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How to choose the best kitchen faucets?

Different from bathroom faucets, functionality is an important indicator for purchasing kitchen faucets. Hot and cold water, stretchable, filtering, and touch are all advanced options of kitchen faucets in terms of functions.
1.Hot and cold water
A standard function of a qualified kitchen faucet. Installing one can solve a lot of troubles, especially in the winter. You must use hot and cold water faucets to install hot water and use it immediately. Washing dishes in the winter will not freeze your hands .
2.Pull down or pull out
One of the standard functions of the kitchen faucet, the main role is to expand the cleaning range, especially the kitchen uses a double sink, a pull-out faucet is the existence of a fetish.
Some kitchen faucets have a filtering function and are generally larger in shape, but there are also designs in which the filter element and the faucet are separated.

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The beautiful kitchen faucet will refresh the sink and even the entire kitchen. The key factor that determines the beauty of a kitchen faucet, in addition to the overall shape, is also its “outerwear.”
Many household kitchens use stainless steel sinks, and a chrome-plated faucet is most suitable at this time, because chrome can bring a shiny surface to the faucet, of course, you can also choose stainless steel faucets directly.
2.antique copper
If the kitchen uses a copper sink, you can choose a classic antique faucet with a copper-like surface.
The surface of this faucet is smooth, and has a delicate texture and is infectious.

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The average consumer only looks at the appearance and function when buying a kitchen faucet, but if you want to become an advanced consumer, you must pass the material barrier.
At present, most kitchen faucets on the market use copper as the main material. Copper contains copper ions, which prevents bacteria from growing inside the faucet. But copper grows patina, if the surface treatment is poor, the outer plating may peel off after a long time.
There are many kinds of copper, and different countries have different requirements for copper. At present, common copper faucets are national standard copper, non-standard copper, lead-free copper, H59 copper, H65 copper, DR copper, etc.
2.stainless steel
In addition to copper faucets, stainless steel faucets are also common, especially in the area of ​​kitchen faucets. This type of faucet must use SUS304 stainless steel. The advantage is that it does not contain lead and does not rust, but it also requires maintenance. It must be wiped frequently to keep it dry. In addition, because stainless steel is difficult to process, the price is generally higher than that of copper faucets, and there is no change in copper faucets in shape.

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Other Details
The kitchen faucet may seem simple, but it has many parts and complicated structure. In addition to paying attention to the big aspects, some details should not be ignored.
The faucet is used to discharge water first, and the quality of the effluent directly determines whether a faucet is good or not. The water outlet effect of the faucet is mainly determined by the aerator. A good aerator can bring excellent water outlet effect. It not only feels soft, but also effectively saves water and prevents water splashing.
2.Surface treatment
Surface treatment determines the life of the faucet. Take chrome plating as an example. Good treatment makes the surface of the faucet smooth and washable, and it is difficult to get scratches for a long time. Poor treatment can make the surface appear uneven, and sometimes there are welding marks, resulting in white or yellow spots will get peel.
3.outlet pipe
The kitchen faucet has a complicated structure, and the outlet pipe can be stretched, and some can be rotated 360 degrees. Therefore, pay attention to the feel of the outlet pipe when purchasing.
Water tap valve core generally is ceramic valve core. It is recommended to purchase a ceramic valve core here because the kitchen faucet can usually output hot and cold water, and hot water may cause deformation of rubber, copper, etc., or foreign matter precipitation.
5.inlet hose
The water inlet hose is also part of the kitchen faucet. If the quality is not high enough, it will seep or burst directly. In addition, the water inlet pipe is preferably equipped with a filter screen, which can filter out some impurities in the water.



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