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Solux Technology To Buy 51% Of BJET For 285.6 Million Yuan

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Xiamen Solux Technology Co., Ltd. released an announcement on April 30 disclosing that it intends to acquire 51% equity interest in Xiamen Bejit Technology Co.

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The announcement shows that Solux Technology’s counterparties are Gong Binhua, Wu Duanyu, Wang Jingui, Xiamen Bemiao Investment Partnership (limited partnership), Xiamen Beben Investment Partnership (limited partnership), and Hook Chen Capital (Xiamen) Investment Management Co.

Xiamen Bejit Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2006 with a registered capital of RMB 28,688,870,000, focusing on the research and development, production and sales of toilet covers, tank accessories, showerheads and intelligent toilets and other sanitary products, and is one of the major manufacturers in the global segmentation product track, establishing good and stable cooperative relationships with famous sanitary brand manufacturers at home and abroad. Wu Duan Yu is the largest shareholder, holding 12,574,400,000 shares, with a shareholding ratio of 43.8314%.


According to the announcement, Bejit has been continuously investing in the field of intelligent toilet for many years, forming technical advantages and manufacturing advantages, and has a high reputation in the industry, and has become one of the main representative enterprises in the field of domestic intelligent toilet OEM. As of April 20, 2021, BJET has been granted 358 domestic and foreign patents, including 20 invention patents. There are 140 patents in the intelligent toilet category.

According to the announcement, BJET’s 2020 operating revenue was RMB 613 million, net profit was RMB 60.02 million and net profit attributable to the parent company was RMB 55.4 million. January-March 2021 operating revenue was RMB 154 million, net profit was RMB 10.9 million and net profit attributable to the parent company was RMB 10,462,700.

(V) Main financial indicators of the latest year and period

Unit: RMB million

Project Name March 31, 2021 December 31, 2020
Total Assets 55,098. 17 54, 781. 59
Total Liabilities 30,516. 18 30,472. 56
Net Assets 24,581.99 24, 309.03
Project Name January – March 2021 2020
Operating income 15,403. 19 61,331.61
Net Income 1,090.08 6,002.89
Net profit attributable to parent company 1,046. 27 5, 540.11

The above financial data is unaudited.

After Solux Technology completes the purchase of BJET, Wu Duangyu’s shareholding ratio will drop from 43.8314% to 20.74%.

The percentage of equity interests transferred by Party B to Party A and the amount of equity transfer price available are as follows:

Shareholder Number of shares transferred (million shares) Transfer of equity ratio Transfer price

(million yuan)

Wu Duan Yu 594. 9199 20.7375% 11,613.0000
Gong Binhua 430.8041 15.0168% & 409.4080
Xiamen Bemiao Investment Partnership (Limited Partnership) 141.9360 4.9476% 2, 770.6560
Xiamen Bemiao Investment Partnership (Limited Partnership) 94. 6240 3. 2984% 1,847. 1040
Wang Jingui 191. 2777 6. 6675% 3, 733.8000
Gou Chen Capital (Xiamen) Investment Management Co. 9. 5300 0. 3322% 186. 0320
Total 1,463.0917 51. 0000% 2& 560.0000


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