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Huida Bathroom Creates A New Business Card Of Chinese Ceramic Intellectual Manufacturing To The World

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In the afternoon of July 28, with the theme of “meet 5G, intelligent manufacturing”, “2021 China ceramic and sanitary digital intelligent manufacturing forum” in Guangzhou Ceramic Industry Exhibition was held. This is organized by the China Ceramic Industry Association, kitchen and bathroom information, ceramic information, ceramic network, Guangdong New Union Exhibition Service Company, and co-sponsored by the China Industrial Cooperation Association home furnishing branch. Huida bathroom brand director Yang Hongping delivered a speech “big country brand, for the beautiful wisdom of manufacturing. Huida lead the new era of Chinese ceramic wisdom manufacturing.

Huida Bathroom Creates A New Business Card Of Chinese Ceramic Intellectual Manufacturing To The World - Blog - 1


Grace to a place, benefit to eight places

Huida bathroom is located in Tangshan, Hebei, is the only one of the four head enterprises in the north. After nearly 40 years of development, it now has two production bases in Tangshan and Chongqing. It has a global presence in more than 100 countries and regions. The domestic ground dealer stores exceeded 2,000.

Huida had a mission at the beginning of its establishment. It was established after the Tangshan earthquake, and the mission of Huida is “a place of grace, Huida eight”. The meaning of this is to enrich the local people. It has also been making its due contribution to society. When the outbreak of the epidemic in 2020, Huida will be the first time to the Vulcan Mountains to aid sanitary products, and then successively aid 47 hospitals across the country.

In the face of people’s growing demand for upgrading sanitary products and the need to enjoy life, Huida bathroom brand concept is also upgraded. It is committed to providing users with a beautiful bathroom enjoyment, and let every stay of consumers and users in the bathroom be enjoyable. Yang Hongping said that the bathroom in the past are functional space, use it and go. We hope that the future consumers inside the bathroom is not used up and go, but even if nothing is done, are willing to stay in the bathroom for a while longer.

In 2018, Huida has upgraded the brand image, mainly to match the requirements of young people now for the quality of life in the bathroom. Huida bathroom from the source of reform, update the corporate logo. Its main color from the stable business dark blue, changed to the current “new Huida blue”. It represents the color of youth.

Secondly, Huida keeps up with the trend from the product design side. It has developed the appearance, function and taste of fancy bathroom goodies. More and more of its products have won international awards such as the Red Dot Award and the iF Design Award. It and began to transform from product-oriented to user-oriented. It has increased its investment in young people’s platforms, planning activities and topics that young people love, forming immersive experiences and deep interactions.

Huida Bathroom Creates A New Business Card Of Chinese Ceramic Intellectual Manufacturing To The World - Blog - 2

Huida also signed the Chinese women’s volleyball team in 2019 and became a CCTV Great Nation Brand last year. It is also the only brand inside the industry that has two top IPs at the same time.

Huida Bathroom Creates A New Business Card Of Chinese Ceramic Intellectual Manufacturing To The World - Blog - 3


Chinese brands rise to the world

The English-speaking world named China (CHINA) after porcelain (chinaware). Ceramics is a business card of China to the world. Ceramic craftsmanship embodies the process of Chinese people’s down-to-earth, meticulous work and pursuit of their dreams. The development of ceramic culture is a microcosm of China’s economic and social development. Huida started with ceramics and made a living from it.

In 2020, the 127th Canton Fair cloud exhibition, Premier Li Keqiang connected with Huida bathroom president Wang Yanqing, and encouraged Huida: “traditional industries do a good job, as usual, you can dig out the ‘gold mine’.”

All along, Huida’s philosophy of product quality is “rather smash ten million pieces, not sell a disability. In the Huida Sanitary Ceramics Museum, there is a carving of the content of the Huida chairman who is holding a hammer to smash the unqualified toilet. This is to insist that all products should be first-class factory, second-class products are not allowed to enter the market.

