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More than 95% of the faucet handles use zinc alloy materials

Recently, the reporter learned in Shuikou Town that the current zinc alloy bathroom products are gaining the favor of consumers with their rich and diverse product styles and lower prices. Many sanitary ware companies are replacing copper, stainless steel and other materials with zinc alloy materials.

According to the person in charge of a sanitary ware company, more than 95% of the faucet handles are made of zinc alloy, and most of the towel racks are made of zinc alloy. It is worth noting that it is strictly forbidden to use zinc alloy materials in the place where water passes through the faucet valve core, and it does not comply with the relevant regulations of GB18145-2014 “Ceramic Seal Faucet Standard”.

It is understood that zinc alloy materials contain metal elements such as aluminum, copper, magnesium, cadmium, lead, titanium, etc., and it is strictly forbidden to use them in the place where the faucet overflows, but this does not affect its use in the bathroom industry. Zinc alloy has the characteristics of low melting point and is easy to melt. Enterprises use mold machine tools to manufacture various pendant products in one piece. In terms of product style, it has a great competitive advantage over copper and stainless steel bathroom products, and it does not require welding or processing, reducing many complex manufacturing processes. According to the person in charge of the company, although the cost of molds is relatively high, the cost of molds can be offset by the mold opening, casting and product quantity of the company’s machine tools due to the lower price of zinc alloy materials.

Zinc alloy materials are “swallowing” the copper bathroom product market. Zinc alloy materials are “swallowing” the copper bathroom product market. As far as the faucet handle is concerned, the manufacturing cost of a single piece of zinc alloy faucet handle is reduced by half compared with the copper faucet handle. At present, zinc alloy The materials are used in combination with bathroom products such as bath towel pendants, but zinc alloy materials also have disadvantages. They cannot be made into tubes and cannot replace tubular bathroom products.



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