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Face The Challenge Of Snow And Ice – ARROW Sanitary S6 Intelligent Toilet Industry’s First Extreme Cold Challenge

Face The Challenge Of Snow And Ice – ARROW Sanitary S6 Intelligent Toilet Industry’s First Extreme Cold Challenge

Just as people feel the warm atmosphere of the Winter Olympics, an industry-first extreme challenge against outdoor severe cold also unfolded in a high profile. This not only witnessed the birth of the Winter Olympic medal, but also revealed the unique champion quality of the ARROW intelligent toilet.

With the grand opening of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, the ice and snow arena is staging a scene of “speed and passion”, which attracts the attention of the world. As the official exclusive supplier of the National Stadium, ARROW also actively participated. They went to Zhangjiakou, the host city of this year’s Winter Olympics, to open the industry’s first intelligent toilet cold environment challenge, and pay tribute to the Olympic spirit!


01 Appearance

Streamlined Appearance In Line With Modern Aesthetics


ARROW S6 Rilis Relax

At first glance, the modern minimalist design of the ARROW bathroom S6 intelligent toilet is convincing. The design patent ZL202030372564.4 integrates the design concept of a modern home for the product. The main color of white symbolizes the elegant and soft ice and snow, which is very much in line with the theme of the Winter Olympics, while the black back cover breaks the tradition to integrate new ideas into the product. The “white plus black” color combination reminds people of the Winter Olympics mascot “Bingdundun”. This adds a few surprises to this outdoor extreme challenge.

640 2

Large intelligent knob design full of humane: flush, stop a key knob control. Give it with the lake blue ambient light, which makes it look very technological sense. The combination of its practicality and aesthetics complement each other.



02 Heating

The Perfect Experience Of Continuous Constant Temperature

This extreme challenge chose Zhangjiakou city as the test site. This is not only because of its status as an Olympic city, but also from its special natural environment.


The Olympic city of Zhangjiakou is located in the north of China. It has an altitude of 1300-1600 meters. The snow storage period in winter is more than 150 days long. Its average temperature is below -10℃ for a long time. It is undoubtedly a natural ice and snow testing ground, and also a stage for challenging the extremely cold environment.

It is worth mentioning that this challenge is the first time in the industry that the intelligent toilet is tested in an extremely cold environment. This means that this challenge is the most severe test of the quality of ARROW sanitary products.

640 2

Product Appearance

640 4

▲Product details

In the face of difficult challenges, ARROW Sanitary S6 intelligent toilet still played well: under the harsh outdoor environment of sporadic snow and temperature as low as -15℃, after turning on the heating function to ARROW Sanitary S6 intelligent toilet, it can quickly warm up to 38℃ after being used for 16 minutes. This shows its excellent heating efficiency and speed.

640 3

In the constant temperature challenge, ARROW Sanitary S6 intelligent toilet still performed outstandingly: under the extremely cold conditions, its intelligent toilet seat can maintain the temperature of 26, 38 and 30℃ in three low, medium and high gears respectively. It is stable and long-lasting.

640 3

Heating Temperature Change

640 1

Temperature Change Of Constant Temperature

In such a cold and harsh outdoor extreme environment, the ARROW bathroom S6 intelligent toilet can still show the hard strength of extremely fast heating. As an extreme challenge, its performance is already quite outstanding, and it is conceivable that its performance in indoor toileting scenes will be even better.

Higher, faster, stronger! While witnessing the birth of the first gold medal, ARROW Sanitary S6 intelligent toilet also took the strength of quick heating and constant temperature shown in the outdoor cold environment. This is a wonderful interpretation of the Olympic spirit.


In this outdoor extreme challenge, the ARROW bathroom S6 intelligent toilet defeated the heavy obstacles of snow and outdoor cold in one go. This fully demonstrated the champion quality of the ARROW bathroom, and moreover won a special milestone achievement in the bathroom industry!