Huida Bathroom Creates A New Business Card Of Chinese Ceramic Intellectual Manufacturing To The World - Blog - 4

After more than 40 years of reform and opening up, the overall strength and manufacturing level of China has come to the forefront of the world. In 2015, the central government put forward “Made in China 2025” to comprehensively promote the implementation of a strong manufacturing country. With the development of several years, “new national products” has become a buzzword sought after by young consumers.

Baidu released the 2020 National Tide Data, which shows that in the search index of young people, the data of domestic brands and national brands are rising rapidly. Meanwhile, a survey shows that the post-00s and post-90s are more patriotic than the previous generation and identify more with Chinese brands and Chinese culture. Because they are born in a fast-growing China, born in a China with an increasing international positioning, and now it is also an opportunity for Chinese brands to rise to the world.

The current era, should be the Chinese brand to accelerate the golden age of domestic substitution, including the recent Xinjiang cotton and Hongxing Erke incident. Everyone for the domestic brand will become a very important opportunity for all Chinese brands in the future.

Yang Hongping believes that this window period has come, which is the Chinese dividend. The general secretary has also said that the people’s aspiration for a better life is our goal. All the brands are to enable consumers to use better products, so that consumers have a big improvement in the quality of life.

The new era of Chinese ceramic wisdom has come

In March 2021, Huida Chongqing 5G ceramic production base put into operation. This serves as Huida’s first demonstration base of 5G industrial Internet innovation. It is also the first demonstration base of innovation of 5G industrial Internet in Chongqing.

The 5G smart factory established by Huida is the future of ceramic manufacturing with directional leadership. The manufacturing process of traditional industrial ceramics, including the production environment, labor costs and environmental protection and other pain points, needs to be resolved. And through the 5G smart factory, it can achieve a reduction in the use of manpower, production efficiency and product qualification rate improvement, as well as environmental protection, low-carbon, efficient production.

Yang Hongping revealed that the entire production process of Huida’s 5G smart factory achieves full automation. It makes extensive use of robots and automated equipment – automatic high-pressure equipment, fully automated blank conveying system, glazing robots, polishing robots, intelligent three-dimensional warehouse, etc. Its high-pressure injection molding workshop, glazing workshop, drying workshop, billet repairing workshop, tunnel kiln, packing, storage and other key locations are all unmanned production. It uses robot arm, AGV, RGV and other forms of work.

Huida Bathroom Creates A New Business Card Of Chinese Ceramic Intellectual Manufacturing To The World - Blog - 5

It realizes 100% data collection of the whole production process through mobile PDA, barcode collector, industrial camera, PLC, sensor, RFID, DCS and other hardware devices to realize the digitalization of the whole production process. The key point here is that Huida has nearly 40 years of experience in ceramic manufacturing, so our understanding of ceramic manufacturing, including the accumulation of experts and technical personnel, is relatively leading in the industry.

Huida’s future plans for the smart factory is to use 5G technology, mechanization, automation, information technology, digitalization, intelligent and other organic integration, and to create a smart factory of the eight core capabilities. Huida will achieve intelligent logistics and distribution, digital kanban and analysis, full quality traceability and analysis, equipment status monitoring and data collection, system process management & ESOP, order integration & planning scheduling, production process control and real-time quality control and early warning.

Huida Bathroom Creates A New Business Card Of Chinese Ceramic Intellectual Manufacturing To The World - Blog - 6

Huida’s 5G smart factory is fully laid out with the application of 5G signals to achieve horizontal integration of distributors, suppliers, user data access, including internal access to information of various systems. Whether it is the R & D design side, supply chain, or manufacturing, logistics and distribution, sales services and other data are all connected. This is also a very significant challenge, Huida now vigorously promote information technology, digitalization and other aspects of the work. Ministry of Industry and Information Technology for Huida such enterprises also have very much support and guidance.

The future may be different factories and different production areas of how to collaborate. Huida has started and will continue to carry out, and will not end. China’s ceramics intelligent manufacturing new era is coming. All industrial production will also continue to upgrade with the rising demand for a better life.



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