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Runner Home On Shower Production Line, Annual Production Capacity Of 300,000 Sets

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A few days ago, Ningbo Xiangshan County publicized the environmental assessment report of the annual production capacity of 5.62 million sets of intelligent home products and accessories technical transformation project of Ningbo Weilin Residential Facilities Co.

The total investment of Ningbo Weilin is 52,650,500 yuan, using the existing plant to implement technical transformation. New profile coating line, bathroom drainage hardware accessories production line, shower door production and glass processing line, storage cabinet production and punching machine, welding machine and other machining equipment, partly adjust the built project and increase the corresponding production auxiliary engineering, public engineering, environmental protection engineering and other supporting facilities.

After the completion of the project, it can produce 3.76 million sets of bathroom drainage accessories, 450,000 sets of air grille products, 300,000 sets of shower doors, 200,000 sets of fresh air systems and 100,000 sets of air purification products, 660,000 sets of hanging bracket products and 150,000 sets of storage cabinets.

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In recent years, the entire bathroom industry is in the category of integration and extension, integration within the industry to cross-border integration. Previously, if companies want to do the whole category, they will prefer to set up a shower door factory with their own funds to achieve independent production. Zhongshan is one of the preferred locations. However, after the failure of Oppein sanitary ware to produce shower room in Zhongshan, there is still no success story for the successor. This year, TIPAI and part of Zhongshan shower door enterprises for production line cooperation, is to open another mode of cooperation. This model existed mostly in foreign brands domestic ODM cooperation, local factory production line and workers outsourcing, while it also has the purpose of technology introduction, quality improvement and efficiency.



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