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In 2022, The Development Trend Of The Smart Toilet Market: Technological Innovation Is The Most Core Of The Industry’s Future Development?

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One, the industry chain of intelligent toilet industry

The intelligent toilet, also known as intelligent toilet or electronic toilet, belongs to the field of construction and drainage materials. It refers to the sanitary apparatus controlled by electronic circuit installed on the traditional ceramic or plastic toilet base, and it has the functions of cleaning the human buttocks, buttock drying, seat heating and environmental deodorization.

In the industry chain, the upstream of the intelligent toilet industry is mainly raw material suppliers, including water system suppliers, circuit system suppliers and ceramic suppliers. The midstream is the production chain, including manufacturers and brand owners. The downstream of the industry chain is mainly used in real estate, decoration, building materials, home users and other fields.

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The industry chain of intelligent toilet industry    Source: Public information collation


Second, the status of the intelligent toilet industry

1、Average retail price

In 2018, the average sales price of the online toilet cover was 1,935 yuan. It dropped to 1,522 yuan in January-November 2021, with a price reduction of up to 21.3%. The same is true for all-in-one products. In 2018, the average sales price of all-in-one units online was $3,943. In January-November 2021, the sales price was $2,973, with a price reduction of up to 33%. The decline in the average price of the product is more conducive to promoting consumer purchases and accelerating the popularization process of smart toilets.

In 2018-2021, the average retail price of the Chinese smart toilet online market

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Source: AVC, collated by Huajing Industrial Research Institute


2、Price range

In 2021, China’s online channels have the most sales of smart toilet all-in-one machines in the price range of 2,500-2,999 yuan, accounting for 27%. In addition, although the proportion of 3000-3499 yuan price range is 15.76% and located in the fourth position, it has a large increase, up 3.13% year-on-year. Consumers are expected to favor the future price band is mainly located in 2500-3499 yuan.

In 2021, the range distribution of the price of smart toilet all-in-one machine in the online channel

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Source: AVC, Huajing Industrial Research Institute

From the online sales data of smart toilet cover, in 2021, it has the most sales of smart toilet cover in the price band below 1000 yuan, and its annual sales are about 298,400 units, accounting for 35.2%. From the point of view of the rise and fall, the price band of 1000-1499 yuan and 3000-3499 yuan accounted for different degrees of rise, respectively, an increase of 4.44% and 1.39% year-on-year, and other price bands accounted for a year-on-year decline. The trend of low-cost popularity of the smart toilet cover is significant. Its price band is mainly concentrated in the price below 1499 yuan.

In 2021, the range distribution of the price of smart toilet cover online channel

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Source: AVC, organized by Huajing Industry Research Institute

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Third, the competition pattern of the intelligent toilet industry

1、Enterprise classification

Intelligent toilet technology is complex, involving water, electricity, heating, mechanical, sensing, injection molding, welding and many other fields. It has fewer supporting enterprises and a higher entry threshold. China’s intelligent toilet mainly includes the following three types of enterprises: sanitary ware, home appliances and professional electronic appliances.

Classification of domestic intelligent toilet enterprises     Source: public information collation

2、Market share

In 2021, for the top 10 models in the line of Q1 smart toilet all-in-one machine share, Chinese domestic brands occupy seven seats. From the average price of the all-in-one machine, the average price of domestic brands is generally lower than foreign brands, with a significant cost-performance advantage.

In 2021, the top 10 models of the line of intelligent toilet integrated machine in Q1

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Source: AVC, Huajing Industrial Research Institute finishing

In 2021, the number of supporting projects of smart toilet in the finishing market is 843, up 39.8% year-on-year. The matching scale is 727,000 sets, an increase of 35.8% compared with 2020. Its allocation rate reached 25.4%, up 8.9 percentage points. In addition, in 2021, the combined market share of Top 5 brands in the finishing smart toilet market is 69.8%, down 3.1% year-on-year.

In 2019-2021, the share of Top 5 brands of smart toilet packages in the finishing market

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Source: AVC, collated by Huajing Industrial Research Institute


Fourth, in 2022, the development trend of the intelligent toilet industry

1、The development trend of product technology

The core of the future development of the intelligent toilet industry is the innovation of technology. Improve the function of the intelligent toilet by upgrading technology and expand the sales market of the product. The current product technology is transformed from the traditional storage heat type to the instant heat type. And the common promotion of the major intelligent sanitary ware brands, namely the heat type technology has become the future core production technology of the intelligent toilet industry.

For a long time, because the intelligent toilet has the following problems, such as: storage water temperature is not constant, slow heating, etc., consumers are not satisfied. And now the use of instantaneous heating technology production of intelligent toilet can effectively solve this problem, thereby enhancing consumer satisfaction and corporate brand image. This is undoubtedly a win-win situation. Intelligent toilet manufacturing enterprises in the future R & D process not only need to consider the consumer experience, but also need to fully combine the market environment trends and government policies to ensure that the intelligent toilet better adapt to the market.

2, the appearance and function of the product

The appearance of consumers is always the key to promote consumption, followed by the performance of the product. While improving the function of the toilet, it is necessary for the intelligent toilet manufacturing enterprises to pay attention to the appearance of the product design, to bring consumers a comfortable and beautiful experience. This can promote consumer consumption and enhance the sales of the product.

Before designing a new product, designers need to fully investigate the consumer experience of the previous product and collect consumers’ opinions on its use. In the next product design, they will improve the shortcomings of the previous product, while incorporating consumer opinions on the smart toilet, and design a product that better meets consumer needs. The future development of intelligent toilets tends to be humanized. They are more based on user experience perception for product design, so that the smart toilet better meet people’s needs.



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