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How to choose a kitchen sink

The sink is often the easiest to ignore in the kitchen durable goods. Only by looking at the kitchen can you know the owner’s living taste. As a place for the family to communicate emotionally and taste, the kitchen is becoming more and more important in Chinese families. To have a high-quality and efficient kitchen, a sink that plays a role in cleaning is a vital role.

The size varies from kitchen to kitchen. Don’t blindly increase the size, causing inconvenience in use.

The single slot is often the choice for families with too small kitchen space. It is inconvenient in use and can only meet the most basic cleaning functions. The double slot design is widely used in homes. Whether it is two or three rooms, double slots can To meet the needs of separate cleaning and conditioning, it is also the first choice because it occupies an appropriate space. Because the three-slot or mother-slot tanks are mostly shaped, they are more suitable for large kitchens with individual styles. They are quite practical because they can soak or wash at the same time. Many functions, such as storage, can also separate raw and cooked food, saving time and effort.

Kitchen sinks are divided into steel enamel, ceramics, artificial stones, acrylic, crystal stone sinks, stainless steel, cast iron enamels, etc. according to materials; single basins, double basins, double size basins, and double shaped basins according to style.

Sink material: mainly stainless steel, artificial stone, ceramics and granite, which can be selected according to the style of the cabinet, the material of the countertop and the usage habits.

1.Ceramics: Ceramic materials are heavy. It is best to explain clearly when purchasing cabinets so that the cabinet and the countertop can give the sink sufficient support. The ceramic sink is resistant to high temperatures, easy to clean, and resistant to aging, but to avoid collisions and scratches with hard objects. When cleaning, you can choose one hundred clean cloth, if you encounter stubborn stains, you can also use wire, but you must wipe it gently.

2.Stainless steel: Stainless steel sinks are the most widely used, and their metal texture can be better integrated into the overall style of the kitchen. There are many types of stainless steel. Among them, the most suitable for manufacturing the sink is European 304 stainless steel, which is corrosion-resistant, oxidation-resistant, tough, durable.

Stainless steel sinks are best cold-stretched to ensure that the internal physical structure of the steel is not damaged and to maintain the original corrosion resistance. The bottom of the basin does not require coating, is tough and durable, and is often new. The stainless steel water tank cast by the cold drawing process does not require coating, so a mercerized surface polished many times is a good choice. Some people think that the matte surface looks more quality. In fact, the matte surface of the sink is an oxide coating formed on the surface of the basin after electrolytic treatment. When the coating is peeled off, the basin will soon be corroded, so it is not Great choice. If you don’t like the mercerized surface treatment, you can also choose precision embossing, which is a treatment method that is more resistant to scratches than ordinary polished surfaces.

3. Granite: Granite (quartz) water tank, made of the hardest high-purity quartz material in granite (quartz), mixed with food-grade high-performance resin, and high-temperature die-casting through high-tech technology. Granite sinks are hard to be scratched by general ironware, can effectively prevent scratches and dirt, and can withstand high temperatures of 300 degrees Celsius without fading. Granite (quartz) water tank raw materials are environmentally friendly, non-toxic, non-radiating, recyclable, and waste disposal is pollution-free. The granite sink process is integrally formed at one time, and does not crack because it does not need to be welded like the stainless steel sink.

4.Artificial stone: Artificial stone is usually used for cabinet countertops. It is rich in color and can be used with a variety of styles of cabinets. However, the texture is not as hard as stainless steel. Avoid using tools or hard objects to prevent scratches on the surface or damage to the finish. The artificial stone sink needs a hard-working “owner”. After each use, the water stains on the surface need to be gently wiped off with a cloth. If it is not cleaned for a long time, it will easily cause stubborn stains.

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