03 Drying Chapter

Instant Disintegration Of Small Snowflakes

On the field, international athletic events ignite the audience’s enthusiasm for ice and snow sports. Under the field, ARROW bathroom (hot air drying function of the intelligent toilet) for the user’s healthy life escort.  So, the ARROW bathroom S6 intelligent toilet drying efficiency limit challenge will have what kind of performance?

640 5

In the test, the test props with snow frost were prepared in advance and the side with frost towards the air outlet of ARROW bathroom S6 intelligent toilet. Turn on the drying function, and with the built-in camera to observe the process of frost change.

640 6

Frost Melting

Under the camera, it can be clearly observed that the frost on the props gradually melted and disintegrated under the hot air blowing from the drying function of the ARROW bathroom, and finally turned into water droplets. This is enough to show that even in the extreme environment, the effect of the warm air still maintains its original color and is satisfactory.


04 Energy Consumption

Energy Saving And Power Saving, Home Preferred

It is understood that the Beijing Winter Olympics attaches great importance to the concept of green. This is the first Olympic Games in the history of the Olympic Games 100% use of green and clean electricity, and ARROW bathroom intelligent toilet will integrate the concept of green products into the development and design of the product.

640 7

When the test team does not use the smart toilet (24 hours), the ARROW bathroom smart toilet enters the power-saving mode of low power standby state. What is the energy consumption of this ARROW bathroom S6?

640 4

It is not difficult to see that in the case of 24 hours standby, power consumption is only 0.054 degrees. That is, if no one is using it at home, it will not consume too much power. Excellent performance in energy saving and environmental protection. After the purchase, there is no need to worry about power consumption.


05 Water Saving

Save More Than Six Times Than The Ordinary Toilet

As one of the competition venues of Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics and Winter Paralympic Games Zhangjiakou – Genting Ski Park, has its own unique “water-saving black technology”: snowmaking can save about 20% of water per cubic meter. Let’s test to prove the water-saving ability of the ARROW bathroom intelligent toilet.

Comparison Of Water Consumption

640 5

The above chart from left to right are: the water consumption of ARROW bathroom S6 intelligent toilet remote flush is about 1.4L; the water consumption of induction flush is 3.25L; the water consumption of ordinary toilet flush is 8.5L.

It is not difficult to see that this S6 intelligent toilet in the water consumption is more than 6 times better than the ordinary toilet. In terms of water-saving, its performance is very outstanding.


06 Anti-Bacteria Chapter

Self-Cleaning Anti-Bacteria Function

Just as “BIngdundun” has a wonderful ice crystal shell, ARROW bathroom S6 intelligent toilet also has a magical protection shield – an anti-bacteria foam shield: when the user is seated, the intelligent toilet will be covered with a layer of honeycomb foam. This effectively prevents splashing, anti-bacteria and anti-odor at the same time, so as to say goodbye to the unpleasant experience after the toilet and make cleaning more convenient and effective.

ARROW Sanitary S6 Intelligent Toilet Industry

In the test experiment, when the experimental props simulating dirt falls into the foam shield, the foam gently embraces the props. No splash, no splash, and the effect are remarkable. At the same time, the inner ceramic wall of the smart toilet was evenly covered with lubricating liquid. This prevents dirt from sticking and can effectively isolate bacteria. It can solve the cleanliness problem from the root.

The experiment found that when users flush after leaving the seat, ARROW bathroom S6 intelligent toilet’s ultra-clean anti-bacteria water gives the toilet a cleaner experience. ARROW bathroom S6 intelligent toilet comprehensively improves the dual toilet experience of anti-bacteria on the landing and anti-bacteria on the leaving seat.

After the above tests, the ARROW bathroom S6 toilet successfully passed the extreme challenges, a perfect ending!



During the Winter Olympic Games, ARROW launched this outdoor extreme cold challenge, moreover, it created the first outdoor extreme test in the sanitary industry. ARROW bathroom intelligent toilet has overcome the harsh outdoor cold environment. Its S6 products have won many international internal awards (2021 German Red Dot Award, Red Tripod Award, Boiling Cup Award) and patents, showing the champion quality with hard-core strength. It has successfully created a historic record in the bathroom industry and become a true champion without fear of cold!



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