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From bathroom cabinets to whole-house customization

In the bathroom industry rumors say: “the tree has a root water has source, stainless steel cabinet can not forget Yang Jiaquan” Indeed, he is the founder of the first stainless steel bathroom, he is also the creator of the stainless steel bathroom cabinet category.
At the same time, he used love and good deeds to drive more relatives into the industry, and he never forget the birth of his hometown, help his hometown to repair roads, build learning, financial support for the elderly and students in need. He treats his employees like family, and many of them have been following him since he started his business.

A caring person must have a heart of craftsmanship, and a kind-hearted person must have a sense of responsibility.


In the occasional opportunity, market insight, he firmly believes in the value of stainless steel and market-oriented position, in understanding the material and characteristics of stainless steel, sprouted the desire to do stainless steel bathroom cabinet brand, after careful consideration, Yang Jiaquan founded the “LGDG” brand, become the first bathroom industry courage to do stainless steel bathroom cabinet people.


Now LGDG plowed the bathroom industry for many years, from stainless steel bathroom cabinet development to stainless steel full bathroom customization field, he always adhere to the original intention, forge ahead.
Under the leadership of Yang Jiaquan, LGDG Sanitary Ware takes the product as the core, insists on innovation and research and development of original products, quickly opens the market in the field of stainless steel bathroom cabinets, and lays the leading position of LGDG Sanitary Ware in the stainless steel bathroom cabinet industry.

Strength precipitation, with products back to consumers

With the change of consumer habits, people tend to high standardization of the quality of home life, the needs of users from a single to diversified constantly changing.
From single products to customized products, and then to the new concept of whole-house customization, it is easy to see from this series of changes in demand, the consumer market has been towards customization development trend.

From bathroom cabinets to whole-house customization - News - 1

LGDG sanitary ware has been in the industry attention, when other brands due to serious product homogenization, deep in the price war, it has been able to be unique, make a different product process, stand out product features, have become the reason for the LGDG sanitary ware in the market popular.

This year LGDG sanitary ware second half of the year has also been constantly adhere to the original new product launch, in the second half of the year launched the autumn and winter models T series products, with a warm heart for customer service, empowering the terminal market, to help promote the industry diversified trend of new fashion.

From bathroom cabinets to whole-house customization - News - 2

The new autumn and winter models on the new, bring a lot of fashionable, novel stainless steel bathroom cabinet products, breaking the conventional use of classic elements and modern trend elements collide with each other to create a mix of space aesthetics.

At the same time there are new rock plate seamless splicing ceramic basin and the launch of the Corian basin are popular to by consumers.

Seize the stainless steel market and overcome the difficulties of full bathroom customization

As the general characteristics of stainless steel durable and practical, Yang Jiaquan in the fast-paced society, hit the rhythm of their own, good at seizing market opportunities, go forward.
In order to meet the market consumer changes, LGDG sanitary ware began to put forward the concept of “stainless steel full bathroom customization”. Yang Jiaquan know from the focus on stainless steel bathroom cabinets to stainless steel bathroom cabinets full bathroom customization of the transformation.
This is the need for a process of transition, which is not a one-time thing.
Hearing that there are successive, specializing in the field, we just have to do a fine job of deep plowing their own field, in order to achieve the boutique.


New channel transformation, the courage to explore new markets

2022 home building materials industry market, but also by real estate, the epidemic and other major environmental impact, the overall bathroom industry market as a whole are showing a decline in the state.
And LGDG sanitary ware is also subject to certain sexual impact, but Longden sanitary ware timely adjustment strategy layout convenience, constantly cater to consumers and the market, seize market opportunities, take the initiative to adjust the product line, so that LGDG this year is still maintaining a relatively stable state



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