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Shanghai Expo Can Not Miss The 15 Bathroom Brands

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On March 24, the Shanghai Expo was opened in Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center. The exhibition has attracted big brands such as Jiumu, Huida, Hengjie, Dongpeng, Faenza, Hansgrohe, American Standard, Grohe, Villeroy & Boch, Roca, Kohler, Moen and other exhibitors.

This year’s Shanghai Construction Expo attracts many international brands to showcase their latest research and development achievements to prove the value and influence of this exhibition. Today, I’ll take you together to see what new products each brand has brought it!

Jomoo as a national high-end bathroom leader with a number of its custom space scenario solutions stunning debut, in-depth interpretation of the best solution for high-end customization of the whole house, to 2021 whole house installation leader position to detonate the whole scene.

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In addition, to attract the attention of the small selection of treasure blue M9 space, close to the toilet touch automatic flip cover, shower room automatic induction door, linkage exhaust and defogging system. Standing in front of the bathroom mirror, while washing also be able to check the weather, listen to music, broadcast news. Stepping on the scale can easily measure body fat, technology is full of sense.

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The exhibition Huida brought a number of categories of bathroom products, from the design aesthetics, practical science, experience psychology and many other aspects, to create maximum comfort for the final use of consumers. I found that the exhibition of the basic color selection of advanced products, touch the texture of fine.

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Yesterday, kitchen and bathroom information has previewed the current Dongpeng bathroom theme is “healthy boutique, pre-appreciation of the future”. I found that Dongpeng bathroom booth this time is mainly through the different color distinction, to create a healthy bathroom space, but also brought a silver whirlpool, silver sitting, silver Shang series of new products, it is indeed a big surprise of the exhibition.

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Hegii shows a full range of varieties, many styles, so I was impressed or Loxy Xinyi intelligent temperature-sensitive anti-scald technology, simple appearance, to enhance the style of the bathroom.

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I looked at the Fahnza booth 9103 Serie, product shape contains artistic design elements, I carefully observed the product, found that the handle is very thin, easy to open and close, the modern home bathroom space must not be missing it.

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Hansgrohe has always been concerned about the concept of water enjoyment products, this exhibition is to bring environmentally friendly faucets and showers, the product’s appearance of senior, giving me a sense of pragmatic. Its design has won a number of awards, and is the sanitary industry IF design leader.

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American Standard put forward a concept in this exhibition, that is, “elderly recreation”. For the elderly, the safety, health and comfort of the bathroom space is the primary demand, and the product design of American Standard provides a reliable and safe bathroom space for the elderly.

640 6

When I walked into GROHE, the design of the exhibition seemed to make me walk into the ocean. GROHE has been committed to creating water living products, process and brand is also firmly rooted in Germany, to strengthen consumer trust.

640 10

Describe the products of Villeroy & Boch I think is “classic, high-end”. Basin and countertop with an integrated design, smooth lines, full of beauty.

640 7

Roca’s Newry integrated intelligent toilet attracted me, I found the ceramic built-in intelligent system, the shape is more beautiful. Elegant but not unpretentious European model design, with an integrated tankless design, easier to maintain and clean.

640 11

The exhibition Kohler showed the Ling Yue suite of products, product lines fluent, mainly minimalist design, the overall view to create a sensory experience of personality.

640 8

Moen has a complete range of products at the show, especially worth mentioning is the high-grade design of the faucet products, simple and elegant design, pay attention to every detail of the treatment, the surface chrome coating bright, a word to describe – “senior”.

640 9

Feri’s intelligent shower room has become the biggest highlight. The glass is explosion-proof and durable tempered glass, and the qualified hardware and metal materials are chosen to make the whole shower room strong.

640 13

The theme of this year’s show is “Intelligent Customization and Healthy Habitat”, and the whole line of trendy new products and space solutions will make a stunning appearance at the show, shining as a leader in the home construction and decoration industry and occupying the wind of high-end full bathroom customization.

640 15

Rose Island’s shower room design is fashionable, and the personalized design attracts a lot of people’s attention. Products from the design concept and product function of the people-oriented, simple and pragmatic.

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This year’s Shanghai Construction Expo really opened my eyes, looking forward to these brands in the future to bring more surprises.



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