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Do a good job in the whole process of faucet sales

How to do a good job in faucet sales? Below, VIGA will tell you in detail.

1. Mutual understanding

When we start selling, we first want to understand each other’s life habits, personality, etc. in contact. The faucet sales process is the same. When a customer comes to buy a product, he must understand what kind of product the customer wants. If the customer wants to buy a faucet, what kind of faucet does he want? At what price, etc. We want to help the product make customers like it. After understanding the customer’s needs, the salesperson must clearly tell the customer that the faucet you recommend can meet the basic needs he wants, and tell him the price of this product. Of course The quotation should give both parties a room for bargaining, and we have to coax the customer to make him feel that the product is cheap.

2, mutual suspicion

The seven-year itch is unavoidable between husband and wife, and suspicion and quarrel between couples who get along for a long time are also inevitable. So if you want to go on for a long time, you must eliminate the other party’s doubts. This stage of the couple is the white-hot stage of the sales process. When the salesperson and the customer understand each other, the customer will think about why I should believe what you say. Everyone will talk about their own things. What you can actually give me What’s more? At this time, the salesperson must send a clear signal to the customer: Our products will make you feel that the quality is reliable, and the perfect after-sales service will fulfill my promise to you. By presenting facts and reasoning, customers believe that the product is His destined “Snow White”.

3. Blind date and love a family

Falling in love is when both parties experience friction and still recognize each other, then they will move on to a new milestone in life-marriage. The same is true for sales. When a customer understands your product and the service you provide him, he will naturally have a strong desire to buy, and finally the two parties will reach a deal.

A successful sales process will inevitably help customers solve the following 4 problems:

What are you selling to me?

how much is it?

Why should I believe you?

What can your products bring to me?

and the answer we can give customers is

I can bring you a higher return;

allows you to check whether our products or services are credible;

I will use facts to prove that I can indeed fulfill my promise to you.

Sales are like a month old, our faucet products are like Cupid. One of the key points of sales is to give vitality to the product, turn the product into the lover of the customer, let the product establish a good emotional connection with the customer, and fall in love with our product.



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