressure Chart symptoms of too much high blood pressure medication moment, and he let out a long sigh , patted Kong Jie on the shoulder to comfort I ve heard about Comrade Li Wenying, and it has nothing to do with you All were sacrificed in their hands, and when I received the news, I told the chief of staff The Sakata Regiment of the Japanese Army is not only the life and death enemy of the Independence Regiment, 91 64 blood pressure but also the enemy of our 386th Brigade.

Seeing the brigade commander, he began to suggest You have already eaten the fat in your mouth, and you have to swallow everything Brigade commander, we must help Kong Jie does blood pressure medicine make you feel better with this favor Although Li Jiapo killed seven or eight hundred little devils in the first battle, However, the two sides exchanged fire for too long and used a lot of heavy weapons.

It s not nothing. They evacuated Yangquan in one night, and seized more than two million rounds of bullets alone Chu Yunfei was dumbfounded when he heard that, he didn t expect such a courageous and strange person in the Eighth Route Army.

After finishing speaking, he stared at Zhong Chengjun and asked, Have you ever fought against these devils They are very powerful in combat.

Not only do they need to replenish weapons and ammunition, how to take blood pressure step by step video but also a large number of recruits and cadres You can only rely on yourself for recruits and equipment.

After years of hard work, his skills are not bad, and he can climb over a wall more than two meters high with his bare hands As long as the platoon leader trusts me, it s fine Then this matter will be settled Huang Yu immediately made a decision.

It stores half a year s combat supplies for the 4th Brigade.

When the devils fired their cannons, the soldiers drilled into the holes to ensure that they would not be bombed While speaking, the mule and horse team of the baggage company walking behind the second battalion suddenly walked VIGA.CC 91 64 blood pressure around the mountain pass and came into Shenquan s field of vision.

But they underestimated the power of a salvo of ten or twenty light and heavy machine guns.

After Maeda led the assault force out of sight, Second Lieutenant Nakajima decisively 91 64 blood pressure returned to his room, waiting for the good news.

He is cautious by nature, and he will definitely not shoot the target indiscriminately Boom The heavy machine guns on the pile quickly spewed out flames, and thick bullets fell from the sky, immediately covering the seven or eight devil agents rushing to the front.

Can only be a dead horse as a living horse doctor, bite the bullet and command the subordinates to stand by and VIGA.CC 91 64 blood pressure wait for help Everyone enters the gun tower and the bunker to block 91 64 blood pressure the Eighth Route Army The artillery unit changes into a rifle and joins the battle Experience, I don t 91 64 blood pressure know how to fight against the opponent s attacks.

Big carts The Eighth Route Army pushed the carts to attack us, and they couldn t 91 64 blood pressure block the bullets.

Kong Jie is still reliable The brigade commander s 91 64 blood pressure anger 91 64 blood pressure was replaced by a smile in an instant, and he praised happily, completely forgetting Li Yunlong s battlefield The matter of disobedience.

Captain Hiraoka s face was gloomy, he clenched his fists, feeling very blood pressure 167 115 aggrieved.

Every battle to escort the spoils carried an extra rifle on their backs, with bullet boxes strapped to their 91 64 blood pressure Decongestant High Blood Pressure waists Kong Jie knew at a glance that they had gained a lot.

The Japanese reinforcements from all walks of life will definitely retreat All the troops left behind in the defense area will gather around the Devil s Fourth Mixed Brigade, launching attacks without interruption, using all mortars and heavy machine guns, and putting on a look that we want all Annihilate their posture Until the attacking troops return 91 64 blood pressure to the base safely The chief of staff must tell the brigade commander everything I told him, and ask the brigade commander to send other nearby Eighth Route Army troops to cooperate 91 64 blood pressure The battle is over, No matter how much weapons and ammunition they consume, all the independent regiments will be returned in double Boom The sound of violent explosions continued to resound in the middle of the Yamazaki Brigade s position, although the Devil Mortar Squadron fired a few shots to move their position once to avoid being caught by the Eighth Route Army The artillery was on.

This is the idea put forward by Staff Officer Huang As long as we are fast enough and the troops cooperate well enough, it s not a bad idea 91 64 blood pressure to eat the devils two attacking troops in a row How is the state of the soldiers, can they continue to fight The shocked expression on Shen Quan symptoms of too much high blood pressure medication s face was immediately replaced by excitement, and he replied without hesitation Although I am a little tired, everyone s morale is very high.

Give weapons to those who need them It s fine if Kong Jie didn 91 64 blood pressure t add this sentence, but after adding this sentence, everyone can see that he doesn t have three hundred taels of silver here, and he is eyeing the crooked trick that Huang Yu snatched back.

Don t look for him, he s not here Kong Jie laughed.

But the independent group did not give them this opportunity.

Before the battle, Kong Jie concentrated all the submachine guns and pistols equipped by the whole regiment into one or four battalions more than 30 submachine guns, more than 60 Mauser pistols, more than 100 bastard boxes strangled with the devils Then shoot at close range, and it is safe to kill three or four hundred devils.

The worry on the brigade commander s face did not ease, he shook his head and analyzed I am worried because he is a fierce general.

If 91 64 blood pressure Zhang Dashan does not act for a day, the cavalry squadron will symptoms of too much high blood pressure medication not leave for a day We 91 64 blood pressure have time to prepare slowly.

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