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Multifunctional bathroom products become the new favorite of the market

With the continuous improvement of people’s quality of life, higher requirements have been placed on the performance of sanitary products, ranging from flushing with water, warm water adjustment, seat heating, warm air drying, and even toilets with MP3 functions. Humanized multifunctional sanitary products will lead the market trend.

Multifunctional bathroom becomes a stepping stone for enterprises to open up the market

In the sanitary ware market, the multi-functional sanitary ware products are dazzling, and they are also the focus of enterprise display and promotion. Among them, in addition to the large tank that integrates surfing, radio, and telephone functions, there are also bathroom cabinets with laundry function, and products that integrate multiple functions such as disinfection, massage, and liquid flushing. According to industry insiders, the multifunctionalization of products has become the first weapon for companies to open up markets and build corporate brands.

To develop functional sanitary ware, sanitary ware companies must first locate the functional sanitary ware. The development of functionalized sanitary ware must be carried out without affecting its basic functions, and must not ignore the basic comfort, beauty and water-saving functions of the sanitary ware because of excessive pursuit of its functionalization. In the life of increasing consumer demand, functional sanitary products are bound to attract the attention of consumers and become a necessary trend for the future development of the sanitary ware industry. Therefore, sanitary ware companies should devote themselves to the development of functionalized products. Set out, position the R&D intensity and R&D direction of sanitary ware companies, and find the development direction of functionalization.

Water saving function is essential

Domestic water is one of the main channels for water resources utilization. In my country, many households have serious water waste, such as water waste caused by dripping faucets and multiple flushes of toilets. Therefore, purchasing an intelligent and environmentally friendly water-saving sanitary ware has become the key to solving the problem of water waste. As water-saving sanitary wares and environmentally-friendly sanitary wares are increasingly valued today, the development of energy-saving and environmentally-friendly sanitary ware products is not only to meet the needs of consumers, but also a social responsibility that sanitary ware companies should bear.

A faucet that is not closed tightly will drain 1 to 6 liters of water a month. In other words, if you use a water-saving tap, you can save 1-6 liters of water per month. Therefore, in the era of smart bathroom products, how to choose a faucet that combines intelligence and water saving is particularly important.

Sanitary ware companies should strengthen independent research and development

Now the market is flooded with too many low-end products, which has largely affected the transformation of Chinese sanitary ware products to high-end and intelligent. Modern sanitary wares are very different from traditional sanitary wares. Most traditional sanitary wares only implement one function. The sink is the sink and the toilet is the toilet. Modern sanitary ware has integrated too many functions. Usually, a sanitary product must implement at least two Kind of function.

The domestic market has been emphasizing reform and transformation. As a traditional industry, the sanitary ware industry needs large-scale reform and transformation. It must shift from simple labor-intensive processing and production to independent research and development, and independently design in line with China’s national conditions. Intellectual property products.



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