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Analysis of the development trend of the toilet industry in 2020

Household water is mainly concentrated on faucets, toilets and showers. With the improvement of people’s awareness of water conservation and the rise of water prices, more and more residents are beginning to care about whether their sanitary ware is water-saving. With the intelligent development of toilets, water saving is also one of the mainstream of its development. For more industry development, please refer to the toilet development prospect report.

Flush toilets become mainstream in the market

Compared with siphon toilets, flush toilets have the following advantages:

1. The flush toilet uses the water tank drop to flush. The siphon toilet creates a siphon vortex in the toilet through the S-shaped return structure below the toilet to achieve the flushing effect, so the flush toilet is more water-saving ;

2. The flush toilet has a large direct flushing force, and the toilet itself has a simple structure. There is no S-bend for sucking back in a siphon toilet, so the flush toilet is easy to flush off the dirt adhering to the surface of the toilet. ;

3. The water pipe of the flush toilet is large in diameter, which is easy to wash down the larger dirt, and the flushing effect is far better than the siphon toilet.

The flush toilet has the advantages that the siphon toilet does not have, and the flush toilet has become the mainstream in the market.

Toilets pay more attention to water saving

Due to global water shortages and rising water prices, people pay more attention to the water-saving performance of toilets. For example, my country’s new national standard GB6952-2005 makes water consumption a mandatory clause. CE certification of the European Union and the United States

UPC certification regards toilet water consumption as an important item of its certification.

Water saving grade label. At present, there are many types of water-saving toilets on the market. Water-saving toilets save water through water-saving water fittings. At present, there are more and more choices of water-saving water fittings, from 3/6L double-stage toilets to 4 liters of water toilet, in addition, pressure-sealed flushing device is also used in the toilet.

The requirements for the function of the toilet are constantly increasing

With the improvement of people’s living standards, the requirements for the function of the toilet are also continuously improved, which is mainly reflected in the continuous improvement of the technical requirements for the flushing function of the toilet in the standards of various countries. In particular, the promulgation and implementation of my country’s new national standards and the EU Directive 89/106/EEC have imposed stricter requirements on the flushing function of the toilet. This requires companies to devote more energy to the development of new products and increase the basic research on the function of toilets.

Intelligent toilet development

The smart toilet originated in the United States and is used for medical treatment and elderly care. It was initially equipped with a warm water washing function. Later, through South Korea, Japanese sanitary ware companies gradually introduced technology and started manufacturing, adding various functions such as heating of the toilet cover, warm water washing, warm air drying, and sterilization. At present, there are two types of smart toilets on the market, one is smart toilets with cleaning, heating, sterilization, etc., and the other is smart toilets that can automatically replace films.

Smart toilets can be said to be a hot topic in the sanitary ware industry. Washing replaces toilet paper, triggering a revolution in sanitary ware, technology, convenience, and sanitation. This is the future development trend of sanitary ware. For the majority of consumers, a general new product has a process from recognition to acceptance to pursuit.

With the continuous development of bathroom functions, the humanized shape and functional design make the toilet stand tall, reflecting the owner’s pursuit of a comfortable life and a healthy life. Nano antibacterial seat ring, paperless warm water cleaning, automatic flushing and automatic deodorization, constant temperature seat ring, multiple intelligent “insurance” barriers, etc. are all humanized designs of smart toilets.



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